Your Priciest Purchases Of 2016

“General Coach park model home! Our get away and retirement (when it happens). Summertime weekends with family and friends.”

Cheryl Caperchione


“A divorce still counting the cost but soooo bloody worth it.“

Jane Guilfoyle

“A book of massages for $500. But it’s 12 pages of hour-long massages to redeem so it’s $41 per session. Cheap for a great Sedona massage.”

Shara Ziegler


“A new town home in the area I enjoy here in Atlanta and it’s nice and roomy just for me and my chihuahua!”

Inis Woods

Just today, $128.00 on groceries. Have never been able to do that!”

Pam Shankle


“$25,000 to pay off credit card debt. BAM!!”

Letty Limon McCardle

Bruno Mars VIP front row tickets – bucket list item checked.”

Debbie LeMasters Kueber


Nothing. I was broke going into 2016 and I’m broke coming out. Not a single purchase to show for it.”

Katie Natunen Valles

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  • Teri Gallagan-Horning

    My husband & I took a trip to Ireland, England & Paris: total cost $8000 which included a tour of Ireland (which included stays in 4 & 5 star hotels + dinners & breakfasts) for 8 days, 2 shopping bags full of Waterford crystal AND Blarney Woolen Mill wool scarfs & hats, a visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum, a visit to the Louvre, a 10 day rental on a flat in London, train fare to Paris & sterling silver jewelry!!

    • alexfof

      Sounds fab, Teri!