{Poll} Which FOF celeb Halloween costume do you like best?

These FOF celebs got decked out in their best Halloween garb… which costume do you like best?

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P.S. Looking for the answer to last week’s poll “Which celeb does NOT have osteoporosis?” The answer might surprise you!

Images via Gossip Rocks

0 Responses to “{Poll} Which FOF celeb Halloween costume do you like best?”

  1. Irishstar says:

    Sean connery and Harrison ford should have been included in the choices of bedmates!

  2. Tricia N. says:

    I like Katie’s costume best, as this is so different from what she is on TV. I think words like “cute” are more often used to describe her–not “sexy, glamorous,” etc. I would love to see her “in action” in this costume–I’ll bet she pulled it off fantastically. The other costumes are just so-so, costumes that any of us could put together.


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