Which Accessories You Chose To Go With 5 Of Shelley’s Outfits

Accessories are like the icing on the cake; they make a beautiful outfit even more beautiful. When we asked you to match five of Shelley’s outfits with five accessory groups, over 300 women entered their selections. Here are the results of the poll.


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Which Accessories Should Shelley Wear?

Besides loving heels, Shelley adores accessories like no one we know.

And she makes absolutely certain that the bracelet(s), ring and necklace she wears each day complement each other, in terms of colors, shapes and materials (she doesn’t mix gold and silver, except if it’s white gold).

Above are photos Shelley’s accessory options and below are five of her outfits. Tell us which accessory group would look best with each outfit.


Which Shoes You Chose To Go With 5 Of Shelley’s Outfits

We sure do like shoes. When we asked you to match five of Shelley’s outfits with five pairs of her shoes (heels, of course!), 450 women made their selections. Here are the results of the poll.

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Which Shoes Should Shelley Wear?

Shelley loves wearing heels like no one we know.

She likes the way they make her legs look and how they make her feel. She’ll wear sneakers or flats when she absolutely must (like when she’s running after her 19-month old grandson), but heels are definitely her default shoe style.

Above are photos of five pairs of Shelley’s heels and below are five of her outfits. Tell us which pair you think would look best with each outfit.


[FASHION] What YOU Are Trying To Hide

10 Ways To Bend The Rules

Life would be pretty dreadful if we did every single thing, all the time, by the book. Bending the rules occasionally can be downright liberating and thrilling. Get started today.

Give yourself permission to:

1. Go to a pretentious “black tie” wedding wearing what you want to wearwedding-outfit

2. Play hooky from work every other month and have a spa day, all by yourselfspa-day


The Power Of A Penny

If you decided to gather all the pennies you pass on the street, and don’t bother to pick up, you’d have a “pretty penny.” Even so, 9 out of 10 of us keep pennies in jars at homes, in our desk drawers, or in our purses. Penny candy may be obsolete, but pennies still hold a place in our hearts, and can come in handy when we need change.

geri_captionNow you can grab some of your pennies, head on over to one of JCPenney’s 1,000+ stores or to JCPenney.com, and really “Get Your Penney’s Worth.” The new spring campaign for the nation’s largest apparel and home furnishings retailer, called “Penney Days,” is offering shoppers select items from its private label collections for a single penny. You got that right! From now until this Saturday, March 5, you can buy a regular priced Arizona Jean Co. apparel or accessory item, and receive the second for just a penny! Upcoming “Penney Days” also will offer items in-store for just a penny, with no additional purchase required.

JCPenney not only prides itself on the quality, style and value associated with its private label brands, including Liz Claiborne, Stafford and Worthington; it wants us to know that we can find big names there, too, such as Nike, Levi’s and KitchenAid. (more…)

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A Woman’s Justification For Jewelry

I’ve worn the same five silver bracelets on my right arm for the last eight years. Hardly a day goes by that some stranger on the street, in the subway or at a restaurant doesn’t ooh and aah about them. I learned how to stack rings on one of my trips to Paris in the 1980s, and now I apply the stacking principle to necklaces, too.

Jewelry helps give us a signature style. One (wealthy) woman I know always sparkles with elegant, substantial diamonds in her ears, on her fingers and around her wrists. Another woman makes sure that the bracelet, watch, ring and necklace she selects for the day all “go together” though material, shape and color. Another has worn the same pearl choker for decades.

My sister, Shelley, says she “doesn’t trust” a woman who doesn’t wear a single piece of jewelry, and although I won’t go that far, I do think a woman needs a jewelry wardrobe. So does my pal Terry Gibralter, whose online shop, H*O*T, offers magnificent pieces of vintage jewelry at incredibly reasonable prices. Old–and new–costume jewelry has never looked better. And although it’s hard to deny the beauty of real sparkling gems, you surely don’t need them to look like a million.

Here Terry tells us her top five reasons for giving jewelry a prominent role in our lives.

siggy (more…)

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When It’s Time To Simplify Your Life

No one ever told us that life would get more complicated, just when we thought it would become a breeze! FabOverFifty offers 10 clues that will reveal it’s time to simplify your life:

1. You live in a 2,500-square-foot house, but spend 90% of your time in about 450 square feet.

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Win A $250 Chico’s Gift Card

If you haven’t been to one of Chico’s 700+ boutiques, or visited chicos.com, now is the time!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or someone on your list this holiday, Chico’s winter wardrobe options have never looked better. Making women look and feel fabulous for over three decades, Chico’s is celebrating the season in style.

Shimmering sweaters to versatile ponchos, little black dresses to statement jewelry, Chico’s collection is beautiful and beautifully priced.


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