A Woman’s Justification For Jewelry

I’ve worn the same five silver bracelets on my right arm for the last eight years. Hardly a day goes by that some stranger on the street, in the subway or at a restaurant doesn’t ooh and aah about them. I learned how to stack rings on one of my trips to Paris in the 1980s, and now I apply the stacking principle to necklaces, too.

Jewelry helps give us a signature style. One (wealthy) woman I know always sparkles with elegant, substantial diamonds in her ears, on her fingers and around her wrists. Another woman makes sure that the bracelet, watch, ring and necklace she selects for the day all “go together” though material, shape and color. Another has worn the same pearl choker for decades.

My sister, Shelley, says she “doesn’t trust” a woman who doesn’t wear a single piece of jewelry, and although I won’t go that far, I do think a woman needs a jewelry wardrobe. So does my pal Terry Gibralter, whose online shop, H*O*T, offers magnificent pieces of vintage jewelry at incredibly reasonable prices. Old–and new–costume jewelry has never looked better. And although it’s hard to deny the beauty of real sparkling gems, you surely don’t need them to look like a million.

Here Terry tells us her top five reasons for giving jewelry a prominent role in our lives.



1Wearing eye-catching, bold pieces immediately separates you from a sea of similar looking outfits, from basic business attire during the week to denim on the weekends.

2Throw on a 90s era choker, or give mismatched earrings a go, and show the world you’re au courant with the fashion world, without having to buy a whole new outfit.

3I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve received more compliments on my jewelry choices than on anything else I was wearing. Great-looking jewelry sends a message that you care about your look and you’ve got the confidence to make it your own.

4If you expand your jewelry wardrobe, you’ll actually need fewer pieces of clothing in your closet. Wearing that LBD to dinner again? Don’t buy a new dress, just pair it with a dramatic colorful necklace to take it to a whole new level.

5It’s easier to pile on an arm full of cool-looking cuffs or to layer a few pretty necklaces on your go-to turtleneck than to select your outfit. Jewelry can give multiple looks to your go-to outfits.

Check out the beautiful and unique pieces that H*O*T has added to its collection.

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