Terry’s Top 10 Packing Tricks!

Summertime means vacation time, and whether you’re off for a long weekend or winging it to a faraway exotic locale, you need to master the pack. FOFriend and fashion guru, Terry Gibralter, comes to the rescue with her top tips for packing with ease.



1. Limit your colors

Stick to a travel wardrobe built around three or four colors, to simplify packing choices and to help you look instantly more pulled together. Base your color choices on the colors in the tote bag or scarf you’ll be wearing with every outfit during your trip. Here’s a grouping from my shop.

2. Lay it all out

Lay out everything you plan to take before you pack, to see what goes with what and to make sure it all works. This allows for a tight edit and a chance to eliminate a few unnecessary things.

3. Roll, don’t fold

Rolled items will take up less space AND be less wrinkled when you unpack them. Plastic from the dry cleaner makes an excellent cushion to help eliminate wrinkles (in clothes.)


4. Always take this

A large soft wrap that can be used for everything, from a blanket to a sarong to a sexy strapless dress, is our top travel pick.

5. Edit your shoes

Try to stick to just three pairs of shoes for any trip. For summer, take two pairs of sandals–one flat and one with heels–and a pair of sneakers.


6. Protect your clothes

Cover the soles of your shoes with plastic shower caps before packing them.

7. Stuff shoe bags

Use shoe bags to separate the things you’re bringing, so they’ll be easy to find and to repack. Pack underwear, jewelry, delicates, swimwear, scarves, etc. in different bags.

8. Store, don’t sip

Stringing your delicate necklaces through plastic straws will keep them untangled and protected. You also can use old eyeglass cases to store jewelry, cords and chargers.

9. Containing your cosmetics

Contact lens cases make great mini containers for small amounts of moisturizer, concealer and serums. And of course, vacation is the time to use the great skincare and cosmetic samples you’ll been collecting all year!


10. Be a bag lady

Don’t forget to travel with a bunch of different-sized bags for everything from storing dirty laundry to stashing souvenirs. Lightweight promotional totes work especially well because they don’t take up too much room, but they’re sturdy enough to do the job.

shutterstock_286970807_3Bon voyage! Look great and have fun!

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  1. Corinne Garrett says:

    Wonderful tips: I love the sunglass case tip in particular.

  2. rgibralter says:

    and check out Terry’s Coco Tote! http://www.houseofterrance.com/patrick-earl-for-hot-totes/coco-tote


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