{Tested} StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream


Let’s talk turkey…Beauty manufacturer StriVectin promises that their TL Tightening Neck Cream (retail value: $89) will tone that turkey neck within two weeks. The cream is made with NIA-114, a “proprietary form of vitamin B3” discovered during skin cancer research and shown to “strengthen skin.” We called fowl on this turkey neck tightener but sent some to our FOF testers just to be sure. What’d they think? Was this turkey neck tightener for the birds… or a golden egg? Read on.


Quick take: 4 out of 5 testers would recommend this to other FOFs.


JOANN MELTON, Florissant, MO

Was this product easy to use?

Did you notice any changes in your neck?
This product was amazing. I expected to see some instant, temporary improvement. But, by day three I could see visible, lasting results including firming and smoothing. Every day forward the results improved upon the previous applications. The turkey neck has not reappeared even on days when I was less diligent about applying it.

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Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
I plan to. It’s not in my typical price range for product purchases, but I can see that [given] the [results] per application, it’s not expensive.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Absolutely. It addressed the skin issues that maturing brings, without causing redness or irritation. I have sensitive areas of my skin, so this was a major plus.



Was this product easy to use?
Very easy. It goes on smoothly and has a great texture. It smells nice and is not too greasy.

Did you notice any changes in your neck?
Very noticeable results instantly. The results were long lasting.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Yes. This is something wonderful, new, and worth it! I would use it over and over again. It works like nothing else I have ever bought.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an instant lift!



Was this product easy to use?
Yes, very easy. The jar opened easily even when my hands were slightly damp from washing them and my face. The little paddle supplied was just the right size to scoop out a proper dose. By using the paddle, I knew the remaining product was not contaminated, which happens when you have to scoop out product with your fingers. The instructions included were written in about every major language on the planet and were easy to understand.

Did you notice any changes in your neck?
Unfortunately, not a single change of any kind. I was deeply disappointed. I really wanted this stuff to work and would have gladly ponied up some big bucks to keep using it if it had been effective.

What other changes did you notice?
Nothing, other than a couple of pimples.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
No. It was completely ineffective. I saw no changes, not even moisturizing effects I would have gotten from a cheap lotion. It also left a somewhat tacky residue after use and I really disliked the light scent it had. However, these quibbles would not have kept me from using it if the product had performed as advertised.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
No! Save your money, sisters! I’m glad this trial is over and I can go back to my PY Neckline Slimmer.



Was this product easy to use?
Extremely easy. I just put a small amount on in the morning and night.

Did you notice any changes in your neck?
A slight improvement. My crepe-like skin can be dry and not supple. It was better after I used the product.

What other changes did you notice?
I didn’t have as much sagging in the area directly under my chin. It was just a slight improvement, nothing drastic. On a few occasions, I broke out on my neck. I believe it was because the cream is very heavy and blocked pores. I also noticed that the product would become dry and would flake off like dead skin–which was sometimes rather embarrassing.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Yes, I would continue to use this product because I saw enough of an improvement. Also, it lasted much longer than a month. I used it twice daily for a month and I still have over half the jar left.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Yes. If you want to have a little bit more firmness in your neck area I would recommend it. If you want a more dramatic effect, go for a neck lift.



Was this product easy to use?
Very; It is smooth and easy to apply.

Did you notice any changes in your neck?
Skin is firmer, tighter, less saggy.

What other changes did you notice?
One time it seemed like the skin was exfoliating, but I’m not sure if it really was–there was no redness, only a seeming slough of skin cells.

Would you continue using this product? Why or why not?
Oh yes! I’ve continued to use the product. I love that the skin on my neck is more firm.

Would you recommend it to other FOF members?
Most definitely.


  • Nancy Watkins

    I am 58 and interested in seeing if it will make a difference on my neck which sags below my chin. I’m a runner and in good shape otherwise, but this turkey neck really has to get better…somehow.

    • Nancy Walworth

      I would very much like to try this product, as I have just noticed A slight sag in my neck area.



  • liz virnig

    I used it and saw results in three days. Now it seems to stay the same. It is a nice cream though.

  • Felicia

    I am not usually a Avon shopper, but I have started using Avon Genics Treatment, it is working for me. My skin is smooth, clear and texture is much improved. One place I have noticed a huge improvement are my nose to mouth lines. I have also started using the night cream on my hands, I had a few spots, they are all gone.
    Very happy with this product and it is affordable, otherwise I wouldn’t use it as a hand cream also. I purchased mine on line, not crazy about reps trying to sell their products. I am using the eye cream and night cream.

  • harriet42861

    turkey neck is a big problem i would love to try this product

  • fhoagland

    I wear scarves to hide but they can make me even warmer than usual….I’d love to be able to wear necklaces again without feeling like people are staring at my neck or drawing attention to it…yikes.

  • fes5128

    Beginning to see the wiggle and would love to see this disappear asap. It’s the first thing I notice in pictures. HELP

  • BrownSugar24K

    I have not gotten to the total turkey neck yet but I am hoping this product would be a preventative to help in that area.

  • Sally

    I would love to try this product. It sounds almost too good to be true, and would love to be proved wrong.

  • hoppupp

    Gobble! Gobble! Pick me!

  • Sandi Hall

    If it would help this mess of a neck, it would be a miracle! I’d like a chance to try it.

  • CB

    oh yes a cream vs that other thingy from last week!!!
    Need it, want it!

  • Marilyn

    My neck is showing signs of aging and I try and cover it up with scarves. I’d love to test this.

  • Tracy Ann Schwartz

    It’s weird, I have more of a tight dry neck but heard this cream is good stuff, so I want to try it.



  • Janet

    Would love to try this product.

  • joy

    That’s what I need! How do we do this?

  • Mary Settles

    My face looks pretty darned good. However, my neck seems to predate it around 15 years. Please let me test your product to see if it can bring the two closer together in age.

  • LaurenM

    I would love to test this product. Love my scarves but there are times when I’d like to show my neck.

  • arlenes

    With a wedding coming up for my first born son, this would be an amazing product to test.
    My boys jokingly asked us why we waited so long to have kids. We wanted to make sure our business was up and running, generating income, before starting a family.
    Most of the parents are 10 years younger than us, would love to “gobble up” that youthful look for the big day, and for all the days to come.

  • Pamela Ray

    Turkey neck really concerns me. I would love to test this product