The Top 10 Ways We Irritate Our (Adult) Kids

1. Staging unwanted fashion interventions

2. Forgetting the name of your
son’s best friend

3. Repeating questions until you
like the answers

4. Repeatedly asking for help
with Facebook

5. Reminding them of ridiculously obvious things

6. Talking about your son with
his friend(s)

7. Bombarding them with completely unnecessary information

8. Involving your friends in your
kid’s business

9. Making decisions for them

10. Being convinced you’re
always right

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12 Responses to “The Top 10 Ways We Irritate Our (Adult) Kids”

  1. Leslie says:

    I laugh ladies, simply because, what our children who are going through the angst of adulthood don’t realize is, they will do everyone of these annoying things and their children will do it to them. I listen (and look) with amusement at their antics and think one day soon, one day soon. It’s the circle of life…..

  2. Patricia Egger says:

    It seems I can not call, text, message, or even stop by their homes or they get pissed off. But when they need something…

  3. Rennata says:

    I think most of those things would annoy me if anyone did them to me. I came hoping to find something that would amuse my daughter if I shared it. I am at a loss as to what the message here is. Are you saying you think parents are really this insensitive to their children? 4 and maybe 1 might be funny, the rest are just parents or people not caring about the other person.

  4. says:

    My oldest son is irritated that not only am I not up on the latest and “necessary” technological advances, I don’t care. Evidently, I got HD TV AFTER the notoriously tech savvy Osama Bin Laden did. There is no acknowledgement of the fact that I managed to raise 3 kids and have a successful career in spite of my ignorance.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Llaffond,

      It is amusing that all our “children” get irritated because we’re not as “tech savvy” as they are. We could put together a list, miles long, of things at which we’re far more savvy then they. I wonder if Bill Gates’ kids tell him he’s not tech savvy, either. They probably do.


  5. Linda G says:

    I always ask her if she’s taking her vitamins, and If I call, it has to be for a reason, I can’t just call to say hello and talk. Go figure. I wish my mother did that for me.

  6. Jayme says:

    Forget and leave intimate bedroom items out on your nightstand so they know you and Dad still do it.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Jayme,

      Great addition.


    • Rennata says:

      That is the kind of thing I expected from this list.

  7. LaDonna Hale Curzon says:

    I agree with kidsandliz plus asking for assistance with computer-related problems. What I’d like to see is the Top 10 Ways Our Adult Kids Irritate Us (besides coming back home to live after college). I could write a book about that.

    The post, however, made me smile and let me know that I’m not alone. Thanks for that!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi LaDonna,

      Great suggestion for another list. So glad this made you smile. I keep looking at the list and chuckling myself. Hope you’re well.


  8. Sue says:

    I breath.


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