{Style Expert} What do you think of this look?

This lovely FOF was spotted outside Barney’s in Manhattan last week. We loved her hat, her glasses and her free spirit. But what do you think–is her style fab and fun or just frenetic?

Sherrie Mathieson: “Perhaps ‘interesting’ is the word…and surely she has fun with clothes. I’m sure she garners double-takes to her satisfaction. To me this look is somewhat creative and somewhat clownish. Do I dare say that her bag ‘doesn’t go’ (is there such a thing?) with this outfit–when she already has taken multiple liberties?”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Sandra Soich: “I wish I could say this is an example of expression, but I think it screams ‘look at me.’ Hat is great. Glasses are great. Everything to the waist seems to work and then it just simply gets crazy. I can’t even comment on the legwear and shoes in conjunction with the bag. Frenetic is most definitely the word!”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.

Susan Grant: “This lady is mixing too many elements; her face, hat and bag are an ‘uptown lady who lunches’ look, while the rest is fun and edgy. I think she needs to decide which she wants to portray.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

Susan Hersh: “This woman really has a sense of style and humor, appearing trendy and whimsical, simultaneously. The plaid shawl collar coat makes a strong statement and the length is perfect on her. The hat is also in proportion to her face and the shape is quite unique.  My only peeve is the 2-tone polka dot hose–she should opt for solid black opaque instead.  Right now, with the animal printed handbag, the two patterns are clashing. It’s not easy to pull off this look, but she has the confidence to make it work.”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

Terry Gibralter: “I really like this lady’s look. At first glance she appears a bit too kooky to warrant a serious second glance. But, when I really examine her pieces I see that they are quite beautiful and Japanese-inspired.  Perhaps the mismatched socks are a bit too over the top (although I like them) and she could probably lose the animal print bag but I really like everything else. I think she can really pull off this extreme fashion look. I would love to see what else she has in her closet!”

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.

Lovey Dash: Yes, she is fab and yes, she is frenetic! The shoes are the only things that I would have changed but she is walking in New York and they are sensible and very much in fashion. She looks happy and has a fun sense of style. That red, red hair matches her bag. Love this.”

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

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  1. Dianne says:

    I love how relaxed and happy she looks. People who think and dress outside of the box can be very refreshing and she does it well. Not everyone can pull this off, but she exudes confidence. Love the hat!

  2. Pamela Lloyd says:

    Not for me! She is fearless and I like that!

  3. Simplychic says:

    This is an example of everything I hate: “I need attention – look at me – I am a nonconformist”. Daring doesn’t have to be ugly. The shoes are a no with any outfit, unless butch is the look you want to convey. I love printed hose, but as a statement only. A cool artsy print works – this is just uggg. The plaid thing, the animal print bag, the printed hose, the hat – pick one thing and make it your statement. Don’t try so hard – be judicious in your choices. She may be turning heads, but not in a good way.

  4. Kim says:

    I’d lose the bag, stockings, and shoes, quick! The rest of the attire looks nice on her. Perhaps a solid red bag and some low-heeled shooties. The stockings still have me in shock, so I can’t even go there. Maybe some solid opaque stockings, or anything other than those… 🙂

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Eclectic. If she’s happy, I’m happy!

  6. Forza says:

    I love my husband for SO many ranoses- he has a HUGE heart, he loves me! (that’s big in itself) but my husband not only loves me he loves my 2 teenage kids as his own! He is SO cute and I love the way he holds me! My husband rocks!!!

    • Susan H says:

      Oh c’mon, this is not about your husband. Post appropriately please.

  7. sharon910 says:

    Really ??????????

  8. HERBERCJ says:

    I agree with Susan. I think everything works. . . . except those hose.

  9. Ana says:

    If there were not such a daring people like this lady, life would be so boring…

  10. Pat says:

    I am over 50 (in fact over 60) and envy this woman’s figure..a great figure enables a lot more flexibility with style before become just too clowinsh. She does not appear to be trying to look too young..yes, it is daring…and no, not for everyone…but she looks like she is happy……and to me she carries the look juuuuuuuuuuuust fine-to her, I say, “go girl go!”

  11. dbo says:

    Take off panty hose,had bag, shoes replace with ones that are less “look at me” she’d still a stand out . Use those items for another out fit. Don’t know when panty hose would be good accessory. They make think she was just released from hospital with bandages on legs, they may work with other clothes.

  12. Diana says:

    So that’s what the Flying Nun wears underneath…

  13. Mick says:

    With a pair of black tights and some decent pumps, and if she lost that awful handbag, she could have pulled off this “Yoko-Ono” look. What is that orange thing on the top of her ear near the hat brim?

    • Widhya says:

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  14. Llisbeth says:

    I so dislike it when FOF women think dressing with style and sophistication means looking like a bag lady! She makes us all look silly. Please stop, lady!

  15. Dolores says:

    This womens look is hedious. She looks like a person who got dressed in the dark…….. I see crazy…….
    No sense of style….. I keep looking at this photo this has to be a joke.

