{My Mother, My Muse} Noreen Gallagher

FOF, Noreen Gallagher, a San Francisco-based marketing and sales director, describes her style as “classically simple–with a tweak here and there.” Who inspires these “tweaks,” that bring her style from simple to stunning? Her mother (pictured below)!

“My mother inspired me. She had a joy for life, a love of family and a strong relationship with God. And a sense of humor that was second to none! My parents owned a bar and restaurant in Philadelphia, and sometimes she worked in the bar. She always said, ‘if you’re in the public eye you have to look your best.’ And she always did!”

How does your mother inspire your style? Comment below.

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  1. Sherrie Mathieson says:

    I hope some readers read my introduction to “Steal This Style” which tells the story of my “style relationship” with my mom. I truly feel a mother’s influence is potent–even if we stray for our teens, 20s, and longer.
    The core values of good fabrics, good fit, and the love of hand made goods (my mom was a great knitter) was instilled in me early on–and ultimately raised my taste level. My aunt Ruth(our family matriach) was another great influence (I dedicated “Forever Cool” to her).
    Eventually I went farther into the world of fashion and style than my mom or aunt–but it is interesting how it all began.


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