{What do you think of this look?}

This week, we headed to NY’s fashion week to photograph the style cognoscenti as they brave February’s freezing temps. It’s not easy to look chic when it’s cold outside. Did this FOF succeed?

FOF Terry Gibraltar: “I really don’t like the combination of the jacket and the boots….it should be one or the other. I know it’s hard to look fashionable when it’s below freezing, but she looks like she’s trying too hard!”

Terry Gibralter is the founder of Bespoke Custom Shopping Tours, carefully-crafted shopping “vacations” and a self-proclaimed, “fashion-obsessed” FOF.

FOF Susan Grant: “The jacket is begging for simple accessories. A much chicer choice in footwear would be black leather over-the-knee boots along with a large black tote. As worn, the jacket and boots are at war with each other!”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

FOF Robin Mizrahi: “I see someone who can’t decide who she wants to be. The bag has to go! Too green, uptight, and has nothing to do with anything else that she is wearing. The jacket is wonderful, but a bit short. If it were longer and she added a light chiffon scarf, it would take this look away from the ski slopes. I am a fan of these llama-like toasty boots, which elongate the leg, and are warm enough for trekking. And I do love that this woman didn’t allow fashion to rule her practical side–being cold is no fun.”

Robin Mizrahi is co-owner of Pamela Robbins boutique, buyer, merchandiser and entrepreneur.

FOF Sherrie Mathieson: “This is the fashion equivalent of overeating–over indulgence on all fronts. Even if her neckline did not reveal her age group–the outfit is not only not age appropriate–it would not be great on any age. She seems like a cast member of one of the “Wives of…” reality shows.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

FOF Gail Garramone: “Woah–It’s a style tsunami! Way too much of everything except exuberance. Also, the proportions are wrong–the knee-length boots with the short coat evoke hairy spider legs. Warm this look up by cooling it down.”

Gail Garramone is a veteran V.P. of Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion workshops.

Sandra Soich: “I think the components are all good, but not together. Very nice looking jacket, nice bag, nice boots but not making sense together. Replace the boots with over-the-knee black leather and it all would move.”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.

Tell us FOFs: Do you agree with our style experts? What do you think of this outfit?

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  1. mxkh says:

    I hate the boxy jacket. Trade the jacket for a trim black one & you can wear the fun & WARM boots.

  2. MapSkraps says:

    I think it looks terrible but I love it!

  3. sharon910 says:

    like the coat

  4. Diana says:

    You may just want to put a leash on her and take her for a walk, really…

  5. Mick says:

    I’m with Sandra: great black boots would rock this outfit with a black bag. Get rid of the green bag and the furry boots…..

  6. Audrey says:

    Dont leave the bunny slope.

  7. JeanW says:

    The boots looked better on bigfoot. The bag is way too big. The coat is high style, so the leggings have got to go. The jewelry looks tacky, but goes with the rest of the look. The coat is fabulous, please save the coat!

  8. Carol says:

    Tell Sherri Mathieson, with her constant “age appropriate” comments, it’s time to cut her hair – if she’s so concerned about looking age appropriate!

  9. Ann says:

    I love furry stuff as much as the next girl, however the boots are for teenagers only. If she’d stuck with black boots the outfit would have been perfect. Not to be too snarky but based on the ends of her hair that are visible she needs a good hair cut!

  10. georgiekindler says:

    I hope the coat & boots are not real fur!!! Do I need to say it again!?!
    The neck and and below give away her age……she’s dressed for
    cold weather wouldn’t she want a scarf around her neck?
    The necklaces also do not fit in with her coat and shoes. The
    green handbag is another accessory that’s not ” with it “. Oh dear,
    nothing is left.

  11. sharon910 says:

    Like the coat but the boots gotta go

  12. dbo says:

    coat or boots but not together ! why do these people carry over night bags instead of a “hand bag” do they really need to carry so much or want back pain ? such large “bags” scream mug me i have an entire way for you to steal my identity, and more….be sure top over leggings won’t show camel toe if you move !

  13. Nancy says:

    Too much and the boots are okay in Aspen. Get a hairdresser and an appropriate tote. A lovely scarf…You are in fashion? I would never be able to take anything you had to say seriously…ridiculous

  14. Thereislightonthehorizon says:

    The boots had me going on the first snicker!

