Which Shoes You Chose To Go With 5 Of Shelley’s Outfits

We sure do like shoes. When we asked you to match five of Shelley’s outfits with five pairs of her shoes (heels, of course!), 450 women made their selections. Here are the results of the poll.

outfit 1

outfit 2

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2 Responses to “Which Shoes You Chose To Go With 5 Of Shelley’s Outfits”

  1. Tired Gramma says:

    Seriously…I was very young… my mid 30’s?? When I “came to my senses” and said.. about shoes. WHAT the heck? Are we still in the barbaric times like the chinese with that foot-binding insanity of what beauty is? My Aunties’ were oh so fashionable all their lives, worked in offices- had fab shoes we as kids loved to play dress up in..

    I did the heels thing when young… but I saw what happened to my Aunties’ feet.. crippled up! Constant visits to the Podiatrists! Deformed feet!

    I myself developed some pain… a bunion type pain and right then I “came to” and said. I’m not insane and I actually don’t care about being “sexy”!!!!!!!!!!!!! The man I love and the type of man you want doesn’t mind if you wear sensible shoes, HONESTLY.

    Today is a miracle you can find FAB nice looking WIDE shoes. Just say NO to high heels and pointy toes. What in the world would ANYONE cripple their feet for? Why?? Come to our senses…. NO more crippling feet.

    Just take a look at high fashion mags… look at the feet for a moment- crippled up! Just say NO.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Tired Gramma,

      I can’t wear heels (even 2″ heels) because they hurt my feet. But some women swear by them and say they’re comfortable. Geri, FOF


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