Hidden Talents

What funny and honest answers you gave when we asked “if you could have any talent in the world, what would it be?” 
 “To bring people back from the dead.
Pam Salvati Smith
“Knowing when to keep my mouth shut.”
Anna Laurie Ivins
“To sing…. I love to sing but can’t carry a tune if it had a handle on it!
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez
“Be able to speak publicly without getting tongue-tied.”
Carol Bowyer Gravelle
“To be happy.”
Elena Tartaglini Sierra
“The ability to make everyone get along.
Becky Hoober Lewis
“Not really a talent but charisma.”
Erin Black
“Curing sickness!
Debra Travaglione-Caldwell
“To fly.
Mitch Lewis
“To heal broken hearts.
Doreen Pack
“To write books.
Sylvia MacNeil
“THE most famous Spanish guitarist!
Sue Hudson
“To know when I’m not being nice….🙂
Lizzie Rosenburgh Cook

It’s a Steal!

What funny and honest answers you gave when we asked “if you could steal one thing without consequence, what would it be?” 
 “Time, it’s running out too fast. My life is more than half over and not a thing I can do about it.
Karen Watkins
I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything that was stolen.
Margie Smith
“A brand new Porsche. Put some meaning to the drive-it-like-you-stole-it theory 😂.
Wendy Vargas Bryant
“Health and happiness for my son.”
Pam Browning
“Billions of dollars. Then I could help animals, homeless, vets, etc…”
Lisa Conrad
“A five–bedroom home so that my daughter and grandkids can live with me.
Cathy Treuner Boyle
“My innocence as a child back.”
Regina Kaye Sloan
“Trump’s tax returns–all of them.
Gayland Williams
“A horse about to be sent to the slaughter house.
Shan Chapman
“A beautiful woman’s heart.
William J. Henderson
“Cillian Murphy off Peaky Blinders lol.”
Jan Moore
As Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Photograph- BBC:Tiger Aspect:Robert Viglasky
“What’s that blue diamond called from the movie Titanic? Yes, I would take that!
Vicky Peters
“Food. I am tired of being hungry.
Sharon Manni-Arnold
Absolutely NOTHING.
Beverly Ann
“Those who reply nothing are liars!
Sandy Bowling
“A 30-foot RV.
Elizabeth Saldana

Cheating: Confrontation, Resignation or Celebration!

When we asked what you’d do if you found out your partner was cheating, 129 comments poured onto our Facebook page. We suggest printing out this list of responses and leaving it on his pillow, just in case he has even the slightest notion of straying. 



“Drive him over to her place with all his belongings and happily wave goodbye…her problem now…no one cheats just once!”
Kar Slade
“Walk away and not look back – best decision I ever made ☺️.
Judy warren
“Stuffed all his dirty clothes in a trash bag and dumped them on her porch with a note that said, ‘If you can f**k him, you can do his laundry.’
Dian Holland
“Sell the house and give him half so I never had to bother with him again, then wait for his lovely pension he worked hard for 💪🏼.
Linda Done
“It would be over. No screaming, no crying, no hysterics. In fact, if I found it out, I wouldn’t even let him know until I’ve interviewed every good divorce attorney in the area and hired a good accountant to account for every dollar of assets.”
Elayne Robertson Demby
“It depends on the situation and the individuals involved – sometimes it’s better to stay, and other times better to leave – just don’t make a snap decision in the heat of the moment – give it time to come to the right decision!”
Renate Patterson
“Kick Him To The Curb!! Never Give A Cheater A Second Chance!!”
Carol Sydor
“Cry, a lot. The pain and hurt would be incredible. But what else can one do? I don’t believe in violence. So, I guess I would wish her well and let her go. People say they would do all these violent things but what good would that do?
Cary N Sue Faccone
“I always said that if I got cheated on I would leave, and I mean what I say because it happened to me and I left. He now regrets it, but it was nine years ago and I’m single and loving it.”
Kimmie Audley
“Ask him ‘why?’ Did he have the need to do such a thing. And take it from there. Start the conversation.
Regina Sanchez
“Divorce the POS and destroy him financially if you can. Make sure you take all the documents and all financial statements before dumping him.
Kris Julin
“Hallelujah! My green light to start dating other men!
Jessica Gedrocz
“Put all of his stuff in his car and set it on fire Angela Bassett style in Waiting to Exhale.
Tonya McAlpin
“Have him committed because I’d know he’s lost his mind lol.
Deborah Oglesby
“Throw a divorce party, and dance every weekend.”
Debra Haywood
“I’d wonder where he got the energy and time.”
Karla K Eldridge
“In my case I’d cheer as someone else would have the problem.”
Lynda Smith Smith

If You Had Time On Your Hands

“If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?” we asked you. Courtney’s answer is priceless. And, you’ve got to give Arleshia credit for what she’d do.  What about you?



