{Giveaway} $200 Gift Card From Covered Perfectly

By now, you’ve probably heard our secret: Covered Perfectly has a line of tops that flatter all of our bodies, feel super comfy and are priced for every budget, from $29.95 to $59.95!

If you haven’t yet ordered a top for every day of the week, we’re giving you a chance to own them—for free! Covered Perfectly is giving away a $200 gift card to its fabulous store, now stocked with new styles, sizes, and a range of appealing colors. If you think these tops look great online, just wait until you slip one on.

1 FOF will be the lucky lady.

To enter to win,
comment below by answering the question:
Which Covered Perfectly top
is your favorite

Want extra chances to win?

P.S. Want a top now? Enter code FOF at checkout to receive 20% off!

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes January 28, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • vivian


  • Thalia

    Cheetah top

  • Jenny N

    I like the “Mandy” top!

  • Cheryl Reinhardt

    I like the turqoise one in the middle

  • Tanya White

    The Draped front shirt is my favorite

  • I like the Mandy top alot in purple or teal.

  • Annette E

    I’d like to try the Simple Comfort Patterned in Blue Leopard

  • Scott


  • DeAnna Keller

    love the Simple Comfort bestlove the Simple Comfort best

  • Meredith Newton

    the houndstooth

  • tamatha hunter

    I like the in spirit limited addition top

  • Dorothy Campbell

    Simple Comfort is my favorite

  • Jaime Cummings

    I like the Simple Comfort Patterned

  • Debra Eill

    I like the one in the middle

  • Danielle

    I like the layered bottom top.

  • AmyBond

    I love the In Spirit by Mindy! So many great tops I’d love to try

  • brenda beitzel

    I would love simply comfort but really any of them I am after fifty and the middle isn’t as flat as it used to be these tops are longer and help hide that fact. Its difficult to find stylish longer tops

  • Julie Hawkins

    I like the Mandy top in violet

  • Karen Matlock

    I like the blue top in the picture, with the ruffle!

  • Shannon

    I like the v neck in violet.

  • sandra manning

    love them all mandy is my fav

  • Carmen

    I really love the patterned Mandy

  • Kara Dee

    I’m loving the Mandy top. :3

  • Kristi C

    My favorite is the Gathered Front.

  • Deb Christie

    I like the Open collar
    SKU: CPT0003

  • Elaine

    I love the leopard print.

  • Traci Baez

    Love them all. But favorite is the Mandy top

  • CJ Godfrey

    My favorite top is the Leopard print Pashmina wrap.

  • Starr Greenwell

    I like the “Mandy”, looks great.

  • Heather Garcia

    Off Shoulder Plus in black!!

  • Kim

    I love the leopard print pashmina wrap!

  • Theresa Jenkins

    If I had to choose>>Mandy…if I could I’d get one of each

  • Laura F.

    I like the Simple Comfort Patterned shirt.

  • Lisa Nutbrown

    I love all of the tops! I think Mandy is my favourite because it has a deep V-neck and moves away from the body. It is so flattering!

  • I like the Flattering drape on this super-soft top

  • Great giveaway

  • Shauntea Crutcher

    I like the Mandy top.

  • Lynda C

    I like the draped front in brown.

  • Larisa K

    I love all and each of them. My favorite is Simple Comfort Patterned in Leopard or Cheetah. Specially I like that it is natural material Rayon, not polyester, which I can not wore.

  • Catalina K

    I like the Flattering drape on this super-soft top in purple.

  • Patti Kollar

    I love the Mandy top in purple. Although that is a tough choice, they are all very nice!

  • nuronerd

    I like the Simple Comfort Patterned top.

  • Lorri

    Simple Comfort although the Mandy looks great too!

  • Happi Shopr

    I like the Mandy

  • Melody

    I like the Mandy top in Purple.

  • Rose-Ann Clements

    My favorite is “Simple Comfort” in violet color.

