Do You Believe In Soulmates?

“I had two soul mates that died unfortunately…they were the absolute best of men…kind, generous, sensitive, giving and so loving and caring. I was going to marry one of them…the other never wanted to marry. They both died in tragic accidents. It ripped my heart out. I eventually married, but he was the opposite of these two. Probably why we are separated now.”
Carine Munro


“Yes…but some are good for your soul…others not”
Sarah Bias

“Still married to mine, 21 years later. We spent 3 long weekends together, then he proposed!
Babs Clement

Marriage Proposal. Engagement. Surprised Woman. Pop Art Banner.

“Yes, but he doesn’t, lol.  
Stephane Irwin

“I do, but I guess I have yet to meet him.”
Sherry L. Orton


“YES! I finally found mine!
Cindy Morgan

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