{Music} 3 Sites for FOF Music Lovers

If you’ve had Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” on repeat since 1972, it’s time to get out of your music rut and visit these 3 must-visit sites for FOF music lovers:

1. Pandora – Imagine a radio station that plays all your favorite songs–and finds you new artists based on your personal taste. Here’s how it works: enter in your favorite song or artist, and Pandora’s genius technology, the Music Genome Project®, creates a custom radio station chock full of tunes with similar musical makeup (melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics) to the one you entered. Pandora is free but has ads and is limited to 40 hours of listening per month or $36/year without ads and unlimited listening.

2. Pitchfork – A snarky, highly-influential online music publication launched in 1995. Top notch music journalists review new albums as well as reissued albums and box sets. Albums are reviewed on an extremely precise scale of 0 to 10, to the tenth-of-point. Those looking to discover new music can troll Pitchfork’s constantly updated best-of lists. Pitchfork is free.

3. Last.fm – The ultimate social music site. Last.fm scours the music libraries of you and your friends to give you new song recommendations, custom radio stations, upcoming concerts in your area and perfect strangers who are your perfect music matches. The site works using a technology called “scrobbling”: You download the “Scrobbler,” which monitors the songs you listen to most frequently. The Scrobbler compares what you play to the “scrobbles” of millions of users worldwide to help come up with music and concerts best suited to your taste. Last.fm is free or $3/month for ad-free listening and other perks.

Image via Millie Motts

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  1. DeeDee says:

    Pandora sounds the best choice

  2. Polly says:

    I have been in LOVE with Pandora for a few months! What a cool thing………you pick the artists you like, and Pandora will play songs by them, and then songs by artists LIKE them. They remember what you like, and if a song comes up that you don’t care for, you can click on the “thumbs down”, and they won’t play it again. MY kind of radio! I use the free edition at work, and have not gone over the 40 hours 🙂


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