{Street-Spotted} Dora Wong

She’s not senior, older or even aging.  “I’m an antique,” says FOF Dora Wong. We spotted the 80-year-old former dress designer at NYC Fashion Week where she shared with us her most sage shopping advice.  Like an antique, Dora gets better (and wiser!) with age…

Name: Dora Wong

How old are you? 80. I was born in the 30s.

Where are you from? Originally Shanghai, China, but I live in New York right now.

What do you do? I owned a dress company, Pandora, for 15 years.  We made couture dresses and evening gowns.

Do you have a favorite store? No, I just walk by and when I like what I see, I go inside. I buy things everywhere. I don’t care where as long as the pieces are good. You can buy something in an auction house and pay a million dollars. You can buy the same thing in a garage sale for $5.

Favorite designer? I don’t have one. Some designers have one piece that will be good and I’ll buy it. Then the others I don’t like. They’re human beings. You cannot be successful at everything you make.

What fashion advice do you have for other FOFs? It’s not about the brand. You have to have an eye and the opportunity. If you see something you love, that’s the opportunity. Buy it, even if you have to borrow money.

On Dora:
Carolina Herrera. “It sells in Saks Fifth Avenue for $7,000. I got it for $700.  I go to Carolina’s showroom with my friend who knows her manager and gets discounted samples.”
David Webb
— “It’s a diamond from a Russian princess that I had someone help me redesign.”
Tiffany & Co.
— “I bought it in a thrift store for $5.”

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6 Responses to “{Street-Spotted} Dora Wong”

  1. TexasDuchess says:

    I think she looks fabulous. If she had said she was 55-60 years old, I would have believed it and still thought she looked fabulous.

    Dora is so put together and every piece just works beautifully. Wow!

  2. Mary says:

    My deceased aunt left me 2 vintage beaded short dresses.
    The label on the dresses read: Pandora Exports LTD by Dora Wong, 29A 1st floor Hilton Hotel.
    They are beautiful and I plan on wearing one of them.
    The other is very small. Would you know the value of these
    thank you,

    • Roger Wong says:

      Mary, what size is the small dress? I’m Dora’s nephew and am interested in purchasing it. Can you send me pictures? lautrec@yahoo.com

  3. Jeff Winett says:

    Is it possible to find out if Dora Wong is the same woman who at one time knew my father Sid Winett. My father manufactured women’s coats in Los Angeles, and as a child, this stunningly beautiful woman would do business in L.A. The picture I can see of Dora Wong at this website shows a still gorgeous woman, and it would only make sense that it is the same person. When you are this stunning, you’ve got it for life!

  4. quintessence says:

    I also can’t believe Dora is 80- fabulous!! And fabulous style – absolutely love the coat – great color for her!!

  5. Marilyn kleinberg says:

    No way Dora is 80. Love her wisdom, creativity and sense of self to buy what she loves not by the label.


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