{Style Expert} Couture du Jour!

Sally Hilkene of Churchill boutique picks her French pièces de résistance:

Sally Hilkene is the stylist and owner of Churchill in Fairway, Kansas. She travels the world to stock her 12,000-square-foot boutique with one-of-a-kind pieces, and has become known as the ultimate jewelry scout. If Sally says it’s fabulous in May, expect to see it in every fashion mag under the sun by fall.

Below are her pièces de résistance from France:

Philippe Audibert Barrette Coeur Bracelet, $225, “Cuffs are selling very well right now.”

Robert Goossens Turquoise Clip Earrings, $480.00, “A lot of our FOF customers have un-pierced ears, so these clip earrings work great and look beautiful too.”

Luc Keiffer Barbed Wire Bangle, $245.00, “These pieces are timeless and will never go out of style.”

Robert Goossens Green Resin Cuff, $495.00, “Oversized, colorful cuffs are great for this time of year and clear resin is very in right now. Try adding a bangle to complete the look.”

Armand Diradourian Woven Silk & Cashmere Kaftan, $685.00, “My FOF customers love these.”

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  1. Janis Hall says:

    Too expensive, but Love the jewelry!!

  2. Marne Rogers says:

    My curiosity must be satisfied. What exactly does a barbed wire bracelet look like? Does it catch on everything and anything? Even if I don’t have a suitable outfit (cowgrrl punk? maximum security escapee? leather body stocking?) something’s gotta work. If all else fails, I’ll pair it with myself – myself alone – and revel in the attention.


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