  • edq143

    sounds wonderful

  • Becky Mc Dowell

    I like the Simple Comfort Patterned top in Hounds-Tooth

  • mechele johnson

    I love the Open Collar in Black!

  • heather

    I love the mandy top.


    the simple comfort due to its versatility!

  • MrsK

    I love the gathered top in the Cheetah print!

  • pj

    Love the Mandy top.

  • paula

    I would love to win gift card. I like the beige top.very versatile.

  • Becky Cochran

    So glad I found this site…. these are the kind of tops I am always looking for and it is hard for me to get out and shop. Love the Mandy and Double layer.

  • Nadine Elhathat

    Mandy top is pretty

  • Carla Meiners

    Carla Meiners

    I have 3 of the Simple Comfort and absolutely love them. I wear them constantly. I would love to try Mandy!

  • Basya S

    I just love Mandy Plus in violet and I will get it if I win or not. It is perfect!

  • Carleen Brown

    I already receive the FOF and CoveredPerfectly newsletters. My favorite top is Mandy in violet.

  • Shawn Lansing

    Mandy Plus

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    My favorite is Layered Bottom in any color available. It will cover my imperfections perfectly.

  • Gaye M

    I like the Layered Bottom in Royal Blue.

  • Terry Fetzek

    My favorite Covered Perfectly top is the Simple Pleasure style in any of the prints or in plain red or black.

  • Vonne

    Simple Comfort patterned Blue-Leopard. Would be great on its own with jeans or leggings as suggested. Also under a black or navy jacket for work.

  • anna sattali

    Animal print please

  • Bonnie Clyne

    Draped front micro-modal top in Malt.

  • KARI


  • Rita Hubbs

    I like the leopard print Covered Perfectly top. So fashionable right now.

  • Renee Browning

    Covered Perfectly Design of Leopard

  • kay wolter

    I love the plum colored wing opened top

  • The purple top called Mandy is just my style.

  • Laura P.

    I like the Tracy top in Kelly Green.

  • Janen

    I like the “Draped Front” in brown (Malt).

  • Becca Z

    My fave is V-Neck SKU CPT0005 in Violet.

  • The Nan

    I love the top on the left – I am tall so it is difficult for me to find tops that are long enough for my torso. These look like they’d do just fine 🙂

  • Mary Grace Gallagher

    I LOVE the Simple Comfort Patterned Top!!!

  • Dorothy Hubbard

    I really like the Layered Bottom Top.

  • Kim Villasenor

    Cowl neck is my favorite, open collar is a close second.

  • Lisa Kerr
  • Mary

    I like “Mandy”. Beautiful colors and it flatters the figure.

  • Laurie penman

    The “Tracy”…..gorgeous and feminine!

  • Laurie penman

    The “Tracy” love the feminine look of it, and who doesn’t love racy red?

  • Craig Clarkson

    I would like to see my lady friend wearing the leopard print pashmina wrap

  • Phoenix

    I always like animal prints.

  • Bonnie C.

    I liked the Mandy Plus and the Mandy Patterned Plus. 🙂

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • Laura Borud

    Tracy or drape front top.

  • Nancy Jachcik

    I like the “Tracy” top

  • Arlene

    I love them all but favor the lovely top with the ripples on the bottom. It will be great to find tops that flatter one’s shape..

  • Pamela Goldman

    I love the Layered Bottom in navy blue.

  • Nancy

    My favorite is the Simple Comfort top.

  • Cynthia Richardson
  • elizabeth

    Since I am into animal prints now, I like the leopard print top best.

  • Corinne

    I really like the Simple Comfort in purple.

  • Janet Abell

    I like the top with the double layered ruffles on the bottom. The neckline and length of the sleeves are especially flattering! I am not familiar with this catalog, but I will be by the end of the day….1

  • Pamela Wood

    I like them all! But the Simple Comfort in “Hounds-tooth” is my favorite! Roll Tide!!

  • Merrylady

    I actually liked everything I saw~ I like the colors the draping and the styles in general. Thank you for having the contest!

