What to Wear for the Holidays


Dear Style Dr.,

“I spend hours cooking a holiday dinner every year for my extended family of 15. When I’m finished after a long day in the kitchen I really don’t feel like getting out of my jeans and tee shirt.  How can I look good, but still feel comfortable?”




Dear Anna,

Top row: Anthropologie velvet joggers and J. Crew embroidered sweatshirt; second and third rows: Birdies slippers and House of Terrance earrings; fourth row: Karen Scott velour sweatshirt and Macy’s embellished sweater; bottom row: My Bali Closet kaftan and Sybils Casual Elegance multi-colored kaftan

I love your question because I, like you, face this same style issue every year. After a long day in the kitchen (mine can start at 5 am!) the last thing I feel like doing is dressing up in a tricky and/or uncomfortable outfit. I still I want to look my best, however, and have room at the waist for the scrumptious meal that I’ve been preparing all day!

The athleisure wear trend is truly your friend this holiday season! Don’t let that word scare you, I’m not talking about yoga pants or workout leggings and tops, but about updated casuals. I mean luxurious and well-cut unstructured pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweaters and T-shirts that are super comfy and washable (important for serving and cleaning up after food-intensive celebrations!)  

Don’t think these clothing choices are sloppy, too youthful or just not special enough. Now that dressing has become more casual, many pieces are done tastefully in different fabrications, cuts, and colors.  This fall we’re seeing a resurgence of beautiful shades of wine and burgundy, and a continued interest in pinks and purples.

You can really spice up your your comfortable and stylish outfit with some sparkly, dangling earrings which are on-trend, easy to wear and won’t get in the way of serving like a necklace might. Even better if they’re in holiday colors. And don’t forget your footwear. Consider a stylishly updated mule loafer which pairs beautifully with soft. non-structured pants. It’s the perfect comfort shoe.

For those of you who still want to wear something dressier, like an actual dress, why not consider a casual update on the caftan? Unstructured, ultra comfortable and available in pretty prints and colors, it’s easy to throw on but gives you a glam air.

Have a lovely holiday. I know you’ll look fabulous!

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