How Did We Ever Survive These 9 Horrendous Situations?

1. Being force-fed “healthy” foods

2. Taking the first polio vaccines
in the school gym

3. Babysitting your siblings when
you were only a kid

4. Sharing your bedroom with your visiting granny

5. Suffering shower inspections by high school teachers

6. Being banished to your room when your parents had guests

7. Wearing hideous gym uniforms

8. Washing and ironing the hideous gym uniforms

9. Being physically punished by teachers

What did we miss?

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  1. Annette says:

    Maybe not everything was better in those days but I always look back with great memories. We were 40 pupils in my class at primary school in Germany but we respected our teacher and it was quiet. No hyperactivity because we walked to school and ran around and played outside all afternoon!

  2. Renee says:

    We didn’t have a choice back then. We respected our elders and did as we were told or we got our butts beat. This was a huge part of me being who I am today.

  3. Robin says:

    I tried to mail my spinach after my Mom said just one too many times, think of all the starving children in China. Banished to my room before a TV or radio in the bedroom. The hideous gym uniforms and oh yes the polio vaccine. Paddled regularly and survived!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Robin,

      Where were you going to mail the spinach? Hysterical.


  4. elizabeth says:

    Never went home from school with a complaint. Nana would give it to me worse than any nun could.
    If tachers went back to disciplining students, I don’t think we’d be hearing about all the school shootings in the news…almost daily.
    In my day, you respected your teachers and knew the consequences if you did not.

    • mary ann from maine says:

      I had the same thing

  5. Marie D says:

    I shall never forget the day I sat at the breakfeast table staring at a bowl of Oatmeal. It was a battle of wills mine versus my Mom and the hated bowl of oatmeal.
    P.S.I was rescued by my Daddy a little after lunch time. Every 5 year old needs a Daddy who is Knight who rides a white horse.

  6. Judy Langdale says:

    But isn’t it amazing how we were all the better for it by surviving these things?.

    I learned how to iron, I accepted things that were disappointing – like not being able to mingle with adults when the parents had company – (how dare they send us to bed instead of letting us be annoying little brats underfoot!), I learned how to babysit at a young age and be responsible for things that today’s 18-year-olds can’t handle.

    What a difference from today’s parenting and schooling. Every kid nowadays is taught to be “entitled” and “special”. Their helicopter parents smother them with over-protection and constant supervision making sure they’re all “okay” every second of the day. Nauseating. Thoughts ?

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Judy,

      Isn’t there an adage: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Good points you make, yet I know many 30-somethings today who seem to be wise and wonderful parents.



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