  • Docia Vagnerini

    I like most of them but I really like the open collar one

  • Really like the animal print one I would love to win

  • Paul Folker

    The Mandy is my favorite

  • Susan Ladd

    I like the green one. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep 🙂

  • Marsha Crain

    I love the Mandy in green (my fav color!!)

  • Sherry

    love the leopard print!

  • like the leopard print

  • Thomas Mangan

    SKU: CPT0001 Cowl neck as a gift for for my wife

  • Karen

    The layered bottom shirt.

  • the draped top has real class

  • Cheryl

    I think they all very nice looking and are very appealing styles. However I will say I like the one with the layered bottom and also the one with the ruffled neckline. They both come with great color options and I would love a new addition to my wardrobe.

  • janet lindsey


  • Katie

    The first one

  • Eugenie

    I like the Tracy in Royal-Blue.

  • gracie reyna

    hope i win

  • simplymine

    http://coveredperfectly.com/collection/layered-bottom.html this is probably the only top that would help to hide my belly since having surgery a few years ago. always looking for something flowing and loose body changes and age have caused me a lot of stress when it comes to buying clothes.

    • Mandy and Tracy both hide the tummy area with the draping from the bust area. The other one is the wrapover, I was amazed at how flattering it makes the tummy area. Good luck with the contest.

  • Soledad

    I like the V-neck with the ruffle.

  • CLC

    I like the Tracy.

  • Priscilla Cruger

    The simplicity of simple comfort appeals to me.

  • karen

    I like the Great V neck with flattering sleeves and bottom band.

  • Ruth Wherley

    I like the Simple Comfort.

  • mell

    I like the Mandy patterned shirt.

  • Cynthia Joncas

    I like the grey one

  • jennifer

    I love the in spirit top!

  • Janet George

    I love the animal print.

  • linda palaey

    The white top on the left is best – no ruffles

  • Denise Lambert

    I really like the first one in the picture with the quarter length sleeves and the longer length covering the waist.

  • sandy haber

    Simple Comfort Patterned looks great!

  • sandy haber

    Simple Comfort Patterned

  • Thelma Rodriguez

    The flattering drape top is absolutely fabulous!! In Leopard, Red or Purple, Love It!!

  • Louise

    Love style #1 for its plain slender looking style!

  • Diane McMahon

    I like the print top

  • Cathie McElwee

    I like them all, but Simply Covered is my favorite.

  • Barbara Kirsch

    I like the Mandy in purple, very stylish!

  • MARY

    My fave is the ‘Mandy’…

  • Patricia Caradonna

    I love the one in the middle. The ruffles at the bottom are really pretty and the color is perfect.

  • Teri Lenz

    Simple Comfort

  • Comfy feels best with a loose mid-area waist.

  • Christine Jelley

    The off-the-shoulder top is gorgeous.

  • J Fred Hubbs

    I like to Simple Comfort, patterned – in leopard, for my wife. Would look great on her.

  • Dorothy Borgese

    Favorite purple drape.

  • Theresa N

    The simple comfort in hounds tooth.

  • MJ Garbers

    Simple comfort! So cute.



  • Debbie Phillips

    I love the Simple Comfort style in lots of colors.

  • Lorraine 53

    I love the animal print top. I would look growling sexy in that! purrr! 🙂

  • Diane Hinkle

    My sister has a light mint green one with long sleeves and some gathering at the hips. I love her in it, so I would love me in it. Hoping……………….!

  • Vicki Levy

    Love the very simple one on the left in the photo above.

  • Gayle

    Love the animal print

  • Pamela

    The cowl neck is my fav but I love a tom of them!

  • Kathy

    all are very cute would love any one of them perfect for my short torso

  • Jacki Tonyan

    Love them all

  • Barbara C

    love Mandy!

  • Amy

    Simple Comfort Patterned in Houndstooth is my favorite

  • Kim Cage

    I like the Simple comfort in gray!!! Will go with everything!

  • Donna

    I like the Mandy top!!

  • all are nice. I do like the MANDY top.

