You Know She’s Your Best Friend If…

Remember when you were in high school and had 32 best friends!!!

Thank goodness, you’ve refined your criteria and count yourself lucky if there’s one special woman who completely understands and appreciates you, who you can call a “soul sister.” Well, now’s the time to take a reality check and see if she really lives up to the title you’ve bestowed on her.

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She’s a “Model Best Friend
Congratulations! Share the results with her and remind her how happy she makes you.

She’s certainly a “Good Friend
…but are you really sure about calling her your ‘bestie?”

She may be a “Fairly Good Friend
…but perhaps you should ask yourself What was I thinking?

0 Responses to “You Know She’s Your Best Friend If…”

  1. Geri Brin says:

    Hi Dorinda,

    We totally agree with you. You might not need even 10 to qualify as a dear friend. It all depends on what your friends give in relation to what you need.


  2. Dorinda M. Hallenbeck says:

    This was insightful….certain issues I never expected from a “dear FRIEND”…maybe are part of true friendship…not sure you need 16 checks to qualify someone as a “BESTIE”….guess I do not have a best friend! 🙁


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