What Decade Suits YOUR Style?

TerryIs there one era that really speaks to you when it comes to your personal style? Are you a roaring 20s flapper or a 70s boho chic princess? My fashionable friend, Terry Gibralter, is a bit obsessed with the mod mod world of the 60s. But whatever your style, she has the jewelry to express it in her oh-so-fab shop, H*O*T.



The years after World War I ushered in a new mood in design based on clean-cut architectural looks, which came to be known as art deco. Influenced by geometry–circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles — 20s jewelry really made a bold statement! This Etro geometric faux emerald cocktail ring is a perfect example.    


Costume jewelry made its mark in this decade, with Bakelite leading the way. Patriotic designs were key, and real jewels considered a bit frivolous. Hollywood’s new glitz and glamour also influenced jewelry design. This 1930s actress wore one stunning rhinestone earring (nothing new under the sun!) and you can, too, with these sparklers from Kate Spade.


Costume jewelry came into its own during the forties, due to war shortages. It also was the inaugural decade of the diamond engagement ring, heralded by the marketing brilliance of the DeBeers campaign. “A diamond is forever”. These rhinestone and faux pearl earrings will add that touch of 40s glamor (even though they’re actually from the eighties.)


Pearls became a “girl’s best friend during the fifties. Charm bracelets also were all the rage; collecting charms and passing down a bracelet full of them was de rigeur. And, matching necklace and earring sets became popular because they gave a woman a “put-together” look. This tortoise and rhinestone set is a cool updated version.     

The bold geometric style of Pop and Op Art that flourished in the sixties quickly found its way into jewelry. Simple shapes, bright color and flower power ruled. Jewelry was no longer perceived as being solely for women. This Pono resin necklace would have fit right in!

The 70s can quite possibly be called the most diverse and vibrant decade in the history of fashion. Designers continue to be influenced by this decade, which included an amazing mix of styles, including boho, folk, gypsy, hippie, ethnic, retro, classic, disco, safari, military, sporty chic and unisex! Scooter earrings from Paris scream 70s chic.


The “me” decade, the eighties was all about power. Everything was bigger, from hairstyles to shoulders. Jewelry was large, bright, and bold. This was the decade of shoulder duster earrings, giant gold chains and oversized rings and bracelets. Punk was a big influence, too. Brushed gold disk earrings, by Monet, commanded attention then, and they’ll command it now.


Minimalism and grunge influenced jewelry looks of the 90s. This was the decade of the choker, especially the minimalist version with black ribbon. Paired with a black silk slip dress, it was the quintessential 90s uniform. This structured golden collar, with simple black stone, is a standout.


The first decade of the new millennium saw the emergence of wearable art and creative pieces influenced by nature. Statement necklaces and cocktail rings proliferated, and mixing and matching jewelry gave women the freedom to experiment and play in the jewelry box. Strands of shiny beads create a lush and dramatic look.    

Using jewelry as an authentic way to express your personality, and show the world what’s important to you, has been the big trend these past six years. Tattoos mimic jewelry, and spiritual pieces feature the hamsa hand, crosses, and the evil eye. We love this delicate H*O*T necklace!

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