They’re The Tops

A woman can never own too many tops. You can partner a couple of pairs of basic slacks or skirts with shirts and blouses in different colors, patterns, silhouettes and fabrics to create dramatically different looks. No one would ever know you’re wearing the same slacks or skirt you wore two days ago because your snazzy top will command their full attention.

Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to fill your closet with fresh styles for work and play, day and night, Tuesday dinner with the girls and Easter Sunday strolling with the grands. The JCPenney spring/summer top collection is filled with flair and priced so well, you won’t need an excuse to go wild.

Each top we’re featuring is machine washable and dryable. Even better, you’ll get an additional 25 percent discount if you spend $100 or more. You can buy the five tops we’re featuring for $148.  After the discount, you’ll pay $111. Can’t top that!


This pretty blouse in body-skimming polyester georgette features a flattering split crewneck, dolman sleeves that cover underarm jiggles and an ample length to downsize the tush.


A swingy tunic tee in striking stripes that will complement any skin tone. Made of rayon with just enough Spandex to give body and stretch to this terrific top.


Your button-down, V-neck in Easter egg blue and crisp white stripes will make you think of sailing on the lake while you’re sitting at a meeting with an important client. The ¾- sleeves feature roll tabs. Made in easy-care rayon.


A perfectly adorable cotton and Spandex tee with scoop neck and roll tab, elbow-length sleeves. A happy combination of yellow, white and blue stripes. The go-to top to cool you off on hot summer days.


What’s not to 💙about a charming sweatshirt with kangaroo pockets to hold your phone and wallet when you’re out and about. A blend of polyester and rayon with a tiny bit of Spandex so the top moves when you do!



Sometimes It’s Delicious to be Guilty

Chocolate anything chocolate.”
Roxie Black
Pizza, I could eat it all the time.”
Suzanne Firestein Latocha
Red wine.”
Cheryl Schumacher

Fresh bread, loads of butter and jam 😋😋.”
Lisa Kennedy
Warm brownie & vanilla ice cream on top.”
Cindi Moss-Caraccilo
Mi Mim
Cheeseburgers (done right) no fast food ones.”
Laureen Cobuccio
Doritos. Any flavor.”
Callie Stalcup Chesmore
Ice cream!”
Barbara Kieran
My wife.”
Roger England
Cake, vodka and chips 🍟.”
Allyson Pickering
Barb Cartwright
Borrowing babies!”
Charlene Burton
Cake and glazed donuts.”
Georgette Reed
Peanut butter.”
Nora Coleman Kyle
Made In Chelsea.”
Marie Elliott

Sorbet can take me to heaven.”
Nina Nicolas Fiefe

Joyce Milne Shand

Kerry Stilwell

Laura Lee

“Fried chicken.”
Rose Summers

How to Banish Your Bad Moods

Talk with my Miss Ruby Tuesday. Always listens and never judges! 🐶💖”
Laura Pennington Traverso
Get stoned, go for a walk in the sun, listen to Steve Winwood, Steely Dan, rock and roll. Eat a great dinner, read some tarot cards…. Dream about how the best is yet to come!”
Erica Ellis
Put on a happy face, smiling helps me to remember all the things in my life to smile about😏”
Dawn Wyles

Watch comedies, usually after listening to some loud country music.”
Christine Kaye
Take a long walk on the beach.”
Mindy Hansen-brush
Buy a Michael Kors purse last week. Really cheered me up. Not completely, so I may have to buy another one.”
Patricia Mishko
Walk, read, listen to music & dance like no-one is watching!!!! 😃”
Walesca Abreu
Hug my hubby or go and do some singing on my karaoke in the spare room.”
Lisa J Willis
I try feeding the poor, helping the homeless. Giving back to the world somehow. It always makes me feel better.”
Diana Echevarria Thompson
Call someone who is a very positive person.”
Donna Carozza Donnellon
Pray for strength to change my attitude.”
Dolores Mehia
Look at pics of my grandkids.”
Cindy Gundrum
Clean and sort out.”
Kim Freeman
Yoga, Buti, Barre, or Zumba.”
Linda Thomas
Drink wine.”
Sherry Mcmillon
Eat ice cream.”
Paulie Nesbitt