“Sleep, because I love sleep. And you can’t take that from me. Lol 😁.”
Courtney Barber
“Make memories with my grandchildren.”
Judith Leventry Baker
“Receive a massage.
Christine Ann
“Have sex.”
Karen Carlson
Karen Cooper
Jennifer Smith Barnett
Amy Watson Annecharico
“Travel, read more.
Cecilia Hernandez
“Watch TV and movies.”
Ida M Valero
Arleshia Brooks Tubbs
“Sherri Siegel? Color of course!
Donna Appignani
I’m tall and can never find clothes that fit. I’d take sewing lessons and design my own fashions.
Emily Mosley
“Exercise and do creative things that I never have time for!!!!
Sherri Lyn
“Read, bake and crochet, just all the things I do anyway.
Sharon Pritchard Shepherd
“Read, read & more reading.
Suzanne Carter

Make My Day!

What heartwarming, funny, clever and honest answers you gave when we asked about the small things that make your day better. And, how nice to hear from some men, too!
 “A random text from one if my kids .
“My Miss Ruby Tuesday! 🐶 
Laura Pennington Traverso
“Anti-inflammatory meds. LOL.
Sue Diercouff
A good cup of coffee, good walk with my dog, cooking for my grandson, taking a nap, and reading a good mystery. Also enjoying the plants on the patio.
“Seeing my hubby walk in the door after work.”
“Spending time alone in prayerful thought giving thanks, loving kindness from my spouse, hearing from my children or grandchildren.
“For someone to make me breakfast…. my youngest son used to do it for us when he was young. I miss that and him.”
Vickey Kilde-Goeden
“Coffee and Jesus.
Marlene Ybarra
“Being appreciated.
Irene Vargas Peeler
“When I get my hour alone to wake up.
Kathi MacDonald
“A huge hug from my wife and an ‘I love you’ would be great.”
“Laughing with my daughter!
Melissa Williams
“Feeding the birds and watching them, getting up early to see the sunrise!
“Sunshine, oysters, music, a smile from a stranger, a sudden rainstorm and a foot massage.
Rose Marie Hagar-Filice
“Wine with lunch.

Last Meal and Testament

We asked what you would choose as your meal if you had to only eat one meal, over and over again, for the rest of your life. Here’s what you said.
 “Cheeseburger and fries.
“Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, followed with a big slice of apple pie.”
Joanie Cranford
“Rigatoni with Sunday gravy, followed by either my mom’s cheesecake, or my sister’s pineapple upside-down cake! Coffee and anisette to go with dessert, of course!!
Bear Caglioti
“LOBSTA!!!!!! lol!!! Man…. I LOVE IT!!!! 😋
Constance Driver
“Honey garlic ribs, baked potato, corn on the cob, roulades, Shake ‘n Bake pork chops, potato salad without egg.”
Chris Cormier
“I was not raised on Korean food but I do love their Bibimbap. All sorts of seasoned vegetables, meat, sauce over rice.
Jessica Gedrocz
“Pizza–just switch up the toppings.”
“Roast chicken, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce.
“Snow crab legs and pan seared scallops with butter and garlic for both.
“Wild caught grilled salmon, asparagus, and potatoes. Cheesecake for dessert, but just a little.
“Tacos .
“Really good cereal with almond milk. It’s the one meal I’ve eaten since I was born and still am not bored with it. Cereals rock!”
Sophie CrÊte
“Wings…very hot.
Stephanie O’Sullivan
“Grits and egg over light with sausage and toast with grape jelly. Couldn’t eat same supper meal as I don’t eat supper much anyway!
Sandra Robbins Lightfoot
“Fish and chipsssssss.
Linda Buckley
“Lasagna, salad, fish, and garlic bread😋.
“Bacon and eggs.

Your Partner’s Most Irritating Trait

Remember when you cherished every single thing he (or she) did? You even thought his snoring was adorable. Now, you’d rather sleep in another room, perhaps even on another continent. (Note: Don’t miss Bonnie’s comment. Hysterical!)
Topsy Fisher
“Refusing to acknowledge my perfection.”
Bonnie bell
“There are so many! Chewing with his mouth open is probably number 1…”
Claire Curatolo
DeeAynn Durbin
Happily divorced here! 😁
Cindy dodson
“Leaving toilet seat up!
Linda Whalen Gough
“He’s a Trump supporter.”
Robbie Massie Morrow
“Can’t hear what I say to him in the same room, but can hear a car alarm or any other sound within a mile. But he’s mine ❤️.
Marie Steffens
“He was born.
susan mann
He’s a narcissist.
Beth Hudson-Tuck
“…..lots of little things..but, I feel safe with him 😊.
sarah bias
“Squeezes toothpaste from the middle of the tube 😡.”
kathy bradshaw
“Criticizing everyone else but never himself!!”
Sally Jaramillo
“Picking his nose all the time.”
Rozligh Smith
“Screaming at me .
Ernesto Testani
“He is a slob.
Dawn Marie Daborn
His mother.”
Marcia Moreira
“The fact that I’m still waiting to meet him!
Claire Marie Montrose
“Picking toenails instead of trimming! And playing with his
facial hair!
Jen Den Reeder

What Women Won’t Watch

Peggy says she “lost millions of brain cells” when she watched a show I adored, but I’m on the same page as Laura when it comes to these reality shows. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure when it comes to…well, almost anything! Especially TV shows and movies.



