{Style Expert} What do you think of this look?

When it comes to FOF fashion, there are no rules but plenty of opinions. Check out what our Five Fashion Gurus have to say about this look, then tell us: Do you agree?

FOF Robin Mizrahi: “Love, love this woman! I admire her confidence (this outfit is not for the meek). I feel her “going native” with the vicuna-colored accessories; the way big soft unconstructed bag and her “I-am-a-nature-lover,” Flintstone jewels, topped off by the Park-Avenue-meets-safari zebra cardi. With all that said the proportions are not flattering for her bod. I would have preferred to see a simpler dress and the cardigan peeking out of her bag for a pop. The ladies luncheon shoe is too dressy. A cooler, anonymous flat or ballet shoe would have kept her more modern.”

Robin Mizrahi is co-owner of Pamela Robbins boutique, buyer, merchandiser and entrepreneur.

FOF Terry Gibraltar: “Love the look!  The black, tan and white color combo is great, as is the au courant touch of zebra print. I love how she modernized with footless tights, an over-sized bag and great ethnic-looking jewelry. My only criticism: The shoes; I wish they were less matchy-matchy and delicate. All in all, I think she’s an FOF who’s rockin’ it!”

Terry Gibraltar is the founder of Bespoke Custom Shopping Tours, carefully-crafted shopping “vacations” and a self-proclaimed, “fashion-obsessed” FOF.

FOF Susan Grant: “Too much is going on. The dress is the focal point and has prominent buttons, so it should be more simply accessorized. I like the necklace and touch of color in the bangles, but I’d prefer a solid black sweater and shoes. The bag is too large for a light-feeling outfit.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

FOF Sherrie Mathieson: “This woman is trying to look youthful and artsy with leggings, her bold printed sweater and copper disc jewelry. However  her leggings are not worn age appropriately and her accessories overtake her look. The leggings do little for her legs. Pairing leggings with a flat shoe or boot and a 3/4 length sweater or trench about 1 inch above the knee would have been better. For accessories, her bag and shoes would have been enough. A black or dark brown sweater instead of zebra print would have been much simpler and chicer.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

FOF Gail Garramone: “This FOF clearly has a sense of exuberant style, which should be applauded. The colors are repeated nicely in the accessories; the shoes are wonderfully stylish, and zebra sweaters can be fun. But an FOF trying to recreate the look should be careful when piling it all on. I like that she only wore one animal print at a time and didn’t emulate a zoo.”

Gail Garramone is a veteran V.P. of Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion workshops.

Tell us FOFs: Do you agree with our style experts? What do you think of this outfit?

0 Responses to “{Style Expert} What do you think of this look?”

  1. catherine says:

    OMG! What’s wrong with this outfit? Just about everything. Accessories are too large as is the bag. These shoes with leggings don’t work well at all. A flat shoe would go better. That being said, why is she wearing leggings at all? They don’t go with the rest of the outfit at all. Is she just wore the dress with the shrug she would look great.

  2. Cecile Wheatley says:

    I like all the pieces separately. Together is way too much for the eye to abosrb it all.. everything is competing with each other!! Too much all at once!

  3. Diana says:

    Is she trying to wear everything she has, tone it down a bit. Like the purse.

  4. Mick says:

    I can’t get past the length of that sweater….too bad it isn’t a hip-length jacket which would have flattered her figure. Leggings make the outfit more casual, which means the dressy shoes have to go. Love the chunky jewelry. Wouldn’t this have been posh with tall leather boots?

  5. Marie Miller says:

    This is an example of an outfit that I would not personally wear, but I think it is very nice looking, very creative, and shows her artistic sentiment in a positive way. The look does not distract from her, it is a nice polished look in an upbeat and modern way.

  6. JeanW says:

    This is one of those looks that shows signs of greatness if some of the components are changed. The color of the accessories are good, but I’d choose a less overpowering bag and a plain heeled shoe. The necklace seems to help take all your attention away from the zebra jacket. Take away the leggings and shorten the hem and then maybe the outfit would be a bit more wow!

  7. tarheel4ever says:

    She looks confident and stylish but I’d probably leave off the black & white jacket or leggings.

  8. LindaLLiles says:

    I like the leggings and the shoes but the rest..Nope

  9. Carol says:

    Total fail! Sorry!

