Your Perfect Partner: A Rich Workaholic Or Passionate And Empathetic?

We couldn’t say it better than Cindy or with more humor than Paulette. When it comes to choosing the perfect partner, we’re as different as night and day, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, the mountains and the beach.
You get the point!

I’ve been in both situations. I would much rather have an empathetic, affectionate partner. Money doesn’t hold you, look into your eyes and soothe your soul when you’re going through the often dark valleys of life, but a loving partner surely can. NOTHING is more powerful and everlasting than the power of love, especially money.”
Cindy Anelante

“At my age I could so deal with the rich workaholic!”
Beth Hall

Rich! I’ve married for love twice and it sucks. I should have gone for money.”
Lois Sullivan Vella

Empathetic partner for sure! All the money in the world cannot be there for you, hold your hand, give you a hug and kiss you goodbye or hello in the morning. Can’t buy happiness!”
Michelle Lynn Machkovech

Whichever one has the best sense of humor.”
Linda Orwick Reed

I have the empathetic, affectionate one now, but I won’t lie and say that I haven’t envied those women with the rich, workaholic ones. I’m sure there are benefits and drawbacks to each one.”
Laura Belle

Empathetic affectionate partner. Had the workaholic for last 30 years and it’s not much fun.”
Karen Volkman

That’s tough! If I say the rich one, I sound like a gold digger. If I say the empathetic affectionate one, I would be fibbing a bit. Well, THERE you have it! I answered the question after all. Looks like I’m shallow.”
Paulette Greyn

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