  16. Jennifer Perry says:

    A good confident look from top to, well, about the waist. Bag is ghastly near the plaid. The pattern of the tights screams “I need attention – good or bad – just plenty of it!”

  17. Deborah says:

    Seriously!? Major attention seeking outfit. I’m sure she got what she was looking for.

  18. NoreenB says:

    I am wondering if the bag and the hose are really to match whatever she is wearing under that coat. While daring, those hose could maybe be fun with a solid brown sheath with maybe a fun round pin.

  19. Andy says:

    Love the poncho! The rest is a little over-done for my taste; the shoes and hose need to go.

  20. tarheel4ever says:

    Um, the hosiery and bag have to go.

  21. Nancy says:

    I assume she is on heavy duty meds or as Judy Garland once said when asked in an elevator “who dressed her” she replied “Walt Disney”. This gal beat the heck out of Judy’s getup.

  22. Ann says:

    I love love love the coat hat and scarf. I love the bag too but not so much with the plaid. As for the tights/socks or whatever they are, it might look cute on a 5 year old learning to dress herself…

  23. Trisha says:

    Well, the colors on the bag are a match to the colors in her hose. But, I don’t understand the combination with the rest of this outfit. I like the black and white part yet don’t see the overall reason for this combo. Where is she going– to lunch?? This is just a bit much for a “woman of a certain age”. Would I wear it, No. If she were my friend, would I be seen with her in this , Certainly.

  24. jeanne says:

    Each element of her outfit is good and some are very classy. I would ditch the bag and the hose. Just doesn’t work, IMO

  25. Candee says:

    Ms Becky 40th comment…You have no adventure in you and she IS in a special class of people…the cool ones…who are you to judge…Crazy Cool Candee…

  26. Candee says:

    She is crazy AND I LIKE IT…!

  27. Becky says:

    There is nothing good about her “look” Perhaps she belongs in a “special class of people”

  28. veritas2011 says:

    I agree with most….the tights and bag have to go. If she stuck to the black and white….with perhaps a touch of red, she would be fine…how about black hose and red shoes? Or the reverse? She definitely needs a solid bag.

  29. wendy in wyoming says:

    wow I love the look until the stockings and the bag.She obviously loves to be theatrical but they just don’t work here. I love the shoes, she does have lovely legs.

  30. Robbi says:

    A bit phrenic. I like her look, except for handbag & hose. A solid color would be better. If the cape were a solid color, she might be able to keep the handbag.

  31. sorrygnat says:

    it looks like Mizz Haversham’s wedding cake – too much on it! Attractive lady, all good items which could be placed upon many an aspiring model. This looked like a “head for the hills, the buckets are useless,” flight response!

  32. Maureen McDonald-Hoffman says:

    What the heck? Looks like she could not figure out what to wear – so she wore everything.Perhaps the coat, glasses and bag would have been great, with other hose and boots.

  33. Kim says:

    Oh no – on second glance, I think she’s Yoko Ono… Can anyone confirm that?

  34. Kim says:

    I really don’t want to be insulting to the poor old thing BUT it looks likes she’s a rag lady who has scored a REALLY big bundle from the local op shop: perhaps they all fell off the back of the truck while on their way to the store to be sorted….

  35. Ctgal says:

    You know what ladies? After reading all your comments, I think I was wrong. I think she looks wonderful, from top to bottom! She has a lovely, proud face and very nice legs, and she looks great! Why must we all be so cookie cutter-ish?

  36. Ctgal says:

    I agree with Susan Hersh. I think everything is great except the tights. Plain black would have been less jarring. And maybe those shoes are a stylish version of what she needs to walk firmly and with balance. Believe me, I know. But mostly, I love it!

  37. Fashionable 60s says:

    The whole package is creative, it is edgy and very, very bold. Just guessing, she works in or for a fashion company. In this lady’s case, she is creatively wearing clothes that most of us wouldn’t be wearing because she owns her distinctive looks and style. She is using clothes as an artistic expression. This lady is probably courageously channeling the late Isabella Blow or some other fashion icon. Love her total looks. As a New Yorker, I would not change a thing.

  38. Fay Swenson says:

    The thing I noticed first about her was her “Cute Socks” – wonder if she is starting a fashion trend that I have always wanted to with medical compression socks but instead I wear the full-toe black ones in the cold weather and the beige open-toe ones in the warm weather – you go girl. Loved the rest of the outfit but thought the bag clashed.

  39. JED says:

    Did anyone else notice her hands? To me it appears that she is giving everyone the bird!…with both hands!
    Which probably was not intended, but seems to express how she feels about her mismatched outfit and the opinions of others.

    I’m sure she felt that the orange and grey stockings picked up the leopard print of the bag, but then you have the red….not my idea of stylish.

    The shoes are rather clunky, but suitable for walking in NYC, and wouldn’t be half so noticeable if it weren’t for the stockings. She might have pulled it off with opaque black tights, or since she appears to have a leather blazer under the bold shawl, she would have looked super in skinny leather pants.