  10. Ann says:

    Why ruin a chic look with footless tights???? The accessories are bold but this stylish lady can pull them off. I’m also sooooo glad to see black accessorized with something bright (bty I think the leather goods were the in color for the fall).

  11. Fashionable 60s says:

    Love the looks, I would wear the whole things myself.

  12. Pam Munro says:

    Agree – love everything but the shoes – the theme of the out fit is African Safari & then pumps? A boot or at least more substantial shoe would be been better…

  13. sharon910 says:

    Not for that age

  14. georgiekindler says:

    The shoes aren’t appropriate to her out fit. Hmmm that sweaters gotta
    go! Perhaps a black one or the sweater over her arm. I like the

  15. sharon910 says:

    no no nooooooooo

  16. dbo says:

    GO HOME AND TRY AGAIN. way tooo much mix and no match, rethink it all from leggings with those shoes, dress, to jacket . less “jewelery” is always a show of class, she wearing clunky over load !

  17. Nancy says:

    Love the accesories….but not with the dress or shrug. The dress (cotton cashua) does not go with the shrug (more black knit or skirt and simple pull over). The bag can stay. The shoes and tights forget it. The are better left forother outfits altogether. (Ever wonder why some women never get treated with the respect they have earned when they get older? Take a look in a full length mirror.

  18. Judith Marshall says:

    Yikes! That bag makes her look 30 lbs. heavier. And nothing dates a women more than having her shoes and purse match.

    Judith Marshall
    Author of “Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever.”

  19. ddeste says:

    Its a bit overdone, okay if you removed the shrug.

  20. Cécile Wheatley says:

    Here there is too much competition going on. The shoes I love… Actually all the accessories are great, but not necessarily together. They are stealing from one another. I don’t like the dress. Buttons I would have black, and the leggins must go. Semi-sheer black hosiery would look better. But the dress is way too casual for the dress shoe… it calls for flats.. also lose the zebra jacket and wear a cardigan… keep the necklace… inside the dress, maybe… I’d have to look and see… I would save the gorgeous shoes for a simple LBD!!! I love them!


  21. TexasDuchess says:

    I think there’s just too much. Get rid of the shrug/cardigan, the leggings (if you need to cover leg veins, go for a dark, but sheer-ish stocking) and the bows on the shoes, and reduce the size of the bag. I do like the zebra print of the shrug, but it looks bunchy around the shoulders and her neck. How about a zebra-print scarf tied to her bag? Ideally, I’d go for a sturdier-looking shoe, too–a little lower heel that’s not so spindly.

  22. Lisbeth says:

    When all is said and done, I’d rather see one of my peers dressed this way than in chambry wide legged capris and tshirt that hits at the widest part of her hips. A little too much going on and the shoes don’t make it but I’ll take this look any day.

  23. Mary says:

    Way too much going on! Separate the pieces and they may look good~ouch!

  24. ace says:

    no, no, no she is too old for that style.

  25. Pat says:

    Too much. The tights are a no go, the sweater is to short and a solid color would have been better. I think the shoes with out the tights would be ok, there is no POP.

  26. Peachy says:

    LOVE this lady – great sense of style and give her a hand a trying to bring “it” all together! Only thought is that the dress is too long for leggings and her shoes are a bit over dressed for the total look – try something shorter, and ballet shoes to bring it all together with FABOver50!

  27. Mary says:

    Nope, I don’t find it attractive. I think the jacket is too short for a dress with gathers below the hip and I really think the leggings do nothing for her or her outfit.

  28. Wendy Plumb says:

    I’m trying to find something nice to say and I just can’t. I hate the choppy look of footless leggings, bare leg and dressy shoes. Save the leggings for high boots. Tights would look better. I would prefer black shoes, slightly shorter dress. The bag looks very heavy.

  29. janittie says:

    she looks like a bag lady. embaressing..

  30. kat says:

    dont like it at all,its not style,its a mess! take away leggins, just throw it all away,cant save this ,none of it!!!!!! lol

  31. Annie Kile says:

    Like this woman I like to dress “fashion forward” – but believe the secret for doing this as a FOF is moderation. I try to use only one or two “toned down trends” OR “mimic” a trend (similar look but tones it down)

    Love the individual pieces – but this outfit looks like she wasn’t sure which trend she wanted to wear. Here are the changes I’d make:

    Solid true black knit dress
    Skip the leggings and wear black hose or tights instead (mimic leggings)
    Solid black pumps to keep the line
    Leave the necklace at home
    Keep the bangle (LOVE it)
    Smaller (much) bag

  32. Sue S says:

    She does has guts…but let’s be honest, she’s trying too hard. Style is something that flows. This look does not. Possibly a different cut of dress and black tights instead of the leggings (which make her legs look cut off) and some solid black flats.

