If You Had Time On Your Hands

“If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?” we asked you. Courtney’s answer is priceless. And, you’ve got to give Arleshia credit for what she’d do.  What about you?



“Sleep, because I love sleep. And you can’t take that from me. Lol 😁.”
Courtney Barber
“Make memories with my grandchildren.”
Judith Leventry Baker
“Receive a massage.
Christine Ann
“Have sex.”
Karen Carlson
Karen Cooper
Jennifer Smith Barnett
Amy Watson Annecharico
“Travel, read more.
Cecilia Hernandez
“Watch TV and movies.”
Ida M Valero
Arleshia Brooks Tubbs
“Sherri Siegel? Color of course!
Donna Appignani
I’m tall and can never find clothes that fit. I’d take sewing lessons and design my own fashions.
Emily Mosley
“Exercise and do creative things that I never have time for!!!!
Sherri Lyn
“Read, bake and crochet, just all the things I do anyway.
Sharon Pritchard Shepherd
“Read, read & more reading.
Suzanne Carter

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