We ALL Have Issues!

The midterm elections behind us, we were curious to know what issues concern you most. Whether you’re focused on Medicare and the environment, immigration or taxes, one thing is clear: Women are more engaged in our government, both as citizens and as representatives. At least 123 women will be in the next Congress after Tuesday’s midterm elections, breaking the 115th Congress’ record of 112. When women become involved, decisions are made and actions are taken.
 My biggest concern is hyper partisanship, with party over country. When we call each other libtards and deplorables without blinking an eye, we are shameful. I vote for individuals, and therefore I voted on both sides of the aisle, depending on the race.
Bonnie Bell
Returning to civility and stopping the hate. Caring for our citizens. Stopping the lawlessness in the streets. Controlling the border. Can’t even make valid comments on FB anymore without someone cussing, name calling and worse.
Mary Markowitz
I voted blue across the board this year. There is supposed to be a system of checks and balances in our government to ensure a tyrant does not take over. Apparently that is what has happened. Bet none of you have realized the current regime is looking to CUT Social Security and Medicare. And, the tax cuts set in place are only for the wealthy, not middle class, the poor or the elderly. Food for thought folks.
Norma Roberts Miller
Hi kids, this is your mom. Remember to Vote on 11/6. If Trump cuts my Social Security and Medicare I’m moving in with you!
Emily Mosley
 My biggest issue right now is the Democrats!
President Trump, we have your back!!
Julie Schumacher
 Our lawmakers not being able to make bipartisan decisions in a timely manner. Keep voting them out till they get it right.
Dan Perkins
Social Security, pre-existing conditions covered by insurance, the environment and the national debt.
Shelley Cole-Yelton
Taxes and immigration. TBH – I will just be glad when it is over and we can move on to talking about turkey & what we are thankful for. I am tired of the name calling on both sides.
Maria Sanchez
Healthcare, covering pre-existing conditions, and preserving medicare and social security were my main issues!!
Sharon Whitmire Hutt
BLUE all the way. Issues are climate change, women’s equality, equal rights for LGBTQ, compassion for immigrants and all human beings.
Susan McNamara Leyes
Healthcare, pre-existing coverage protection and tighter gun laws.
Stacey Hargrove
Socialized medicine becoming reality, gun control and vaccine mandates.
Lisa Robinson
Human trafficking/child trafficking. Illegal drug and arms trafficking–all related.
Ellen Berilla Carmody
“Education funding!
Peggy Ritchie
“The economy.
Sue Schwenn

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