What Do Elvis Presley And Eleanor Roosevelt Have In Common?

“Hugh Jackman! I think he would be fun and good looking, too.”
Carol Rock  

“SPENSER FOR HIRE, 007 someone who could get me outta there… Johnny Depp.. With rum.”
Michelle Eshelman

“Mr Poldark.”
Linda James

“Robin Williams. Would love to find out why?”
Debbie Tynan

“Davy Jones of the “Monkees.”
Bobbee Ziskind

Karen Henry

“Bob Marley and his guitar.”
Alyson Blackmore

“George Clooney!!
Susan Farley

“Harriet Tubman. Remarkable and resourceful.”
Andrea Bledsoe

Steve Jobs. I’d love to pick his business brain.”
Pauline Durban

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