  • I think it is call the Mandy…..love the color and style.

  • The Simple Comfort is my favorite

  • Karen L Williams

    The animal print is my favorite!! They’re all nice but animal print is daring!!

  • kristin sims

    the wrap over zebra top is my favorite, thank you!

  • Morgan

    I like the turquoise one best.

  • Bonnie Pavel

    I like the Gathered Front Patterned top!

  • Rebecca

    The leopard print is my favorite Covered Perfectly top!

  • Lori Pickering

    I love the Layered top and the leopard print

  • Dana Smith

    I love the leopard print.

  • Donna Stone

    So hard to choose! Love the Drape and Cowl necks but the leopard Simple Comfort is calling my name!

  • Cyndy

    Layered bottom is my favorite.

  • Susan Stone

    The teal with ruffles at the bottom.

  • Drusilla Marin

    I love the Drape Front top….in every color!

  • rita leonard

    I like the Mandy. It seems very flattering

  • Janis

    I love the leopard print! With a new job as assistant principal from a landscaping teacher, my wardrobe could sure use some updating!!

  • Beverlee Reilly

    I liked the purple one on the link to see more in store.

  • Beth

    I love the layered bottom, would be so flattering

  • anna sattali

    I want all of them. Love the print

  • anna sattali

    I love all them.

  • jhendon60

    simple comfort patterned–the herringbone is classy

  • Elizabeth K

    Love many of them but the animal print is very eye catching!!


    I love that Mandy blouse, especially in the purple you show.
    Thank you for the 20% off… just might have to order it!

  • Alix

    I want each one in medium please… Okay okay Mandy is cute

  • The print

  • James Bauerle


  • Cindi Decker

    I like the zebra wrap top.

  • Julia Eddy

    I prefer the simple beige top. I’d like it in various colors!

  • Karen C.

    My favorite is Mandy!

  • Candy

    I love both the Mandy and the Layered Bottom! I can’t decide which I would want….

  • Linda Deline

    I really like the middle one.

  • Roxanne S

    Animal prints are always my favorite !

  • FelinaJo

    I like the Mandy top

  • Denise Connolly

    My favorite is Mandy! I especially love the patterned version and wish more patterns would become available.

  • Leslie Petersen

    Love the animal print top!

  • Mandy for sure love the way it drapes

  • nikki robak

    I like the animal print

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I’d go for Simple Comfort!

  • df

    I like Mandy for the design and colors…

  • Sherril T.

    I love Mandy!

  • Candace

    chee, chee TA!! Love the printed shirt although my usualy style would be the first one, the print is lovely and drapes so nicely!
    Trying to dump the frump!

  • Gwen Garrett

    The beige one

  • The print is my favorite of the three, but all are well-designed to flatter.

  • Camilla Wilson

    Simple comfort top looks good

  • Sarah Hirsch

    i like
    Layered Bottom
    SKU: CPT0015

  • Eddy

    Simple Comfort

  • Donna Wolff

    Way to go for creating these comfortable beautiful go to tops
    for us ladies!!

  • shirley reeds

    very lovely tops, but the animal print is the best

  • The 1st one looks most my style but they all look oh so comfy.

  • stephanie teague

    love all those tops…I’d like the animal print more if it weren’t so frilly

  • AJ

    Mindy In Spirit- Love it!

  • Rose

    Simple comfort, you can dress it up or down. All the colors are great but I think black is the most versatile.

  • Linda Hall

    The animal print top is my favourite.

  • I love the teal colored one, not just the color but the style

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I love the off the shoulder top

  • Ann Spence

    I believe Mandy would work better for me….

  • I love the Simple Comfort top!

  • Jo Godfrey

    I like the simple comfort #1 at top.

  • Sue Miller

    V-neck with ruffle please!

  • Bettie Claxton

    I love the simple comfort top the best.

  • Maria Iemma

    Mandy is my favorite.

  • Brigitte Walsh

    Simple Comfort Pattern Hounds-Tooth is my favorite! It would look great with a pair of dressy black jeans or leggings.