  15. Janet Luttschwager says:

    All ugly

  16. ddeste says:

    Jacket or leggings not both

  17. TexasDuchess says:

    I love Karen and Patricia (can we be friends?)–too funny! Get rid of the boots (even Twiggy and Goldie Hawn don’t wear these anymore) and choose a different color bag (brown, taupe, or bronze?). I agree with Chinchilla re wearing a turtle-necked top and with Tara re heavier-weight leggings (hard to tell with black in a photo, but these seem to be tights).

  18. Mary says:

    I so agree, unless you are Espree Ski forget it leave mamma yeti, her baubles, tote bag and her opera coat at the lodge.

  19. Wendy says:

    Nice jacket though it is not something I would wear. Boot definitely are out of place- send them to the slopes!

  20. MaryLeeCorder says:

    Actuallyboth boots & I really like her look I think the boots & Jacket go well together. Of course I have always been one to wear something different & yes it is very different not the usual one would see or like but I can see myself wearing both boots & coat together.I would love to know where she aquired the boots

  21. jampy says:

    Over the top too much going on . I agree with thedesigner who thought the jacket or the boots separately.would be okay. The boots remind me of the past( the 60’s) they just too much.

  22. Cynthia says:

    OMGosh! This woman looks a thousand times better than the trainwreck with the cupid’s bow lips that the ‘experts’ gushed over in the last installment. Now there was a woman who had too many things/styles and was trying too hard. So, these experts have no credibility. As far as this woman, reserve the boots for snow.

  23. doreen says:

    I definitely think it’s either the boots OR the jacket.
    They both make too much of a statement and take away from each other. Perhaps a simple solid colored jacket with the boots would have gone a long way.

  24. ace says:

    That style is too much- too much white and really too much fur (fake). As an older woman I feel that it should be toned down.

  25. Joyce Steele says:

    Love all the different pieces, bag, jacket, leggings, and boots, just not all together. But if she likes it, hooray for her!

  26. van says:

    The tights/leggings are not age-appropriate for a mature woman to wear “out on the streets.”

  27. Trisha says:

    Just a note, ladies. Boots are heeled, cuts are healed.

  28. Tara says:

    I would have put more white under all of it. The pieces are all fabulous, but just a bad combination. The oversized bag also calls attention to these weird combinations. If this women were trying to stay warm, it doesn’t make sense to wear light weight leggings with all that hair/fur!

  29. JeanW says:

    The coat is very chic, but the boots would have been better left on the polar bear!

  30. Vera B says:

    Too much of everything! She is trying way too hard. I don’t think this would look good on even a younger woman. The jacket, although cute, is the wrong length for her body. And black over the knee boots would help, but they would still not save this.

    My granddaughter would look terrific in the boots. But she’s 14 and lives in Colorado.

  31. Patricia says:

    Warmth is one thing but this outfit could bring out the Big Guns; and I mean hunters. I’m 65 and am always worried about dressing age appropriate. My body, age and state of mind all tell me different things. It is hard to know what to listen to sometimes. What are some tips?

  32. GAYLE STROUD says:

    personally, i really like it – it shows her sassy style and someone not afraid to face her 50’s and 60’s

  33. Trisha says:

    She must have read “add a pop of color to black and white”, to carry that bag, and is (1) perhaps wearing all her Christmas gifts at once or (2) does not own a full length mirror. I give her credit for trying, and don’t want to sound cruel, but this is too much. One can only hope a fur hat did not complete this ensemble!

  34. Shellie says:

    Love the coat and her necklaces! Bag too. Would have recommended cool cowboy boots instead!

  35. Sharon Horner says:

    Cute jacket; love the purse! Boots? Too much — and from a practical point, where could you wear them? Not in Montana where I live — you wouldn’t even make the walk to your car in a mall parking lot without them getting dirty.

  36. CJ says:

    I don’t think she wore the boots because she was cold. I think she wore them because she felt they went with the jacket. I would agree with her if I were 6. Even so, if she changes the boots and takes off most of the jewelry, I’d let her keep the bag.