    Again, bravo for her bravery, but that’s about it. Just because it’s the style and all these She-She stylists just absolutely adore it, it does not make it something everyone can wear. haven’t we all learned that by now!?

  33. Mary Lou Kelpe says:

    I believe this woman has some flare and bold personal style…and for that I must salute her.
    However, as with any good design, you need to know when to stop or when it’s all just too much.
    I like accessories and accent pieces, but she just has too much going on at once…and also a little too matchy matchy. She looks like she is trying too hard is all. I agree all black would have made for a more sophisticated look. Also she could even loose the some of the bangles to have less going on…however, she is STILL a thousand times better than most of women I see on the streets, so I DO admire her fashion effort for that!

  34. Cynthia says:

    The outfit is ‘one step past’ – it was good, then she went one-step-past. Either lose the leggings or change the dress to a hip-length shirt. It’s that hemline with leggings on a short body. I love the print sweater and the jewelry!

  35. Ruth says:

    What may work for one person does not necessarily work for another. Personally, for me (not to break it down detail by detail), it is too much.

  36. grace says:

    I like each piece of clothing and accessory she chose but not together in this outfit. Wearing that long of a dress with leggings hindered the look she was going for. I also think the color of her bag distracts.

  37. Linda says:

    I am eccentric enough to wear it. I escpecially love the accessories. I think she’s foxy.

  38. pierrot says:

    Sherrie Mathieson……loosen up!

    I see those words “age appropriate” and I recoil, they are judgmental words, condescending and patronizing.

    The other experts provided “constructive” criticism – points to consider.

    Personally, I don’t like this look – it’s not for me but what I do like about it is her style speaks confidence and strength, traits which are ageless…..

  39. Marcia Mason says:

    Sherrie M. probably said it best, heavy on the accessories. But that takes a lot of chudspah, and I do admire it. Loved the leggings. Purse was way too big, though, unless she was out shopping: in which event, perfect to fill it up! For those who don’t like animal look, just when are you ok to wear animal look???? never?

  40. b says:

    I am vacationing in Mexico…people on vacation use some very interesting dress choices. I am in the mood to have my say!

    No, this does not work on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. While I am not a design expert I do know that what we wear should compliment our body type and this just does not do it. For example, leggings are not a good choice when legs are slightly bowed especially when worn with heels. (Sorry!).

    The bag is much to big for a small person I like a big bag but would not choose one that is bigger than my head.

    I love the colors, patterns and jewelry. Each item would stand alone very nicely but I would not wear them all on the same day.

    I will not be including a picture of myself…I only wish I had these items in my closet so I could put them together in a different way.



  41. Sandy says:

    All I can say is WOW! No wonder why getting dressed is so hard!
    There’s no concensus, even among the five “experts”! And frankly, some of the comments seemed downright brutal, not just honest.

    Since this is personal opinion, here’s mine: it’s all fine except the leggings. In my opinion, the only one who could carry off leggings as visible outerwear was Madonna, in the 1980’s. Drop the leggings and go for a solid pair of tights if the weather is too cold to go bare.

    The only other change I would make are the buttons on the dress. Keep the dress but instead of plain white shirt buttons (which look like a man’s shirt) replace them with any of the following: black velvet or rope, black or clear crystal or perhaps an artsy design button…if you are in New York City, I HIGHLY recommend Tender Buttons – a shop a few blocks north of Bloomingdales. If you don’t sew, take ’em to the dry cleaners! A relatively inexpensive and quick way to update & personalize an off the rack garment.

  42. Melissa says:

    I agree with Sherie, way to much going on and to ‘young’. Looks like she closed her eyes and grabbed things out of her closet! that said, these are good individual pieces and would pair up with many other things.

  43. Doreen Hicks says:

    I liked the black dress and the leggings. Her bag blended in well with the outfit as well as her necklace. I thought her shoes were cute to pull the whole thing together. I just didn’t get the black zebra look. I think she shoudl have stuck with just those three colors. She did look great, good for her!