  40. Pam Munro says:

    Agree – to the waist, this is a great look – & a RED bag might have been great – but those stockings! (I can’t think of when I would like them…) & then the shoes – which don’t go with the 50’s set of the top of the outfit. Not frenetic – schizophrenic!

  41. Rozzie68 says:

    If one is dressing for mismatch, look larger than one is, this outfit if for YOU. Looks totally atrocious. Much prefer simple lines, some mismatch is good, but this I would not wear on one of my worst “hair” days.

  42. jaycee2001 says:

    I don’t personally like it, but I give her points for daring to be herself. Womanhood should be a celebration of diversity, and she is a good example!

  43. soap says:

    Too much going on in what this woman is wearing….it gawdy; the pieces do not compliment the model or one another!

  44. ABC says:

    She has a man’s leg growing out of her right elbow. Now that’s strange!

  45. Nannaof2 says:

    FOF, why are you posting korny pictures of older women and then asking us what we think? Is this the best you can do, or your trying to offend? Good bye

  46. dbbie says:

    If you changed this women hose and shoes with her incredible legs she would be absolutely stunning. Just try covering the lower half of the picture and you get a totally different opinion of this lady. If it were me I would change the purse but then again I have been accused of being to matchy matchy before. She’s just another example of a beautiful women who doesn’t know how to dress her age. There’s more of this then ever before and I don’t understand why.

  47. robshee says:

    Her look is very nice until you get to her legs. The lining of the coat is contrasting to the shawl. She might be
    able to pull the purse off because it is just different enough to pull it off. The shoes do not go with the outfit. Something sleeker would fit. I do admire her spirit.

  48. Eileen Davis says:

    Elle est absolument ridicule……….

  49. styleosophy says:

    Each item works against the others individually. All together, at once brings “town crier” to mind. It’s clownish and too much.

    I understand wanting look different, but one can bring your own style, sophistication and elegance and still look pulled together.

  50. Diane says:

    I wondered if perhaps the power was off in NYC and she dressed in the dark and just grabbed anything she could find. I cannot imagine that anyone would WANT to dress like this unless it was to cover a bet. Maybe someone dared her to go out dressed like that!

  51. 1955nurse says:

    What in the world?!?!?! I’m sorry… I think she looks like a “bag-lady”, or someone who got dressed in a “Black-out”, trying to get out of the house for a whole day & night, putting all she could find on “just in case”!!!

  52. Corky says:

    If you take most of the readers’ suggestions, this woman would be wearing different hose, shoes and handbag. What would be the result? She’d look like everyone else! There is nothing wrong in looking a little eccentric. She’s an individual, not a cookie-cutter. The quality of her clothes tells me she is a woman of means. How much do you want to bet that she is a stylist herself or at least uses one to pull together looks that define her. Great legs, by the way.

  53. Sandra Cemulini says:

    As crazy as it looks at first glance, she actually seems to be pulling it off, in Italy it’s called “sprezzatura“……..love that word!

  54. BlueBear says:

    Hire a personal stylist who will work with your sense of being a true free spirit! You’re trying too hard!

  55. Sandy Kay says:

    Love the hat, glasses & coat. I also like the fun bag but it doesn’t quite “go” with the rest of the outfit — it fights with the plaid. The shoes wouldn’t be my first choice, but they look good for walking in NYC. I hate the polka dot tights.

  56. Linda F says:

    It’s just TOO much all at once!

  57. Sheila B. says:

    OMG! What a train wreck! I love the shawl coat, hat and sunglasses. But, the purse, shoes and crazy stockings are to gag! I really can’t tell what she is wearing next to her body except some type of leather top, so that part is hard to judge. At least it is all back and doesn’t add to the craziness!

  58. Ruthie B says:

    oh please…you all are being too nice! it makes her look crazy!

  59. bclaxton says:

    Interesting is the correct word. IT would look better if she had a different bag and replaced those horrid hose with black tights or hose or even nude hose.

  60. Kim Marie says:

    This woman looks lovely from her hat down, that is until you get to her knees. The hose are so bad as are the shoes. I love that she appears to be confident in herself, but this outfit not does quite make the statement she may be striving for.

  61. Shar Murner says:

    It is fashion UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Cynthia says:

    The shoe and hose are simply awful. She may be confident and fun, but that doesn’t change how they LOOK.

  63. baflour says:

    O.K….. is this a halloween costume, a prank, a gotcha,,?? To each his (her) own. I have to say she is definitely free-spirited and I love that in her.

  64. deestea says:

    I wouldn’t wear it, but I give her big points for her spirit!

  65. LydiaAlice says:

    I love that she has the confidence to wear what she (obviously) adores. Personally, I don’t like the bag very much. But more power to her!

  66. VJ says:

    I don’t like the bag. And she has such beautiful legs. Why hide them under those hose? If I had those legs I would show them off!!! Not hide them behind some strange patterned hose.

    Other than that I think she is wonderful!


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