What Women Won’t Watch

Peggy says she “lost millions of brain cells” when she watched a show I adored, but I’m on the same page as Laura when it comes to these reality shows. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure when it comes to…well, almost anything! Especially TV shows and movies.



“Two and a half Men. Saw a few minutes of it and lost millions of brain cells.
Peggy Kelly Schultz
“Snakes An A Plane……..or anything with snakes! Gives me nightmares😟!
Machelle Trail
“Housewives of ANYWHERE, any of the so-called reality shows that focus on stupidity, like Springer, or Kardashians, or Honey Booboo. It’s degrading, depressing, and obnoxious.”
Laura Wiley
“I Love Lucy. Always found it embarrassing.”
Margaret Johnson
“Hogan’s Heroes, Saved by the Bell, The Bachelor/ette, Big Brother, Survivor, Cosby, Rachel Ray….and that is without cable, as I have the poverty package.”
Connie Breu
“Reruns of All in the Family. I feel sick knowing I grew up with everyone loving that show…gives me chills how they relate…and my family thought it was funny. Getting a grasp on my afflictions though.
Cherylan reed
“I refuse to watch late night tv talk shows, The View and Saturday Night Life. They have no respect for our president or country.”
Janice Overturf-Chevalier
“Fox News. It’s not news. It’s a bad sitcom that never ends.
Cecile Estrada

“The View, CNN, MSNBC, Will & Grace, and when The Chew finishes its run, I’ll be done with ABC altogether. Keep your political agendas out of my face!

Linda Campbell
“Anything about the Vietnam war. Absolute pain in my heart is still there.”
Kathleen Volenec
Naked and Afraid.
Pat Beal Williamson
“Another one is Wendy Williams—she’s so stuck on herself & does nothing but gossip. It’s sickening to watch her.”
Sue Schulte
“The View and The Bachelor.
Christine Farrington Higgins
“Ellen, all late night shows NBC News are just a few.”
Tina Webber
“Mom, The Golden Girls, I watched it when it first aired and now I’m sick of it. I’m sick of marathons of the same shows every week. It gets old fast, especially when they replay the same episodes in the same marathon. At least switch it up, since there are hundreds of episodes.
Carla Dick
“Big Bang, the laugh track makes me crazy!
Jamie-Lynn Huitema
I didn’t let my son watch The Flintstones because I don’t think men who sneak out to go to the lodge or deceive their wives make good role models, and I don’t think bossy, controlling women make good wives.”
David L Cornelius

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