  44. Diana Verner says:

    Her outfit is going into to many directions. Some of the peices are very nice however it is just too busy. I would wear this totally different than what she has done with it. Nice purse and shoes and jewelry and thats where it ends. I envisioned her as a accessory type of person, that has no idea how to put things together that would flow.

  45. Lisa S says:

    I think she looks fab! She looks outgoing and confident of herself which is so refreshing compared to how many older women dress so safely aka dull. The shoes and the animal print sweater show she has a bit of a sense of humor and lightness about her outfit, too. She is fun. I’d love to know her.

  46. KL says:

    The outfit is trying too hard for this woman’s age. I do love the colors, the neutral palette is always a wise choice. The leggings are completely wrong for the length of the dress and shoes. The shoes are too formal for the look I think she is trying to achieve. The wood accessories and leathers are too matchy. I’d rather see her with a long sweater, flat shoes or shoes which are chunkier such as a platform, or a shoe which is completely casual like Keds or similar. The zebra wrap is not working here. At a certain point in our lives, despite our love of trends and youthful styling, one must dial down the look to be age appropriate. Less is more.

  47. FOFIam says:

    Great effort, sizzling style, but this is saaadddd. I agree that the better look would be the leggins with a 3/4 sweater/tunic & combine with flats or boots. Ditch the”zebra”thing & purse. I go for a monochromic look not colors fighting each other. Keep the great funky jewerly

  48. Diane says:

    I think this looks horrible! It looks frumpy, the leggings just add to the odd look. Tights would at least make the outfit look a little better.

  49. mombride21 says:

    Wow! This is one stylish woman and I’ll bet she’s lots of fun! However, she has such a small waist and delicate shoulders and both of these features are a bit lost with all that’s going on here. The sweater, leggings that stop at the ankle and the shoes all take your eye away from her slender and youthfully shaped midsection. I’d keep the cool jewelry, replace the dress with a simpler style that wraps or is ruched at the waist (no big buttons!), and lose the short sweater and leggings. Perhaps an animal print could be included in a long scarf or maybe even on some ballet flats? Anyway, this is one cool fab over fifty that would be fun to know!

  50. Patricia says:

    Love the black and white but not the necklace and bracelet. Maybe a simpler necklace and bracelet, Get rid of the leggings and a smaller bag and flat black shoes…Love the dres and sweater……..

  51. Gail says:

    I don’t like it at all! Too many pieces; the leggings look great under tunics and long shirts/sweaters, but not a dress! The jewelry is just too much – Ala in all, I think the outfit makes her look dowdy.

  52. SallyJoy says:

    Not a good look for her figure, too choppy. I think it makes her look boxy. Maybe if her leggings were tights and the dress slimmer, but I doubt even that would help.

  53. Trisha says:

    Whoa!! Way too much– looks like a costume. Lose the leggings!

  54. carol says:

    I don’t think this is working to her benefit. Way too much going on. To me a whisper can get more attention then a scream.

  55. sherie says:

    no, it just doesn’t work for me! but you know people are different! so shall their styles! to me it is just too much!

  56. Georgia says:

    The leggings look more like cut off panty hose with that outfit. Too much going on in one outfit. What happened to elegant and classic?

  57. Dianne Conner says:

    I love leggings, but I think they are more flattering with a shorter tunic top and boots. Love the big bag and the bold jewelry…even the shorter sweater is cute! I disagree with the age appropriate comments as i do believe if a FOF woman wears an outfit with style and confidence who is to say what is age appropriate?

  58. Robyn says:

    Actually I love the colors, but it looks to me a bit too
    much. Fashion does not have to go overboard, some-times simple and less is better. I guess it reallly has to do with one’s desire of fashion. My taste and someone else’s could be entirely seen at different views. I would rather not critic her to no end, but give her credit for trying. As we age, sometimes some of us get out of the “loop” of style combining.

  59. Barb says:

    I agree with Sherrie’s assessment about age appropriate. She’s an older woman trying to look younger, but instead I think she looks ridiculous! There are basic classic looks that you can “dress up” with one or two statement-making pieces. This one looks like a bag lady!!

