What’s Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes?

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a woman by her shoes? And when a woman talks shoes, she can be pretty funny.

“LOL any! However, I love TOMS and what they stand for.”
Cheryl Caperchione

“Stilettos, but my age has caused me to choose wedges
Connie Kincannon

“Any shoes, boots! I feel like Imelda Marcos
Karla Anderson

“Homypeds…sadly, .my old feet don’t want fashion anymore.
Carine Munro

“Comfortable! Good looking doesn’t matter anymore if they kill my feet!”
Susan Stompf

“Wedges, but anything really. Can’t do more than 4″ heels though (unless they’re platforms!)”
Sandra McIntyre

“Dansko clogs”
Wendy K Hahn


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