When You Feel A Tantrum Coming On

“I truly try not to be angry as it makes me get an uneven heartbeat from the stress. 😬”
Sandy Rumsey
“I call Captain Morgan for a chat!”
Paddy Bryant
“Deep breaths, go for a walk and pray.”
Brenda Nelson

“Hold my dogs, and if I’m at work I pretend I’m at the beach.”
Georgette Gerry
“Weed and chocolates…lol.”
Laurie Swanson
“Let it out. Get over it. Apologize if I need to. Open a bottle of good red wine move on.”
Tammy Marafine
“Walk away or clean stuff.”
Keri Hood Gardner
“I shut up and listen to good ole rock n roll.”
Jenny Gail
“Having a shower! Going to my hairdresser.”
Gabriele Mayrhofer
“Swim if I can, anything physical helps!”
Nora Dauser
“Go get a hug from my man, everything’s better when I am in his arms or go and pick up one of our fur babies and hug them for awhile.”
Elizabeth Rinaldi

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