How Should I Frame Myself?

I used to buy entirely too many eyeglass frames every single year. I’d fall madly in love with a frame, wear it exclusively for about six months, then spot a style I loved more, and impulsively buy it. Frames are as distinctive accessories as jewelry, scarves and shoes, maybe even more because they stand out, front and center.

I stopped my obsession with frames about two years ago, when I found this pair, which I’ve been wearing exclusively every day. They’re lightweight, super comfortable, and don’t bend out of shape from all the abuse I inflict upon them. But, since the lenses have become pretty scratched up, I decided it might be time to shop for a new frame.

My Google search brought me to Eye Shoppe On Seventh, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which looked like it carried a unique selection of European brands, including Anne & Valentin, the brand I’ve been wearing for the last couple of years. “From understated elegance, to modern edgy, we carry the best and boldest collection of eyewear in Brooklyn,” the shop’s website brags. (I’ve got to confess that I’m a bit of a frame snob, and think countries including Italy, UK, Germany, France and Belgium design more fashion-forward frames than we have in the US).

Shop owner Michael Stoff showed me a dozen frames that he thought would look good. I loved most of them, as did my daughter Simone, who definitely has cutting-edge style. Many of my final choices were bolder than my current frame, but since I don’t intend to retire it, I thought it would be okay to be more daring this time.

These were the top six contenders. I’d love to know which frame YOU LIKE BEST, and which frame you thought I CHOSE. I know you won’t hold back your thoughts, so away you go!

Which frames do you Iike best for Geri?

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Which frames do you think Geri bought?

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