Horseback ride.”
Elissa Uretsky-Rifkin

Go for a hike.”
Barb Cartwright

Please Don’t Fence Me In

45 years with the wrong person.”
Debbie Best
My in-laws house with them.”
Jacqueline Rinaldi Katchur
Homeless as a kid. But I turned out to be a good person and I believe if I weren’t homeless as a kid I would be a different person.”
Foxee Sunshine

On a ferris wheel…the very top and it was so windy…..stuck up there for over an hour…..that was 40 years ago and never been on one since…..freaked me out!!!”
Faye Garcia
In my wheelchair..still trying to get out of it.”
Genisys Faith
Waiting in a doctor’s  office for hours for them to come in to tell me if I had cancer or not.”
Kathy Boyd
The DMV every single time.”
Dana Cantrell Shaw
In Orlando Airport with 2 young kids. Six hour delay.”
Sandy Hmiel Serefine
Riding in a float plane to the logging camp we lived in, fog was so heavy we had to land plane in the ocean and wait till fog cleared.”
Alice Anne Allen
At my job. 21 years and counting.”
Nancy Macintyre
In the car on the Henry Hudson Parkway for 9 hours!!!”
Elizabeth Gresch-Sokol
Back in 1990 I worked for an answering service in downtown Houston. A torrential rain storm came through and flooded me in for 2 days. I never wanted to answer another phone after that lol.”
Tammy Bentley Frye
On a tube train in a tunnel during a heat wave.”
Lisa Collins
Stuck on a plane in Miami, Florida for 6 HOURS without being able to get off or …eat anything or have drinks ….HOT HOT and HUMID and did I mention HOT???? People had extreme body odor and EVERY SINGLE person was GROUCHY!!!!! Plane had smoke coming out of one of the wings. I was sitting on that wing, watching it pour out smoke for 6 HOURS!!! I kept asking why can’t we change planes or at least get off??? NO answer from ANYBODY!”
Chris Anderson-Montgomery
At Heinz Field for an American Idol audition for 8 hours. Field was hot and people got sick from heat strokes. Terrible.”
Lauren Smith
NYC, 1st year of marriage. No sense of community.”
Karen Carlson

Waiting to give blood only to be told I couldn’t.”
Lisa Kennedy

Waiting area at the top of the Empire State Building.”
Monica Smith- Lasser

Watching the play RENT.”
Starr McMullan Henderson

In a tent during a terrifying storm and gale force winds! We had hiked in and had to wait until morning to hike out! Frightening!”
Ann Loflin

It only seemed like a long time, but in an elevator, alone, on my way upstairs to work. Maintenance came and let me out after about 30 minutes. Did I mention that I’m claustrophobic?”
Pam Dickson

On It’s a Small World  ride at Disney for 90 minutes. They never turned off the music.”
Sheila Bedeila

“In my own head.”
Vera Southard
On the street in NYC after the 9-11 tragedy, I think it was 9-13. I was visiting my son in upstate New York and couldn’t get a flight back home to Florida, so I took the bus. While waiting to get on another bus going south some idiot called in a bomb threat so naturally we were all removed from the area and waited while all was cleared. No bomb found Thank God. That trip by bus took two days and 11 bus changes.
Bonnie Trott

Loving These Ladies

I couldn’t help myself.  Whenever a woman stepped onto the stage at the Oscar ceremony last night, I’d silently critique how she looked. Jennifer Lopez, picture perfect in a metallic dress. What a body and face! Tina Fey looking top heavy in a cheesy strapless gown with pronounced bodice. Sarah Paulson in a puffy hot pink number that exposed her midriff and made her look like a belly dancer.

Helen Mirren and Jason Momoa. Photo Kevin Winter / Getty Images

But when Helen Mirren, Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand came to the mic, I focused on their faces, and thought 70-something never looked so good.

Helen and Bette will turn 74 during the second half of this year, and Barbra will be 77 in April. It seems as if each of them is happy in her own skin, whether or not she had “work” done on it. Besides their superb talents and wildly successful careers,  Barbra and Helen have been married for 20 years; Bette for 35. In the world of celebrities, those are mighty big numbers. What’s more, we never read about them in the gossip columns.

Above photos by Kevin Winter / Getty Images

It would be great fun to interview the three of them together.  I’ve loved Barbra and Bette since the 1960s, and will never forget seeing the “Divine Miss M” perform on New Year’s Eve at Reno Sweeney, a popular New York cabaret, before she became an uber-celeb. I was bewitched watching Barbra during her first TV special, “My Name is Barbra,” in 1965. I wanted to be her! I played her albums so often in the 1990s that the man I was with at the time referred to her as “my girlfriend.” I don’t remember seeing Helen’s early films, but I became a fan once I saw her in the 2006 movie, “The Queen.”  

