Summertime, And The Dressing Is Easy (And Enchanting!)

IN-VEST IN A WINNER: This vest will become your go-to piece to layer over dresses, tanks and blouses. Features a folded front lapel, and adjustable cinch and vent in the back. The asymmetrical shape beautifully covers the hips! White and black. PONCHO PLUS: Tuck the lightweight poncho (above) into your bag, and whip it out for a boat ride or a night stroll on the beach. It also can be worn as a wrap, cardigan (below) or scarf. The ideal partner for any outfit. Anywhere. Anytime. White, pink and navy.

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  1. Mrsfitz says:

    The clothes are adorable and affordable, however they only go up to a size large? You do know the average American woman wears a 14, right? Very disappointed in Geri for endorsing size exclusivity.


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