  37. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    If your looking for attention this is without a doubt the outfit to wear. I can see it going down the runway and stopping there. The furry boots I would never wear, and the green bag with this outfit is terrible. To me if she is starting out with the black all over outfit, black leather boots, ankle or to the knee, I would look for boots that have a small splash of red. Along with a long 3/4 length black leather coat. As for added color, to me a red leather belt and red bag is all you need to finish this outfit. Jewelry, I would have a creative necklace with splashes of color to coridinate with the belt and bag, sometimes less is more.

  38. Marcia Robinson says:

    Too much! Either the coat or boots but not both. She looks as if she can’t make up her mind so she throws on everything she has (white). Bag doesn’t go with it either. Definitely not a fashion statement.

  39. Carol Segal says:

    I love the jacket! That’s about it!

  40. Chinchilla says:

    The open neck with overabundant jewelry add too much detail, and bely the reason for the coat. The boots are fab, but are in disharmony with the coat, as is the green bag, I agree. However, adding a CHIFFON SCARF would be total lunacy. If this FOF must wear an open neckline (a turtle tunic would be better), then she needs a simple, non-contrasting cashmere scarf, no longer than her top.

  41. Mick says:

    No, nothing that makes your calves or upper body look FATTER.
    The boots might have worked with a tailored jacket without frills.
    The coat needs svelte skinny jeans and slim form fit boots. Not both….
    The bag is a total FAGGEDDABOUTIT. Ditto that jewelry: both are off the mark. It’s unfortunate the fashion police snapped her on a bad day…..

  42. Toni says:

    I was relieved to read that everyone else disliked this get-up. It really is just awful.

  43. Diane says:

    I do have to agree. I think that if she wants this look the coat or boots have to go to much fur…

  44. Sarah says:

    Loose the boots! Someone would probably catch her and take her to the humane society!

  45. Teri Davis Newman says:

    Who shot the couch?

  46. Karen says:

    Hey Chewbacca…

  47. Victoria says:

    I love the jacket. The boots are fabulous but not my taste. I see where she would put to those together and it does not look like a disaster to me. It does not appear the bag was intentionally placed with that outfit. I give the jacket and boots a 10, even though I prefer a more classy or simple look for myself.

  48. RED says:

    I agree with the experts who say the coat and boots together are too much.

  49. Victoria says:

    I see where she was going matching her jacket & boots. I don’t think its an awful look. I would not wear those boots, but if they make her happy and she likes them, Great! The Jacket is very pretty it would look better with some nice black boots. I don’t think she picked that bag for this outfit

  50. Ellen says:

    Looks completely contrived and ridiculous and I get being cold – lived in the NY area for 30 years before AZ. But this is way over the top.

  51. Jasmine says:

    Seriously too much fur-too much competition between the all the elements. Pretty awful in gneral.

  52. Diane Pavellas says:

    This look is too cluttered for my taste. The only thing that should be left on is the Jacket and tights.
    I would like some tall tailored black boot to go with the black tights to extend length, a smaller black shoulder bag and perhaps a nice black pashima shawl around the neck, earrings maybe if they are hoops and not too big.

  53. mary says:

    Too fuzzy ,too furry.

  54. Lynda Jacobson says:

    The Jacket is Fabulous, but boots detract from the outfit. Classy black leather high healed boots would add pazazz. The long beads detract the eye downward instead of to the face. Just the choker is enough.

  55. Louise says:

    Fun look for a youngster or supermodel, not for this mature woman. She should concentrate on forward looking clothes and less on this funky acrylic mess. This is a 1980’s leftover that maybe was rediscovered in her closet and (surprise) still fits! Lucky her???

  56. Jan Zalobsky says:

    I don’t think a yetti should try to be a fashionista.
    Jeans and tall leather boots would have looked better. Too much furry feet. Why does she need such a large tote? Is she afraid she’ll starve to death before reaching her destination. Come on, it isn’t that bad in New York.

  57. cyndi says:

    This is 60’s at its worse and it hasn’t gotten in style yet.

  58. JoAnn says:

    I love the coat but the rest is too much! What was she thinking!

  59. Susan says:

    I do agree with the comments. My first take on the outfit was the woman was trying too hard to look younger. The jacket is nice but not with the boots and vice versa. The green color of the bag is way too much with the rest of the outfit. Would I wear any of it? Probably not. I hope I make a more elegant statement. If I purchased any of it, I would lean towards the jacket and wear black pants and simple black boots.

