Would You Ever Remarry Your Ex-Husband?

Over 1,000 of you chimed in when we asked if you’d remarry your ex-husbands. While over half of you (unsurprisingly) said “NEVER,” others had some unexpected answers, like Natasha, Rhonda and Rosemary.

No! In fact, I have a reoccuring nightmare that I’m remarried to my ex.”
Shelley Bendon

That’s the funniest question I’ve seen in a long, long time!! Must be a trick question!! Still laughing!!! “
Deb Skillman

I wouldn’t remarry my present husband!”
Gail Schaefer Manndel

Never!! We both outgrew each other and during the divorce period I saw an ugly side of a man I thought I knew for over 20 years. My motto is never go backwards always move forward, learn by my past but do not relive my past.”
Jacqueline Lovell-Santos

I did. We both grew and learned how much we needed/wanted one another. But it took both of us appreciating the other & we don’t rehash the past. Our love is grand!”
Natasha Dunnam Baucum

“Not in this lifetime! He’s an abusive, narcissistic, megalomaniac and I am so lucky to have escaped him!”
Lona Smith

NEVER! I’d have be certifiable to remarry a man who destroyed our family like he did…so NO…NEVER!!! Did I mention he made it look like I was the one doing everything HE was doing. Did I say he trashed my good name and turned people I thought my friends AGAINST me. Did I mention there were two attempts made on my life, one that would have KILLED his two youngest sons as well. Just saying.”
Beverly Ann

We are still legally married but have been separated for some time. We have tried getting back together, but this last time we split up cause we both realized we make better friends than we do lovers. I love him, but can’t live with him. So NO.”
Paula Demihosa Roberts

Yes, I would. I love him and always will. We didn’t take care of marriage and let other outside elements weave their way in to pull us apart. He can’t hear, he’s still not perfect, but he is still pretty amazing. 26 years together…how could we be so reckless?”
Kellie Baird

Yes… he begged for years & now I’m sorry I pushed him away. He was a good man who went through a bad time long ago.”
Rosemary Scannelli Parsil

No, not that he’d want to either. He’s happily remarried and I’m happily single. I know people do do it but I think you split for a reason and there’s no going back!”
Lisa Kennedy

Me? probably not, however, I have several cousins that have remarried their exes…didn’t work out the 2nd time around either.”
Jerri Munger

My 1st husband, yes; my 2nd husband NO WAY ON THIS EARTH.”
Melanie Blackman  

In the words of a Taylor Swift song… We are NEVER EVER getting back together EVER!…. My nervous breakdown and shattered heart and soul is enough evidence that I NEVER EVER EVER want to go there again.”
Carine Munro  

I did remarry my ex. We were high school sweethearts. Were married for a long period of time, divorced and were apart for two years. We started talking again and we’re back together for several years and remarried in December. Our relationship has never been better!”
Rhonda Payne Lillibridge

There ARE other reasons besides cheating for divorce! My husband and I grew up in time apart and remarried with more confidence and maturity.”
Deborah Macres Fiore



I doubt it. I trusted him completely. and after nearly 13 years he lied, cheated and shattered my heart and my belief in marriage, men, and myself. I don’t think I can come back from that. I’d always be wondering when it would happen again.”
Kari Diabo

Not for all the money in the world.”
Gaylin Laughlin    

No. And very grateful that wasn’t even an option. Because that marriage ended and I went on to meet and marry my prince charming. No ill feelings. Hope my ex is as happy as I am. If things didn’t end with us I never would have met the most awesome guy in the world.”
Susan Dean

After reading dozens of these posts, some people are very angry, some forgiving, some wanting to remarry the ex. Guess we can’t paint all exes with the same brush.”
Carole Morris DeCario

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