Never Mind Fame. Bring on the Fortune!

We might have fantasized about being famous when we were young, but now we know better!

Always wanted to be an actress. Wishing I was famous not necessarily. I would love the challenge of playing several different characters to see if I could do it and do it well. Plus the paycheck isn’t that bad.”
Jeanette Koehler-Campbell

No, been there and done that. Don’t like the attention, not to mention the stalkers.”
Mary Plasket

Nope! I’m not in the mood to have people hate me who don’t know me and have people criticize me and still don’t know me and to have people think I’m not nice and those people do know me.”  
Paula Salem  

I’ll take money over fame. I want to see a movie with my kids, dinner with my spouse and shopping with my girls, without people gawking. People judging, wanting a celebrity’s’ attention, like they own you. No Thanks!”
Vicky Peters

No. It brings an added stress on your daily life, which is hard enough without inviting haters & stupidity into your day. No one needs that!”
Sheila Jean Metcalf

I guess that would depend on what the person is famous for. If I were famous as an author, I would take it. As a celebrity, never.”
Nancy Pearce

Never. Too much pressure to be perfect!”
Miki Leppert

No, I like my privacy!”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

No. I want to be able to go to Target.”
Mary Ryan

Yes…that means my book would have been so popular it would have been made into a movie…LOL.”
Nancy Tremblay

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