{Timeless Style} Robin Mizrahi

Some people are born to break rules. On her first day back from maternity leave after having her baby at age 24, FOF Robin Mizrahi wore hot pants, fishnet tights and high heels.

Today, at age 51, she’s toned it down, but she’s still not afraid to challenge conventions. “I go against what’s expected. If everyone is wearing narrow, I go the opposite extreme,” says Robin.

“When I was younger, I wore all one designer—head to toe. I would wear all Azzedine Alaia. When Gaultier did the Russian thing I had to have all Gaultier. (It was me and Janet Jackson wearing that look.) Everything was very body conscious, because that was the style: Big hair and boobies that looked like torpedoes, thanks to Madonna. And shoulder pads! Now I’m a lot less showy. There comes a point when you don’t have to do that anymore.”FOF Robin Mizrahi

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  1. Elle says:

    I love her style philosophy!


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