  60. Peggy Pepper says:

    Being from Dallas where the usual motto is “More of Everything All the Time” you might think this would be a hit. But, there is just way, way, way too much going on with this—-everything is off—-the proportion is off, the leggings with a dress—and, then with those shoes—OMG!—off. The “matchy” colors of handbag and shoes—OMG, again. Say it isn’t so!

  61. cyndi says:

    Personally am not fun of these legging, takes away from the whole outfit and cuts her legs. I think legging are more for the youthful look. I love the dress however. The jacket is okay. I like and enjoy smaller pocket books. The offset brown are good. Liked the suggestions for the shoes.

  62. lisa king says:

    I agree with Susan. Too busy. Dress is too long, bag is too big. Shoes are too delicate. I don’t think this woman looks FOF. However, if she changed the dress to a simple crew neck knit tunic just above the knee (no buttons) and a smaller bag – well, then she would be FOF.

  63. Susanna Originals says:

    Yay, Sherrie Mathieson! I think you hit it bang on. My reasoning for it being too young a look? It’s too contrived. Necklace, handbag, shoes…all color matched. When you’re young enough to wear something a little funky like this, and it’s not age young, it’s mind young, you are much more relaxed in throwing a look together. It should be casual and relaxed looking, and this outfit tries too hard.

  64. Barbara Bratone says:

    I see a collection of pieces that do not work together on any level- fit, proportion, color, pattern. Hate it.

  65. Deedah says:

    The bag and the necklace are far too large for her stature. The dress is too full around the bottom and the leggings look completely out of place. I love all the black and brown but it’s just way too much going on for what appears to be a shorter woman.

  66. Martha says:

    I think it’s a really cute outfit, one that I (as a 20 year old) would be proud to wear. And I really can’t understand why everyone’s saying it’s not “figure flattering”. Looking super slim and flat is not everyone’s ideal, and “being small, slim and pretty” is not some kind of a rent you have to pay for being female.

    I actually kinda like that it’s matchy-matchy. The only thing I would change is the shoe height, it would look more coherent with flats. Other than that, it’s simply brilliant.

  67. Erika Bradley says:

    Hi there,

    My very first impession was “where do I look first?!?”Separately, I like every piece she’s wearing; combined, it’s one accessory short of “the lady down the street living with 12 cats”.
    The most disturbing part of her look is the leggings.
    If my mother tried to leave the house looking like that, I’d barricade the door.

    Thank you,
    Eria Bradley

  68. Marcia says:

    Whoa! This is way too much stuff all together. There are too many different “looks,” the accessories are overpowering, there is too much of an attempt to coordinate colors and the shoes don’t fit the rest of the look. Too busy all the way around. Do not like this at all. Freedom to express oneself is great, but not necessary to do it all in one outfit.

  69. Nancy B. Waller says:

    I like the pieces and the colors but I would have to give a total thumbs down on how the outfit looks. First of off there are very few younger people that I think footless leggings look flattering on. To me especially if you have larger feet it emphasis and makes the foot look even larger. With a simple straight line dress just above the knee (no buttons) the jewelry would be OK but I would still prefer more subtle jewelry. The black leggings would be much better if worn with a pair of tailered black knee length boots with a low dress heel. As for the sweater I think it would be OK as an accent piece. The bag would be fine if it was a smaller size. The lady appears to be more of a petite size and the bag is overpowering.

  70. Joan Hart says:

    Although she shows a lot of style, it’s just too much all at once. I love her zest for life, and confidence. She just needs to edit a little.

  71. Bettie Claxton says:

    I think it is all too much. With the leggings the dress should have been shorter, for instance. I think she should have either worn the sweater or the chunky jewelry, but not both.Last, the shoes are pretty, but not right with this outfit. Too dressed for a tea party looking. The color scheme was great!

  72. shari says:

    I wanted to check myself, so I first critiqued this look and made mental notes before reading the pros comments. While not all, but most, of the experts had similar comments – my views fell right in with theirs. I too didn’t think the shoes worked. No heel with the leggings! Maybe slightly less on the jewelry. And the dress style with pleats at low hip is not that flattering.
    But this gal is surely onto something… kudos for her bravado!

  73. maggie says:


  74. Anne says:

    Did she start dressing for her workout at the office, yet forget to change her shoes?

