When Was The Last Time You Felt In Danger?

“When the danger is great, one must not run away.”

Pope Benedict XVI

“Danger is sauce for prayers.”

Benjamin Franklin

Whether you agree with Pope Benedict, and face peril head on, or talk to a higher power when you’re in jeopardy, danger is an undeniable fact of life. Except if you’re Mavis. What a lucky lady!

Three weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a medication. I felt as if I were having a stroke or heart attack. I thought I was possibly dying. All I could think of was my 16- year-old daughter and how much I love her. What would she do without me?  I was afraid I would die in front of her.

“My husband called 911 and off to the ER we went. I was eventually ok thank God-amen. However, that experience was frightening and I’m so grateful and blessed to be ok.”
Cindy Anelante

When I was married to and living with my horribly abusive now ex-husband. I have felt safe  since 2005 when I left him and I divorced him in 2008.”
Roxanne Muchko

When some strange man showed up at two different gas stations, right in behind me and starting asking me the same questions. This was about four to six days apart. Creepy.  Didn’t have any idea who he was and why he showed up on two occasions,  asking me the same questions.”
Lois L. Gafford

“June 2014, when I was told I had a cancerous tumor in my stomach that had to be removed. Then, several small ones came back in September, a year later.”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

“Friday a.m. I nearly got hit by a car on a crossing.”
Allyson Pickering

“When I was married to and living with my horribly abusive now ex-husband. I have felt safe since 2005, when I left him, and divorced him in 2008.”
Roxanne Muchko

When I was diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer.”
Lynette Lunsford

Two nights ago, when an electrical fire started on a telephone pole outside my house.”
Peggy Bellerjeau

“The night I knew I had to leave my abusive husband.”
Amanda Ellison Anglin

Mavis Lloyd

“Walking past the ice cream section in the frozen food aisle.”
Stephanie Fells

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  • Karen Anglin

    NEVER! I am married to a wonderful, loving, gentle, supportive husband. My husband was verbally and mentally abused by his ex wife.