What You Can’t Go A Day Without

We’re all as different as night and day, cats and dogs, coffee and tea, at least when it comes to choosing something we couldn’t go a day without, besides the necessities!

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  1. Deb says:

    I had some.. well.. “rude” discoveries about myself in my, well, older age! I am 65 and the husband wanted to buy a boat and go live on it. OH MY GOSH it’s like permanent CAMPING. In a cramped space… IN THE SUN. Nothing to DO. Seriously, I can’t read books all day.. and no shade! None of my hobbies- which include quilting, making period clothes, working on re-doing old furniture…having the grandkids over, doing things with my galpals… my sister… MY COMFY bed, my comfy recliner, my whirlpool tub in the winter….

    I HATED being on that boat. Plus, my old man SMOKES and smokes a LOT. I said Hon, YOU enjoy this boat, I’m staying HOME. He said sure…

    I do not even find myself lonely either. How HE is far away on that boat… well to each his own. But I love my life, my house, I found out I do NOT want to be without my “necessary” comforts of a real home, in the woods not on a lake IN THE SUN and heat.


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