Germ Warfare

Gwyneth Paltrow wears a designer mask on planes (would you expect anything different?) Not to be outdone, Naomi Campbell flies in a hazmat suit. In the meantime, many other women claim the risks of coronavirus are being overblown by the media, and they’re doing nothing differently in their daily lives. We’re not sure how they know this, but we applaud their confident attitudes!

Fourteen FOFriends share what they’re doing to try and avoid COVID-19.

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Finding a soul mate may give many of us eternal happiness, but what can simply perk up a single day? Fifteen ladies and one guy tell us what works for them. 

Is That Cougher Giving You a Fit?

We asked whether you’d say anything if someone was coughing near you, and expected we’d get comment after comment about the spread of the coronavirus. But only one comment mentioned it. 

Please be cautious. Although there’s no reason to be mean to a cougher, it’s no time to be overly restrained, either. This virus spreads easily, and since you don’t know a thing about the person coughing near you, you don’t want to risk getting sick.  Besides, even if the cougher doesn’t have the coronavirus, who wants to get what they do have!

What You Can’t Go A Day Without

We’re all as different as night and day, cats and dogs, coffee and tea, at least when it comes to choosing something we couldn’t go a day without, besides the necessities!

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Go On, Impress Us!

We want to take Lisa with us the next time we have car problems. And, what would Sandy reveal when we offered her our hand? Speaking of hands, Desiree sure does a number with hers! These ladies’ talents and accomplishments are mighty impressive!

Click on each photo to find out what they are.

If You Took Off Your Mask

Looks can indeed be deceiving. You might seem shy, but you’re really spirited. Or, you’re so proper, you’d never dream of getting THIS done. Oh, the things that would surprise others about YOU!

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Start Fab Shopping

Many of us have jewelry, handbags, home accessories or kitchen gadgets that we’d like to sell, but we don’t want to start dealing with eBay or other retail websites, and competing with their trillions of products. 

With this is mind, we invited you to send us photos of merchandise you no longer want, with brief descriptions and the prices you hope to get. If you’re interested in any of the items here, you can contact the seller and negotiate directly with her. The selection is excellent.

We’re not charging the sellers a penny if any of their products sell.  We want to see if the idea takes hold.

If you want us to post something you wish to sell, please email a clear photo,  brief description and the price to

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Strut Your Stuff

Each of us has at least one subject about which we’re expert, a true authority whether or not we studied it in school. On what subject could you give a 40-minute presentation with absolutely no preparation?


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We’ve heard time and again that sickness or tragedy puts everything into perspective. As far as I’m concerned, I can’t hear it enough. Reading the answers to the question, “What’s one thing you really want but can’t afford?” made me realize, once again, how fortunate I am to be healthy and not to have experienced unimaginable tragedy. Even if I can’t afford everything I want, what I really want is what I already have.


Yep, never is a long time, but I can safely say–after 35 years of not smoking–that I’ll NEVER do it again. As for spin class, I NEVER went to one and NEVER intend to go to one.  So I’m with you, Lisa! 

One thing these ladies will never do again!

“Date.  Thank goodness I’m married.”
Doreen Haller-Howarth
“Ride a roller coaster.”
Mary E. Siemborski
“Drive up Pikes Peak and experience the Calistoga Mud. It gets everywhere!”
Holly Anderson Brooke

“Never go on Space Mountain again at Disney. I had no idea it would be so awful! Made me sick, ruined the day.”
Lu Kennedy McLain
“Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty.”
Alice Siegel Warren
“Climb the stairway of a lighthouse! I froze after maybe 30 steps! They were sooo narrow, it was a real struggle to climb down. Terrifying!!!”
Jo Wright
“Ski! My bones are too fragile now.”
Becky Smith Harvey
“Go for a ride in a race car at the Texas Motor Speedway. I was so scared, especially around the turns. I just kept praying for it to be over😩.”
Sandi Lee
“Get divorced; once was enough heartache for me. I’ll stay with second husband no matter what and work things out so we can grow old together happily!”
Michele Whitesitt
“Work for the federal government.”
Yvette Toms
“Take a cruise. I was sea sick for the entire week.”
Jennifer Christensen Davis
“Have a baby. One and done at age 40. No. More. Kids.”
Mary Laux
“Times Square on New Year’s Eve!
Leesa Wimmer
“Fly over Grand Canyon on a tour. Plane’s air conditioner went out and it was hot. Not a pleasant tour for me.”
Terrie Elbatnigi
“It was a split…being a nurse (saw too much bad stuff) and getting married (saw too much bad stuff).”
Vicky Gustafson
“Take a local bus from Dharamshala to New Delhi, India.Worst 18 hours of my life.”
Tracy Hackett

“Ice and roller skate. Bad hips, poor balance, Nope.😐”
Christina Carr Van Lysebettens

“Drugs. Been clean for 12 years.”
Kim Possible Frost
“Swim with dolphins 🐬.”
Yvonne M Sandoval

“Eat animals or their products🐷🐏🐮🐂.”
Rae J Fermor

“Get on a helicopter or small plane.”
Caitlin Hecsh

Hot air ballooning.
Julie Clive

White water rafting!!!!
Debbie Buckley

A stay- in-the-car car wash. It was awful.
Janice Lessner Lieberman

Spin class.
Lisa Urban

Carolyn Sites Arensmeyer