“Two and a half Men. Saw a few minutes of it and lost millions of brain cells.
Peggy Kelly Schultz
“Snakes An A Plane……..or anything with snakes! Gives me nightmares😟!
Machelle Trail
“Housewives of ANYWHERE, any of the so-called reality shows that focus on stupidity, like Springer, or Kardashians, or Honey Booboo. It’s degrading, depressing, and obnoxious.”
Laura Wiley
“I Love Lucy. Always found it embarrassing.”
Margaret Johnson
“Hogan’s Heroes, Saved by the Bell, The Bachelor/ette, Big Brother, Survivor, Cosby, Rachel Ray….and that is without cable, as I have the poverty package.”
Connie Breu
“Reruns of All in the Family. I feel sick knowing I grew up with everyone loving that show…gives me chills how they relate…and my family thought it was funny. Getting a grasp on my afflictions though.
Cherylan reed
“I refuse to watch late night tv talk shows, The View and Saturday Night Life. They have no respect for our president or country.”
Janice Overturf-Chevalier
“Fox News. It’s not news. It’s a bad sitcom that never ends.
Cecile Estrada

“The View, CNN, MSNBC, Will & Grace, and when The Chew finishes its run, I’ll be done with ABC altogether. Keep your political agendas out of my face!

Linda Campbell
“Anything about the Vietnam war. Absolute pain in my heart is still there.”
Kathleen Volenec
Naked and Afraid.
Pat Beal Williamson
“Another one is Wendy Williams—she’s so stuck on herself & does nothing but gossip. It’s sickening to watch her.”
Sue Schulte
“The View and The Bachelor.
Christine Farrington Higgins
“Ellen, all late night shows NBC News are just a few.”
Tina Webber
“Mom, The Golden Girls, I watched it when it first aired and now I’m sick of it. I’m sick of marathons of the same shows every week. It gets old fast, especially when they replay the same episodes in the same marathon. At least switch it up, since there are hundreds of episodes.
Carla Dick
“Big Bang, the laugh track makes me crazy!
Jamie-Lynn Huitema
I didn’t let my son watch The Flintstones because I don’t think men who sneak out to go to the lodge or deceive their wives make good role models, and I don’t think bossy, controlling women make good wives.”
David L Cornelius

Never Mind Skiing. Let’s Go Shopping.

If I ever attempted to ski, at any point in my life, I surely would have broken at least one bone in my body.  But, like Wendy (see her comment below), I might win a medal if this activity became an Olympic sport. And, now that I’ve bought my first grill, I might have a chance at winning for barbecuing if I practice enough. What ‘sport’ would get you a medal?”      



Sarah Bias
Dan Perkins
Kathy Ortiz
Listening to music!
Gaye Brady
“Binge watching TV.
Andrea Miller
“Decorating our home year round…gold.”
Diane Marold
“Reading and drinking coffee while listening to classical music.”
Jacquie Edwards
Sandi Taylor
Patti Bowman
“Facebook consternation.”
Betsy Reville
“Eating chocolate.”
Andrea Teresa
Michelle York
“Getting my family together.”
Dora Villarreal de Reyes
Wendy K Hahn
“Couch sitting.”
Gail Schaefer Manndel

The Best 600 Seconds Of Your Life

If you were forced to relive one 10-minute block of your life again and again for all eternity, what 10 minutes of your life would you choose?
“My last orgasm!”
Deanna Fernandez
The first 10 minutes I held both my kids for first time, and grandkids too, but I wouldn’t want to live it forever because I would miss out on them now!
Barbara Stanisci
Any 10 minutes spent with my dad, whether we were working together, fixing up a motorbike, helping each other out or just having a brew and a laugh. Miss him so much💔
John Harris
“The first time I realized ALL my kids had turned out to be amazing adults!”
Jill Jenkins Biggs

“This will sound risqué but it’s not— wedding night evening, got to the hotel with my husband. Got out of my dress after about 6 hours in it, all the pins out of my hair, took an awesome shower and changed into comfy clothes. Start the timer here- sat with hubby on the bed talking, eating goodies, and more wedding cake (strawberry cheesecake that was to die for.)

That 10 minutes of relaxing, just the two of us, without a concern in the world right after our wedding and everything was done. It was the first 10 minutes that weren’t orchestrated, planned, or involving anyone else. I’d die happy living in that moment forever.

Sarah Noël
A particular day with a particular guy and a hug that was incredible. Just like a movie. I wish I had realized then what I realized much later regarding him.
Deborah Larson
“Any 10 minutes with my mom.”
Becky Davies
“Powder skiing in shoulder deep snow at Snowbird Utah.
Riley Mo
“My first kiss.”
JoAnn Evans