“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” Buddha

“I truly try not to be angry as it makes me get an uneven heartbeat from the stress. 😬”
Sandy Rumsey
“I call Captain Morgan for a chat!”
Paddy Bryant
“Deep breaths, go for a walk and pray.”
Brenda Nelson

“Hold my dogs, and if I’m at work I pretend I’m at the beach.”
Georgette Gerry
“Weed and chocolates…lol.”
Laurie Swanson
“Let it out. Get over it. Apologize if I need to. Open a bottle of good red wine move on.”
Tammy Marafine
“Walk away or clean stuff.”
Keri Hood Gardner
“I shut up and listen to good ole rock n roll.”
Jenny Gail
“Having a shower! Going to my hairdresser.”
Gabriele Mayrhofer
“Swim if I can, anything physical helps!”
Nora Dauser
“Go get a hug from my man, everything’s better when I am in his arms or go and pick up one of our fur babies and hug them for awhile.”
Elizabeth Rinaldi