Continuing to work and get resounding receptions, these three women inspire me, especially their obvious and boundless passion. Passion looks good on everyone!

Yuck, That’s Annoying

“Vaping. It looks ridiculous.”
Jeanne Storm
“Gum spit out on sidewalks rather than in available trash cans.”
Charmaine Reiter
“People on their cells while driving.”
Sharon Whitmire Hutt

“Guys with their pants below their butts.”
Evelyn Woodmansee Conner
“Huge, dark eyebrows on women.”
Kim Auld Miner
“Shirts with the shoulders cut out on people over 30 years old.”
Corinne Steele
“Cell phones stuck to people’s faces is crazy. They cannot put it down for a minute to have a conversation.”
Donna Parker
“Bad lip injections/fillers & there are A LOT of them!!!!!!!!! Just saying,
DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!”
Janet Schain-thomson
“This kind of nose ring. My grown daughter wears one.”
Maria Sanchez
“Man buns. When I see a guy with a bun in his hair, I just want to reach out and touch somebody!”
Denise Mclain
“People who wear leggings as pants and yoga pants outside the gym.”
Becky Davies
“Wearing boots in Florida during winter time! Soooo annoying!”
Leigh Ann Acken
“Can’t stand people walking around with earphones and plugs listening to God knows what and not paying attention to what is happening in the real world.”
Shelley Guest
“Men in girls’ leggings.”
Ian Mcgarrigle
“Ripped jeans.”
Barbara Fritz
“Non stop selfies.”
Cindy Corbin Fisher

Tiny Titillates Me

The tiny house movement fascinates me. A resident of New York City my entire life, I’ve always lived, out of necessity, in modestly sized homes and apartments. A 1,400-square-foot apartment is considered the lap of luxury in New York, except of course to the hedge fund billionaire who recently paid $238 million for a 24,000-square-foot penthouse overlooking Manhattan’s Central Park, reportedly the most expensive home ever sold in the U.S.  So I marvel at people around the country who choose to downsize and live in spaces as tiny as 90 square feet. Even families of four are relocating to tiny homes and living “off the grid.”

A former home furnishings editor and writer, I marvel at the ingenious storage, seating, dining and sleeping solutions designers have created to make tiny homes functional and ultra comfortable. Drawers are incorporated into stairs; modules can transform from sofas to beds in minutes, pop up tables convert from coffee to dining tables. And the cost to build and equip a tiny home can be a fraction of the price of most small houses anywhere in the country, but you’ll need to find the location to put it!

One of the most intriguing and exquisite tiny houses I’ve seen is in Melbourne, Australia, and constructed of three 20-foot shipping containers.  Hard to image a trio of cold metal shipping containers becoming a warm and welcoming home, but a young couple about to have their first child made it happen! I love the Scandinavian-looking light woods and simple, clean lines throughout the house. Notice how much storage is built in under the bed and living room seating, and look at the perfectly designed work space and laundry room. As their child grows, the couple can add a container to their home for her or him.  At around 500 square feet, this wouldn’t be considered a tiny house by many tiny house dwellers, but it sure is when you learn that 2,555 square feet was the average size of new single-family houses built in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2018, according to the Census Bureau.

Most of us live with too much clutter, and clutterbusters such as popular storage consultant Marie Kondo are teaching us how to straighten up and fly right.  Tiny house living definitely isn’t for those of us who can’t part with possessions we’ve amassed over decades. When you meet the Australian couple you might be tempted to clean up your act, and maybe even to put your house on the market and go tiny.

If you want to start to explore the tiny house movement, check out this cool site and this one.

