{Quiz} Which famous FOF DOESN’T have insomnia?

Fifty percent of middle-aged and older adults complain of chronic insomnia symptoms according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Three of these four FOF stars toss and turn under the stars each night. Can you guess which famous FOF DOESN’T have insomnia?


Sources: The New York Times, Supanet.com, National Sleep Foundation
Images: Katherine McPherson for FabOverFifty, Greg in Hollywood, David Shankbone, The Famous People

0 Responses to “{Quiz} Which famous FOF DOESN’T have insomnia?”

  1. Ann says:

    I figured Barbara Walters had to be able to sleep during what little time she has for it, otherwise how could she be so alert to do all she does so well. Also, I have heard Martha Stewart say she doesn’t sleep much, but claims not to need it.

  2. sherie says:

    next time i will go with my intuition! i first guessed barbara walters…then switched to thatcher! i am amazed that any of them got any sleep accomplishing all that they do! all are beautiful, talented and stylish!

  3. Barbara-b says:

    I am going to guess Madonna…the other three ladies could not have slept much and accomplished what they did.




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