  60. Hollis says:

    I agree with everyone else here. One extra comment. On what happy planet does this woman live? Try wearing that get-up on the NYC subway! She looks like a Samoyed wannbe.

  61. Susan Bradley says:

    This looks like the pieces of three different puzzles put together as one….

  62. Sarah Johnson says:

    I DO NOT agree! This is a terrible mess that I might expect to see on a 15 yo style wannabee. What on earth is it doing on the FOF website?

    I notice that most, if not all, of the connenters are associated with the fashion industry. Is that niche FOFis directed toward? If so, I joined the wrong group!

  63. pearl says:

    I don’t like this at all but neither did I like the comment about the neckline revealing her age that’s mean. the look is overdone and maybe one of the items she is wearing would have been enough,

    savvy Seventy

  64. BlueBear says:

    The look is totally in appropriate for a woman of her age! Look at her neck and hands and you can easily see she is a woman “of a certain age” trying to look young and hip again. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong!

  65. Shanni Schuman says:

    I like the coat but the boots have to go. Maybe a teenager or 20-something could pull off the look but an over 50, I don’t think so.

  66. Darlene says:

    I agree, too furry, too busy; but I do love the coat. I would skip the boots, jewerly and bag, instead throw on a pair of good fitting jeans with some low key boots or shoes, and add a simple small leather bag. The coat emphasizing your lovely FOF face is all you need! Walk on Girl!

  67. lllisa says:

    Silly. Fun, but on the goofy side of it. Frankly, I wish I had the guts to wear that.

  68. Dolores says:

    There is to much going on with this outfit. The boots take away from the coat. Same with the her handbag.
    I would wear these items creating 3 different outfits.
    Less is better….

  69. Twinkle Starr says:

    Wow!!! I think the polar bear club will sue her for trying to take away their identity…………..and mess it up…..

  70. TuKute says:

    This is definitely something I would not wear but I love the gumption it would take to wear it. I hate to dress like everyone else and admire and respect the women that dare to be different. It shouts I am an individual. Kudos.

  71. Mary says:

    I don’t like the look with with the boots. If the jacket were little longer, maybe a 3/4 length, it would look better. I would not wear those boots with this short jacket. It just looks like she’s trying to be way too trendy and not age appropriate.

  72. debbie says:

    I agree. The coat is beautiful but a longer length would be much better Fab over fifty means knowing when enough is enough cold or not Makes her look like she is trying to be a age she is not

  73. jane says:


  74. Janet says:

    I agree with the Style Experts – components of the outfit are great, but the total look is one that would not be good on ANY age.

  75. Sue says:

    If she was that cold, why wasn’t she wearing gloves, or mittens and a nice scarf to cover her neck and chest? We know how to dress for warmth here in Minnesota! This outfit would not do the trick!

  76. Sue says:

    My big question is, is it real or fake fur? If it is real, it really is outrageously ugly, and if it is fake, it still looks ridiculous on her. Sue

  77. sharon910 says:

    It would look great on a tall girl but being 5 foot I would let the boots go. Love the coat

  78. janet says:

    I agree with the experts–a little too much.

  79. Pat says:


  80. Margaret Woolford says:

    Yikes, really less is more!!

  81. Ivy says:

    I think the jacket with the boots are over kill. One or the other would have been enough. Love the bag! The look screams “I am trying to be seen and make a statement!”

  82. Tina says:

    I like the jacket, boots and bag but definately not together. Just is not a style at all. Looks like she just threw on what was available hoping for the best. If she is trying to make a statement it would not be a good one.

  83. Juie says:

    This is the kind of outfit we see at a ski slope on someone who doesn’t really ski 🙂 Seriously, it reminds me of Cher 30 years ago. She could pull it off back then but, in my humble opinion, nothing ages a woman like trying to dress like her granddaughter.

  84. Heidi Sweet says:

    Coats & boots like that belong at a ski resort, super over kill with the jewelry, but let’s give her credit, at least she’s wearing basic black!

  85. Becky says:

    I think the individual pieces are terrific! Love the jacket, handbag and boots.
    It is just a matter of how you pair each piece and where you are. (I see the boots at a ski lodge, in the bar, just having fun!)

  86. Joan says:

    I don’t like the style at all! Not a good look for a women her age.

