Rule Of Thumb

What clever and honest answers you gave when we asked, “If you had to make one rule that everybody had to follow, what rule would you make?”
 “We already have it, and need to obey it: The golden rule.
Emily Mosley
“That no one could ever be mean or abuse a child/adult.”
Jill Soucie
“Take your shoes off before entering the house!!”
Sonia Nelson
“Probably that you had to be respectful. You couldn’t go somewhere, example, a business/retail/restaurant, and be rude or disrespectful.”
Laurie Briner Sharps
“To love one another.
Stacey Kincaid
“No work on Mondays.
Michelle Gosneigh
“No body shaming!!”
Dolly Zielinski
“Pajama pants are perfectly acceptable attire for any occasion. 😜
Chris Ciacchella Burke
“Respect the earth, use a trash can!
Kathie Kozlowski Wood
“None, this is a free country!!
Paulie Nesbitt
“Be good to your parents!”
Vinnie Bozza
“Use your blinkers!!!!
Gail Schaefer Manndel
“All stores and businesses had to close on Sunday for 24 hours so there was one day a week for family time.
Jennifer Anne
“Never to lie.
D.S. Lopez
“Mind your own f $#@ing business.
Sue Lasky
“Read to your children every night.
Kathy Noseworthy
Internet access banned to under 18’s.
Sharri Butler-Watts

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