Heels: To Wear, Or Not To Wear, That Is The Question

Bring up the subject of wearing heels, and women respond as if you’re starting a debate about religion or politics. They have a lot to say for and against the practice. Here are some of our favorite positions, on both sides of the issue!

“Never. After a lifetime of having to dress up for my job, when I left to become self employed, I threw away all my heels and panty hose. And my back and my toes thank me every day.”

Mary Tracy Hollifield

“When I wanna feel SEXY!”

Wendy G. Lax-Bryant

“High heels? Never. Have you ever seen an X-ray of feet in high heels/stilettos? You’d never wear them again. LOL I do wear a lower heel though if an occasion calls for it.”

Debbie Summers

“Never. Women look utterly ridiculous teetering around in them. And OLD women who wear them to try to look young appear as ridiculous as a bald old guy with a comb-over.”

Donna Dee


We’re In Love With These Tops For Spring

Make your wardrobe sing this spring with tempting new tops! Whether you want to hide your tummy or slim your waist, Covered Perfectly apparel will do the job to perfection. Most pieces in the lovely collection are styled in completely natural MicroModal, with just the right amount of Spandex, and feel so luxuriously soft and light, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them. And, you’ll look absolutely amazing no matter where you’re going, anytime of day!

Your Priciest Purchases Of 2016

One FOF did something wonderful for 50 of her dearest friends and relatives. Another is treating herself to the same thing, 12 times! We asked about your most expensive purchase of 2016, and the answers were as varied and interesting as you are!

“I retired and bought myself a horse, brand new truck and horse trailer so we can travel together! All told $62k. Aaarrggghhhhh!”

Shannyn Scassero

“2 puppies @ $300 each. In my defense it was also my dumbest purchase! One would have been enough work but nooooooo, like a genius I had to double that.”

Jodi Smith Rasar


What’s Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes?

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a woman by her shoes? And when a woman talks shoes, she can be pretty funny.

“LOL any! However, I love TOMS and what they stand for.”
Cheryl Caperchione

“Stilettos, but my age has caused me to choose wedges
Connie Kincannon

“Any shoes, boots! I feel like Imelda Marcos
Karla Anderson

“Homypeds…sadly, .my old feet don’t want fashion anymore.
Carine Munro

“Comfortable! Good looking doesn’t matter anymore if they kill my feet!”
Susan Stompf

“Wedges, but anything really. Can’t do more than 4″ heels though (unless they’re platforms!)”
Sandra McIntyre

“Dansko clogs”
Wendy K Hahn


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Why You NEED To Update Your Style

Is your closet filled with clothes you seldom, if ever, wear?

Do you try to keep your wardrobe au courant with the trends, but wind up looking silly?

Are you wearing the same style of clothes you wore 20 years ago, maybe even the exact same clothes?

Have you stopped caring about looking really good, and prefer to stick with sweats and tees because they’re comfortable, and besides who do you need to impress?

Does shopping intimidate, frustrate or depress you?

If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions, you might want to give Terry Gibralter a call and learn how to choose clothes that make you look–and feel–absolutely terrific.

I was enchanted by Terry’s style the moment I first laid eyes on her–in the elevator of the building where we both lived. She’s what my grandmother used to call a stylish woman: “Put together!” And, if you go shopping with Terry, she’ll help put you together, and she “promises” that the experience will be“more creative, inspiring, quicker and more fun than you can possibly imagine.” (more…)

Finding Your Signature Fragrance


It took me decades to find a perfume that I’d love and love and love. It’s Une Rose by Frederic Malle.

And how nice it is that we have a plethora of fragrances from which to choose. Each of us “wears” a scent differently, so when we find one we adore, we truly can call it our own. We asked you to tell us about your favorite perfume. Here’s a selection of our favorite responses and a rundown of the top five FOFragrances.


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Top 10 H*O*T Shopping Hacks

When it comes to shopping, she’s “the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time),” unabashedly says my fabulously stylish FOFriend, Terry Gibralter, whose online vintage shop sells many of her own possessions.

new terry“We’ve never met a shopping challenge we didn’t slay!” she says. Consider Terry’s 10 rules for buying behavior and you could become savvy in the stores, too.

This is the most important step before doing any kind of shopping, ever. You’ll be able to see what you own and know what you need. Separate your clothes by type of garment, and maybe even by color. Use hangers designed especially for shirts, skirts, and pants because they will make everything easier to hang, as well as help you keep your wardrobe in tip-top shape. Shelves make excellent handbag organizers, and sturdy, sizeable shoe racks will save you lots of time when it comes to finding the perfect  pair for your outfit. Once you have a closet that works, you’ll never go back to closet clutter again.

Often we wander into stores without a real plan in mind, which contributes to grabbing those horrendous mistakes that wind up in the back of the closet, forever! Starting with a list will make things infinitely easier, keeping you focused on the items you actually need. It also will help save you time and keep you from making impulse purchases. (We can’t guarantee this, however!)


We’re In Love With These Tops For Fall & Winter!

Whether you want to hide your tummy, slim your waist, or show off your shoulders, Covered Perfectly tops will do the job to perfection. Styled in completely natural MicroModal, with just the right amount of Spandex, these lovely pieces feel so luxuriously soft and light, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them. And, they look absolutely amazing with everything from jeans to skirts.

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What Decade Suits YOUR Style?

TerryIs there one era that really speaks to you when it comes to your personal style? Are you a roaring 20s flapper or a 70s boho chic princess? My fashionable friend, Terry Gibralter, is a bit obsessed with the mod mod world of the 60s. But whatever your style, she has the jewelry to express it in her oh-so-fab shop, H*O*T.



The years after World War I ushered in a new mood in design based on clean-cut architectural looks, which came to be known as art deco. Influenced by geometry–circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles — 20s jewelry really made a bold statement! This Etro geometric faux emerald cocktail ring is a perfect example.     (more…)

Which Sunglasses Look Best On Me?

I’ve never owed prescription sunglasses that gave me a clear view of the world. But Gregor, at Anne Et Valentin, in New York, reassured me that the lenses he was recommending would provide the clarity I wanted.

“You’ve probably been getting polarized lenses, which work best if you’re often around the water, which reflects a great deal of sunlight,” Gregor explained. I am not a beach or fishing person, so he said that I wouldn’t need them. (more…)

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