Time Out

“FB and YouTube.”
Anna Chenault
  “Reading, reading and there’s always reading.
Susan Bailey Chakerian
“Snuggling in bed in my jammies all day!”
Gail Ferraro
“Word games to stimulate the brain!”
Vicky Peters
“Watching TV.
Alyce Anderson Sneed
 “Word games and working out at the gym with my husband.”
Catrina Harding
 “Facebook. In the summer being out on the deck.”
Tom Kelly
Suzanne Dwyer
“Watching Netflix in my PJs.
DeeAynn Durbin
“Playing in my garden.
Teresa Boyd
“Reading in the tub. Hardly time wasted.
Caitlin Hecsh
“Walking at the beach!
Cindy Larson
Sue Taylor
At 63, I love to have coffee and vape each morning. And yes, my center chest does hurt.
Carol Ann Ricker
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