  87. Diane says:

    Overkill! Each major fashion piece is nice. All together they are a real mess. Black leather boots and bag would complement the jacket. Gray tights or jeans would be nice, also.

  88. Sheila B. says:

    This outfit “may” be keeping her warm, but it looks like she’s gotten the shaggy dog disease. I think the boots are too much with anything, frankly. What’s with the green handbag with this outfit. I’m surprised she didn’t have a feather or fluff purse as well. Not a good look in my book.

  89. Nancy says:

    Hideous at any age and extremely inhumane. Fur only looks glam on the creature born wearing it!

  90. Vanity says:

    WOW!!!! Is she trying to imitate BIG FOOT? She has been spotted and should have been CAPTURED.

  91. Jackie says:

    Absolutely does not work! It MAY work for a teenager , but, definately not for an adult. If this person is over fifty it’s not age appropriate.

  92. Rose says:

    Overkill, looks like she’s trying too hard to send a message. What exactly is she trying to say!

  93. Walleska says:

    All I have to say: that is somehting Rachel Zoe will wear!!!!

  94. Sharon says:

    Way over the TOP!!!!

  95. 4sons says:

    I think she looks ridiculous. The FIRST THING I saw when that photo opened was her neck. SURE, we’re Fab Over 50 (even over 56) but a little restraint is a GOOD thing.

    Those boots? OUTRAGEOUS. Too many accessories and the bag is just totally wrong.

    Thumbs down for her. Thumbs UP for the stylists!

  96. Leslie Saunders says:

    Poor thing, she obviously has no mirrors and no friends. As Annette Benning’s character said in the movie, The Women – “there’s a fine line between an outfit and a get-up.” Just because you have it all, it doesn’t mean you should try to wear it all – at the same time. I could say more but my business partner and I can’t stop laughing at the comments made by the FOF fashonistas! The most hilarious of which were: Whoa–It’s a style tsunami! … the jacket and boots are at war with each other! … and She seems like a cast member of one of the “Wives of…” reality shows. (We are in the Atlanta area and cringe every time we see women over 50 trying to emulate what the Atlanta non-housewives wear on their show. Thanks for the mid-morning entertainment! I feel like I just watched a new episode of Designing Women!

  97. Valerie Clark says:

    I love the jacket, I love the boots….I don’t love them together. It’s just to furry.

  98. Susan Swidler says:

    Too much for me, not my style, too much fur.

  99. Carol S says:

    WAAAAAAY too much fur! Boots with a simple brown or black jacket/coat would look best. Bag is great but again all too much. You don’t know where to look first and eye is drawn to all that fur below the knee! And since she looks like she has great legs, a tight fitting black-or brown healed boot would be great with that coat!

  100. Susan Lockwood says:

    It’s totally over the top – way too much!!

  101. RaMona says:

    I would wear the coat and bag, not necessarily together either – the rest I would pair with other outfits. Having a lot to choose from makes for many fun days of various outfits, something to look forward to… you don’t have to plop it altogether, because it’s ‘there’, but if that’s whats on…in her mind, in he ‘style vision’ – may the power be with her!

  102. Linda says:

    Love the bag! Absolutely hate the mish-mash of everything else. Even her hair needs help. One thing at a time.

  103. Sheila says:

    It’s awesome! She has balance and style and isn’t afraid to put it all together and take on the cold weather!

  104. ann says:

    I agree…way over the top. Three different furs at once!!!
    She does appear to have a great shape, but she needs to rethink her dressing of it.

  105. Erika says:

    There’s something “cartoonish” about the whole look…..perhaps shades of the Flintstones?

  106. Martha says:

    I cannot imagine what those boots would look good with, but definitely nothing that anyone over 15 could wear.

  107. Marcia says:

    Too busy, too much, nothing really goes together at all. Some of the pieces are great, but not all together. Whew!

  108. Bev Trittin says:

    It looks trashy! Each piece alone might look better.

    Considering I’m an animal lover, I wouldn’t consider wearing anything like this.

  109. Marybeth says:

    Good grief! Reminds me of those women who have to wear all their good jewelry at once.

    Less really is more!

  110. Catherine Del Spina says:

    She was lucky to be spotted by FOF and not PETA.
    Too much furry stuff for me.

  111. Judy says:

    My goodness, I have to agree with the Style Experts. The whole look is just too much!


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