Your Priciest Purchases Of 2016

One FOF did something wonderful for 50 of her dearest friends and relatives. Another is treating herself to the same thing, 12 times! We asked about your most expensive purchase of 2016, and the answers were as varied and interesting as you are!

“I retired and bought myself a horse, brand new truck and horse trailer so we can travel together! All told $62k. Aaarrggghhhhh!”

Shannyn Scassero

“2 puppies @ $300 each. In my defense it was also my dumbest purchase! One would have been enough work but nooooooo, like a genius I had to double that.”

Jodi Smith Rasar

Most expensive purchase this year: My chemotherapy at $30,000 a session x 14 sessions. Thankful for good health insurance.”

Joanne Vaccaro-Kish

“$100,000 in surgery bills for my son’s leg. Truck accident. But, Praise the Lord he is still with me.”

Julie Morgan Morrow


“Trip to Ireland $5000, 3 teeth implants $7500, new garage doors $3200, trees cut down $1600, new tree and bushes planted $4000, new dishwasher $800, and to end the year spent $1000 on crafts for the Christmas party.”

Gayleen Wyant

“Seeing that pic (of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) soooo funny cause I walked into Christian Louboutin to buy a pair of red bottoms cause it was on my bucket list. I was treated somewhat like she was and in the end I whipped out my Louis Vuitton purse and paid for them.  They were on sale but now I own a pair. Oh, I bought the purse a few days earlier and was treated like a queen at their store.”

Phyllis Marstellar


“My son’s schooling and extracurricular. Me second hand clothing. Lol. I’m weird. Don’t care about jewelry, fancy bags, or expensive shoes with any color bottom.”

Heidi Haynes Hansen

“A once-in-a-lifetime Christmas party for 50 of our dearest family/friends who are family…. as a gift to them just to say we love and appreciate you!  Cuz we’re getting older and you never know which Christmas will be your last 🙂  Took 9 months to plan and was exactly what we had worked for and hoped it would be! Best investment we’ve ever made. An investment for all our memories!” #trulyblessedtosharetheandfeelsoloved

Jodie O’Flaherty


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  1. Teri Gallagan-Horning says:

    My husband & I took a trip to Ireland, England & Paris: total cost $8000 which included a tour of Ireland (which included stays in 4 & 5 star hotels + dinners & breakfasts) for 8 days, 2 shopping bags full of Waterford crystal AND Blarney Woolen Mill wool scarfs & hats, a visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum, a visit to the Louvre, a 10 day rental on a flat in London, train fare to Paris & sterling silver jewelry!!

    • alexfof says:

      Sounds fab, Teri!


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