Primal Fear

I jump every single time the biscuit can pops!
Deborah Scott
  “Really strange but SOME WORDS….make me cringe if I hear them.
Chris Anderson-Montgomery
Fish and things just under the surface of water.
Kim Davis
Walking on sidewalk grates or sidewalk basement doors.
Louise Murphy
Sharon Nowak Massanelli
 A balloon popping! As a child I didn’t like Jack in the Box because of the surprise. People will often laugh at me, and I will laugh with them, because of it, but I really don’t like being near balloons for fear of the surprise pop.
T Mah’ni Mahni
 Snakes, spiders, bees, any insect really. Creepy crawlies!!!
Gail Schaefer Manndel
Sharon McTigue
Mushrooms 🍄 – I just hate them.
Wendy Wilson
Mice! 🐁
Sarah Beck Byrd
Going over a bridge.
Paula Marie Tutko
Birds. You can’t control them.
Phyllis De Francesco Crawley
People behind the shower curtain. SO, I have always had clear ones!
Cheryl Porter Armstrong
I don’t drive on the highway for fear if I’m lost and I keep driving I may take the wrong exit and end up driving to another state lol.
Donna Lopes
Fear of the ocean or lakes. Can’t get near them.
Debbie Grabczynski Garber Wendt

Stamps of (Dis)Approval

I asked a tattoo artist friend of mine how much it would cost to get a small heart tattoo on my shoulder. He told me they start at about $50. Then I asked about the pain level, and he said there was a good amount of pain so I thought it over and went out and bought new shoes.
Bonnie Gentry
  “Here is one of mine! I have 4 others! I LOVE tattoos!
Paula Bernhardt
I have one. I got it one year ago at age 72. It is a cardinal in memory of my mother💕.”
Margaret Hatcher Barnett
My opinion of tattoos is not the popular opinion! Many people who  I love have tattoos so I refrain from saying anything to them as its their body and their choice. Tattoos don’t make me love them any less!!! Since this poll asks my opinion….I think that they are trashy looking….especially on women. Back in the day only men who had been in the military, prisoners, motorcycle clubs, and trashy women had them. I know that’s not the case now as a large portion of society has them but I don’t care for them at all!
Connie Whitfield Rigsbee
Always surprises me just how judgy people are. If you have them– good for you, if you don’t– good for you. I got my first one at 40 after years of listening to people say how bad they are, how trashy they are, how you will look as you age– then I decided I don’t care what people think nor do I need anyone’s permission. 😊
Pamela Mitchell
 “I got one when I turned 50! A gift from my daughters.”
Tina Gerberick-Roberts
 “No, because I don’t want to look like a sagging box of crayons. Lol.”
Jan Smith
 For all the ‘trashy’ comments, I’m a self made, well-educated woman. I have not, nor will I ever be trashy.
Josie Darling
My daughter lost her baby who was only one year and two weeks old. The dandelion wish held significant meaning to her. I had my leg tattooed to honour my precious grandson who was taken from us much too soon. 💔My two daughters and I each have a butterfly on our shoulder, too.
Catrina Harding

I have one. To celebrate my son finding recovery from addiction!

Pam Hardy Volk

“I will be the last human left with no tattoos!
Cyndilu Lu
I got this when my Mom died, I was 55.
Lana Smith
“My first and only tattoo done when I was 52 On the inside of my wrist to represent my volunteering at two Olympic Games and the musical notes represent my involvement with singing with a choir formed at the Olympics😀.
Kerry Linden
I got my first (and only one) done when I was 50 and I love it. It’s a poppy wrapped around a snooker cue and is in memory of my parents (cue is my dad as this was his sport, and poppy is for my mum).
Jill Jennings
When my daughter was pregnant 10+ yrs ago, we were told it was a girl, so I had her initials tat (small) on my shoulder! Guess what…it was a boy! By the time my granddaughter was born, they changed her name! I have initials on my shoulder that mean nothing! Someday I may go have a flower or something put over it. It’s a great convo piece though!! LOL
Madeline Kay Norton
“Nine and counting. Love them.
Sharon Mary
“This is my most recent> I have five and got my first one when i was 45.
Donna Parker
I would never deface my property ;).
Maxine Lynn Rubi
This is in memory of my husband whom I lost over three years ago! 😢💔
Paula Bernhardt
I have freckles, many spots, crows feet, wrinkles, and varicose veins. Who needs a tattoo? I don’t want to pay for pain. And I’ve seen what happens to tattoos when skin begins to sag. It ain’t pretty.
Darinda Huntley Venters
“Hubby and I have matching tattoos.”
Diane Strickland
I’ve had a tattoo since old ladies thought you were from the wrong side of the tracks if you had one! Now I am the old lady! I love it, it was from a meaningful time in my life. I’m looking into getting it recolored.
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

All About You