4 Spring Fashion Trends and How To Get Them For Less

Spring is definitely in the air!

Thank goodness we’re coming out of hibernation and starting to pack away
our heavy winter jackets, warm sweaters and comfy pants. We can’t wait to hit the shops so we can welcome in the sunshine with the beautiful colors of the season.

No matter how many clothes we own, what woman doesn’t love to buy at least a few new pieces when the weather changes? Here’s a list of four great spring looks, which you can (happily) incorporate into your wardrobe, without putting a crimp in your budget.

While we always prefer to buy quality pieces, we’re often hesitant to splurge on trendy items that
may not be so trendy next year.

That’s why it’s smart to search for the best deals possible. You can usually find them online, especially on designer and high-end merchandise.

  • Sometimes the online counterparts of brick-and-mortar shops even sells items for less than the stores, simply because they doesn’t have as many overhead costs. And these costs usually get passed on to us!
  • If you see something you like in a store, check the price online before you buy it. Always remember, however, to include the cost of shipping in the overall price when considering your options.
  • You also can search for sites that offer discount codes for many big brands, such as couponbox.com.
  • Some online retailers even give you a certain percentage off your entire purchase if you use their codes.
  • Also think about checking out overstock or second hand stores, where you can often find clothes and accessories that reflect this season’s hot looks, but at half the price.
  • Another good fashion upcycling idea is to have a “clothes swap” with your friends. Plan an afternoon to get together for lunch, where you’ll have a ball trading clothes that you no longer wear but your friends will adore. Remember, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

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