  • The animal print, because it brings out the kitten/cat in me.

  • DH

    The blue top is feminine, figure-flattering, and yet would be
    appropriate for office work. It’s my choice however the others are more than acceptable too.

  • Jody Wallem

    Cream-colored one most flattering.

  • ellen herbert

    Simple Comfort – would look great alone or with jacket/wrap/scarves.

  • Patricia Marinace

    Love the ecru top, very versatile and sophisticated.

  • I love the houndstooth top. So classy.

  • Mary Ann Mitzel

    Basic beige one, nice and casual to wear with jeans everyday

  • Cyndie

    I can see Blue Mandy in Blue Jeans! 🙂

  • Roxanne Antony

    The layered bottom. I wish they had short or long sleeves, not a fan of 3/4 length.

  • Mary Ann

    Love the animal print. Very nice.

  • gina

    I really love the Layered Bottom in Coral.

  • gailyn shepherd

    I like the simple comfort top and also the ruffled animal print 2nd.

  • JoAnn Zimmerman

    I love the Mandy

  • I love the green shirt. It’s loose around the middle.

  • Jeccica Simpson

    I love the Simple Comfort Patterned

  • L Rose

    The beige is one of the nicest shades I have seen and looks to be amazingly versatile

  • jean olaughlin

    They are all really cute. I think the Mandy is probably my favorite.

  • Ann

    I love the Mandy — flowy and drapey, with gathers that both emphasize the good and hide the, well, less-good.

  • I love the off the shoulder style!

  • Fernh

    Blue is definitely my color.

  • Kathryn

    Love the Mandy in blue.

  • patti lovecky

    I love the beige simple top, with the perfect scoop neck. it has great length, would look great with leggings and can be easily dressed up or down. Love it!

  • Gayla

    I love the Mandy version. I love the soft material

  • Debbie Terry

    The number #1 bestseller – Simple Comfort

  • My go-to top would definitely be the Simple Comfort top – not only because of the length, but also because the 3/4 length sleeves would hide the “bat wings”!!

  • cynthia pope

    love the blue one

  • Linda L

    My favorite is Mandy, and the purple is really nice.

  • Lisa McCorkle

    I love the Simple Comfort Top, it is defining but will cover the belly part which is really what I need!!

  • Tricia Brown

    Love them all.

  • Kathleen L

    My favorite is the Simple Comfort top.

  • Margaret

    Hard for me to make a choice between Mandy and Layered Bottom.

  • I like the blue one too!

  • Louise P.

    Oh Mandy!

  • I like Mandy…great silhouette!

  • Karen Cogburn

    Simply Covered pattern top

  • Katt Lewis

    They are all nice, I like the flattering drape on this super-soft top, Mandy the best.

  • joann langdon

    I prefer the first one with the scope neck and three quarter length sleeves.

  • fhoagland

    I have one of the Simple Comfort Patterned in the Cheetah. I was apprehensive to buy a fitted top and I try to hide my “curves” but found this to be one of my favorite tops. I’d love to try more and would especially like to try the Houndstooth pattern.

  • Judy Langdale

    My favorite top from Covered Perfectly (purchased about six months ago) was the Simple Comfort style (black). The fabric, style, , bright colors, fit, tunic length and feel of these tops are great. I then ordered the same style in red and green, both of which were equally satisfying as the first one. Needless to say, I have received many complements. If I win this contest, I would share the gift card with my twin sister. Thanks, Judy.

  • Dolores Maykis

    The covered perfectly tops seems to be made well. Not at
    all skimpy like some tops that are to short.

  • Marie

    Simple Comfort Patterned top – I always feel patterns cover the little bumps and bulges better than a solid.

  • mag

    Can’t go wrong with the ruffled leopard print top. Two design winners! Thanks!!!

  • Robin Stanfield

    They are all great looks but I prefer the Off the Shoulder

  • Jordan

    Simple Comfort is my favorite!