{What do you think of her look?} Watercolor wonderful or washout?

We saw this FOF on the street in SoHo.  She’s originally from Russia but now lives in New York.  She brought some color to a traditional outfit, but we want our FOFs to weigh in with their opinions.  Do you love this watercolor accessory, or is it a classic case of the “wrong place, wrong time?”  Help us decide, leave a comment, below!


Lovey Dash: This look immediately bothered me.  I love the scarf on its own. I think the drab outfit is just too wintery for this easy, breezy colorful scarf.  I would have preferred this scarf with blue jeans and a leather jacket for the winter, and of course I would have loved this scarf with white jeans for the summer.  Not crazy about this look but not the end of the world.

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Karen C. Hughes: Watercolor Wondddddderful!  It’s a stunning scarf and brings her traditionally styled suit up to date.  It shows how easy it is to update your look with something as simple as an accessory piece.

Karen C. Hughes is an Atlanta-based style and image coach, her company is styleYOUniversity.

Sherrie Mathieson: If you decide on a black and white outfit–keep the colors neutral and the patterns clean and simply graphic. By adding this overwhelmingly long scarf she is obviously trying to add color and softness–but it detracts rather than adds. It just looks sloppy.

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.


Deborah Boland: Talk about a splash of color… This looks more like a waterfall! I love the scarf, the colors, the fact that she has livened up a dark suit with some bright hues, but the way she is wearing this scarf is a little overpowering. There are 101 great ways to tie a scarf. I suggest she play around and come up with one that makes this outfit look super fab!

Style Expert Deborah Boland writes the brilliant fashion blog, Fabulous After 40.

Susan Hersh: Adding color to a solid black outfit was something Yves Saint Laurent did exquisitely. I would take this hanging colorful scarf and tie or wrap it in an interesting way to sharpen the look.   The patent leather pump is heavy and should be replaced with a black modern sandal, as it will pair nicely with the scarf and celebrate that spring is here. Take the approach that lighter is better.

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

Shelley Zurek: I find this lady adorable. Her all black coat, pants and shoes seem classy for business attire. However, there are a few things I find odd and I would change. Her scarf, while pretty and springy, is too long…I feel it should hit just below the waist.  I don’t really understand the stick pin in her lapel. A few quick tweaks could make her fab!

Shelley Zurek is the clever FOF behind the blog, Still Blonde after all these YEARS.

Terry Gibralter: In terms of this FOF’s look—I actually think she looks great.  I love the chic elongated tuxedo jacket and pants.  The shoes are the right choice to pair with it and the clutch looks smart.  The beautiful printed scarf adds just the right amount of arty coolness.  My only criticism is of her hair—I wish it were a more controlled look to further enhance her put-together style.

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.

Photographer: Statia Grossman


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20 Responses to “{What do you think of her look?} Watercolor wonderful or washout?”

  1. Diana Verner says:

    She looks absolutely amazing in her outfit. Just enough beautiful colors to enhance her outfit. She added some flair to an otherwise basic outfit.

  2. debbie hoy says:

    think she is too short for this long jacket and scarf combination and she is lost underneath it all, her size needs a short fitted blazer, a crisp white shirt and a well fitting trouser, a lovely shoe to give her height and some great earings, bangle sleeves pushed up on the jacket and a lovely good quality bag.

  3. NoreenB says:

    Wondering if this is just a case of “it is cold enough that I still have to wear my coat outside.” I’d love to see what the outfit looks like without that coat. (This really isn’t a suit is it?) If it IS her coat that she just threw on to go outside, better to button it and tie the scarf on the outside of the coat, or keep it tucked in so it just shows a little softness and color at the neck. And lets give her a break on her back lit hair on a probably windy street!

  4. Carol M. says:

    It jarred my senses when I first glanced at it because the scarf is beautiful but not with a navy long jacket – it’s like she got the seasons or event mixed up. Get rid of the jacket.

  5. The Dynamic Divorcee says:

    I love it. It’s casual, trendy, and she can always tie the scarf if she’s going into a meeting. Unlike what some of the other ladies have said, I think that being a little too put together can be aging. I love the chic-but-a-little-bit-funky look of this outfit — messy hair and all : )

  6. gail says:

    I love the scarf and color this adds to a dark suit. It is a little too long , but you could wrap it once and it would look great.

  7. Sunn ymay says:

    I like the scarf, but it looks too light for the rest of her outfit, like it’s an afterthought. If there was a way to incorporate at least one of the colors in an accessory or a few of the colors in a colorful pin, it would tie the outfit together better. Even a fun colored or patterned hose or trouser sock would make a big difference and make the look delightful.

  8. Christine Norman says:

    Shorten the scarf and style the hair for a less frizzy look.

  9. Joan Elmer says:

    I hardly noticed anything except the scarf. Is it winter or spring? The scarf is too long and drags down her appearance along with the stringy hair. She could look soo much better with a little more control in the outfit. I would really like the outfit if, like someone else mentioned, if the scarf was shorter, or wrapped interestingly and perhaps in geometric jewel colors. She could be a hit with very little effort.

  10. Deborah says:

    She is lovely – but the scarf is aging. She has a great figure and the it looks as though she is trying to cover herself up.

  11. Pam Bonfiglio says:

    Love the outfit, love the scarf…..just NOT together!

  12. Donna says:

    I read all of the “professional” opinions and agree most closely with Terry Gibralter. I like the scarf. I like that it’s long. I’m a short person and anything that would give me a long line I appreciate. The lovely FOF would do better with a hairstyle that is more controlled and less uncontrolled.

  13. Dolly says:

    I think she look nice and comfortable

  14. Susan Kanoff says:

    The scarf totally overtakes her outfit. This does nothing for her!

  15. carolyn says:

    the woman has her own sense of style – quite chic, very european. i would do the same thing, although probably with oxfords

  16. Coleman Anderson says:

    She is too washed out for that black. And what is with the hair. Scarf is pretty but I think it should be tired in an interesting way.

  17. cathiecoats says:

    Wonderful. I could move right into this look.

  18. mxkh says:

    I think this scarf would look better if the 2 sides were separated by a glimpse of the top half of the pants/legs. Her legs look about 1 1/2 feet long.

  19. bclaxton says:

    I don’t like the scarf with that wintry outfit at all. I also seriously doubt I would ever like the scarf just hanging there as it is so long.

  20. Pat says:

    I would like to see something done with the scarf, tie it, twist it, drape it. Just hanging its to long. Also with the heavy coat, maybe a scarf with more print in bolder color. This scarf looks to springy.


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