The Scariest Part About Being A Mother

“When my first born was at preteen camp and I got a call that a tornado-like storm ripped through the camp. Even though no one was injured, praise God, I could not dial the phone. It took me about five times to reach my husband to go pick her up. I had three younger kids at home.”

Donna Plunkett

“When my daughter hid in a clothing rack while we were shopping. I’ve never let go of her hand since. She’s 38 and I’m still holding her hand. Lol.”

Patricia Torok


“My daughter had heart surgery at seven weeks old, and lots of medical tests, procedures and the like. She came through like a champ, it almost killed me.”

Alicia Johnson Brasher

“When I put my 6-year-old son on a plane to visit his father out of state. I cried all the way home.”

Helena Shanks


“When I was giving birth & my youngest son wasn’t breathing…another son working nights…there’s been a few.”

Joyce Polee


“Wow, my son is due to have open heart surgery in 18 months. It doesn’t seem so bad reading some of your stories. Thanks for sharing.”

Lisa Ball

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