    The cardi and something black underneath is classic – but the dress is not the something I would envision. Perhaps a tunic sweater, light knit so as not to add bulk, and NO line of buttons marching down the front! I’m a fan of bateau necklines, maybe that would be a good line given the cardi will create angles and the necklace loops down.

    The flesh between the bottom of the leggings and the shoe has got to go.

    How about – cardi, tunic length cashmere-y sweater in black, the leggings can stay, and a modern boot? I’ve seen some fabulous boots on Piperlime: this Steve Madden – http://preview.tinyurl.com/3xhsuot or perhaps this Jessica Simpson – http://preview.tinyurl.com/2wcxu7g (tiny urls created at tinyurl.com). The bag can stay, edit some of the jewelry.

    Ah, there now!

  75. Melilak says:

    I like the pieces she is wearing but not all at once. The look would feel more relaxed if there were less of it. Say remove the bows on the shoes and all but one black & white bracelet and one strand of necklace. I also feel her dress is too long for leggings.

  76. Carol says:

    Great pieces and garments individually but way too much of a good thing together!

  77. Sharon says:

    I like everything she has on, however, I don’t like it ALL on at the same time. Love the dress, but too many accessories! The bag, while awesome, is TOO big with this outfit. I’d love to have all the pieces to play with!

  78. Renee says:

    I think this look is too much all at once. Ditch the leggings, necklace, tote and shoes. I agree about the shape of the dress – A-line would have been better without buttons. No collar. A chunky silver necklace. Silver bangles and black flat shoes. A much smaller black handbag. I don’t mind a zebra stripe sweater, but this one is shapeless. Defined shoulder seams would look better.

  79. Laura says:

    Love it! Dont love the cut off of her head… :S

  80. Faith says:

    No, no, no, no, no! Not flattering.

  81. Sheila says:

    I don’t think she is ‘trying to look young’, I think she is trying to look like herself and that is ageless and timeless.

    Its too complicated with all the pieces though.

    Either the Zebra with plainer accessories, or a more simple jacket and keep the wonderful bag, jewelry and shoes.

  82. Nancy says:

    I agree with Susan and Sherrie. And the proportions are not right.

  83. Julie says:

    While I appreciate each piece individually. I don’t think its the right look for her. I would use simply accessories, the zebra stripes w/ the overpowering accesories it too much. I do not think the leggings are age appropriate. She looks small, but the dress is making her look bulky in the wrong places. Overall, a big thumbs down.

  84. Brenda franko says:

    I agree with the comment that too much is going on! Get rid of the sweater. Too many different lengths! Do not like this at all!!! Looks like she is trying too hard! You know the old saying, “take one thing off before you leave?”. I would start over!!!!!

  85. eleanore says:

    I think she looks great! There is a lot going on, but not quite “too much”. It says she’s got personality and isn’t afraid to express it. Lighten up on this woman.

  86. Sheila Brennan says:

    No, I don’t think it works. I think the tunic dress is too long, both the stripes and chunky neck jewelry make it too busy. I don’t think the brown accessories add to this outfit, but detract. I love the shoes, but not the color for this outfit. I know everyone is in love with big handbags, but I think this looks like a suitcase for this petite woman. The stripes work to keep your eyes focused upward – thats good!

  87. CJ says:

    Victoria said it best. I could not add or take away a thing. I think people tend to forgive FOFs with any style. I just think simpler is better. Try not to wear the entire closet at once.

  88. Victoria Gloster says:

    Love the colors, appreciate the effort, and like many of the pieces, but I have to give the total look a thumbs-down. Robin is right that the proportions are all wrong, and do nothing for the wearer’s figure. The shoe legging combo also misses its mark. As Susan noted, the buttons on the dress and the necklace fight one another, as does the necklace with the collar. This necklace would be great with a simple neckline — a turtleneck, V or scoop, or even a boatneck. Sherrie is on the mark about the dress length. I am thinking maybe a simple A-line or an empire style might have been more figure-flattering. As for the shoes, flats are fine, and a heeled boot would also have worked well. The cardigan does nothing for me in shape or pattern. I don’t mind the cropped length, although a long jacket or cardigan would have given her an uncut, long, lean line. I also would have preferred sticking solids across the board, or going for a more subtle pattern so that the bold jewelry could have been the focal point without extra competition. But, as Gail and Terry point out this is a woman dressing creatively, and she deserves kudos for that.


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