How Often Do You Speak To Your Parents?

“They’re always off going places and doing things. They’re hard to keep up with.” —Lorie Myers Worley

Photo by Charlotte Brennan

“I speak to my parents, now in their 80’s, everyday! I lost two brothers. One to crib death and the other was murdered at 20. My family means everything to me. I know full well the day is coming when I won’t be able to pick up the phone just to talk or say ‘I love you’! Everyday is a gift for all of us.”–I.j. Sell
“I speak to them everyday with my heart, I just wish they were still here to speak to them in person, but I know they are happy in heaven. You just don’t know how much little conversations mean until they are gone. 🙁 “ —Cindy DeSha


Everyday! I cherish the time I have with them now. I know it won’t last forever.”–Hilary Smith Civello
Not as much as I should but I would speak more if my mother would also call me once in awhile…it is all local but she won’t call.”–Patty Gleich Diamond
“I’m 68, so sadly, they are not around anymore! But I do say hello & goodnight when I go past my mom’s photo & always have a bunch of flowers near it! ?” Hilkka Hirvonen


Not as often as I should. I think it frustrates my dad that he has a hard time hearing me. I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to do with the frequency of my voice. He can hear all my siblings just fine. So, when I do call, I try to make it short and sweet.” —Paulette Greyn
I speak to my parents a few times a week and see them every weekend at least.” —Karen Messenger


I wish I could speak to my mum. She died when I was in my teens. She was my best friend and I would always talk to her.” —Conceicao Marcia

Never.”–Jeannette Wilson
I speak to my parents at least once a week & we go to dinner.” —Alisha Baldit
“Believe me, do it while you can. Someday, at the blink of an eye, they will be home.”– Dale Watamanuk 

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