The Truth About Red Lipstick

Carolyn Diamond, professional makeup artist and medical aesthetician, wants you to SEE RED!

Red lipstick is a universal classic, never goes out of style and can be one of the most powerful weapons in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Yet, many of us assume we can’t wear it.

I, too, protested against wearing red lipstick for years. Whenever I’d gather enough courage to wear a new shade of red I’d think everyone was looking at my lips. Truth be known, they probably were. I finally learned that beautiful, red lips are striking, sexy and, an accessory! Now, I’m proud to say my lips are sporting red and, I’m loving it. (I’ve been wearing Poppy Red lip gloss from Glo Minerals).


{Giveaway} Paula Dorf Lipstick in Mermaid

Kate Walsh (left) , Heidi Klum (center) and Cyndi Lauper (right) all wear orange lipstick.


Orange you glad tangerine tones, copper colors and peachy pigments are the hottest lipstick shades for summer 2012? Okay, okay…we weren’t so thrilled either. That is–until two celeb makeup artists (and FOFs!) Carolyn Diamond and Paula Dorf convinced us otherwise. “Orange lipstick can be one of the most powerful weapons in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Yet many women assume they can’t wear it,” says Carolyn, who says she’s proudly puckering up in peach this season… and you can too. Read on for Carolyn and Paula’s orange lipstick dos and don’ts. Then, enter to win Paula Dorf’s Lip Color Cream in “Mermaid” by leaving a comment, below.


…consider your skin tone when choosing the perfect orange shade. “If you have pink skin undertones, opt for a coral shade with blue undertones,” says Carolyn. “Olive-complexioned FOFs look great in a lip color that has more of an orange base. Women with darker skin tones look great in rich burnt orange tones.”

…be precise when applying. “A bright orange lipstick should never be applied casually,” says Carolyn. “Also, always be sure to check your teeth and blot your lips.

…match your lip liner to your lipstick. “Your lip liner shade should either exactly match the orange lipstick hue or be a darker, complimentary tone,” says Carolyn.

..keep the rest of your makeup simple. “The important thing to remember when wearing an orange-hued lipstick or gloss, is that the lips are the eye catcher,” says Carolyn. Paula agrees: “Apply a softer, more natural color blush on your cheeks since you want most of the attention directed to your lips. Even a delicate bronzer would look great.” Carolyn recommends: Glo Minerals gloBlush in Papaya and Glo Minerals Bronzer in Sunkiss. “These shades look great on almost all skin tones,” she says.


…wear heavy eyeliner. “Opt for a brown eye pencil and smudge it to defuse the intensity. A dash of copper or gold dust to your eyelids (just enough to catch the light) can be sexy and playful,” says Carolyn. “Using mascara, play up those lashes, ladies (black for brunettes, brown for blondes and redheads), and don’t forget to apply it to your bottom lashes–it opens up your eyes.

…match your lips to your outfit. “Your new rust-colored maxi dress may be gorgeous, but don’t choose the same shade for your your lips,” says Carolyn. “For your lips, choose the color that is best suited for your skin color.”

…try this trend if you have thin lips. “Orange can tend to make lips look smaller,” says Carolyn.


Recommended Orange Lip Products:

1. Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in “Mermaid”, 2. Glo Minerals Lip Gloss in “Mango” and 3. “Peony” “These color look great on almost every one,” says Carolyn. “They have the perfect undertones to compliment any skin tone.”

To learn more or for an appointment with Carolyn, contact Diamond Studio, 1518 Spruce Street. Philadelphia PA. 267-664-7712,

Enter to win Paula Dorf’s Lip Color Cream in “Mermaid by leaving a comment, below.

Five FOFs will win. See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 17,s 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

Images: Kate Walsh, Heidi Klum, Cyndi Lauper, Carolyn Diamond, “Do”, “Don’t”

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{Makeovers} Mary Jane gets a makeover.

When FOF Mary Jane Andrada won our Carolyn Diamond makeover contest this January, we had no idea how much she deserved it.


FOF Mary Jane Andrada, of Queens, New York, is a tiny woman (not even 5 feet!) with big responsibilities. She works fulltime as a paralegal for a top intellectual property firm while raising her two children–a daughter, 27, and son, 15–on her own.

“My husband and I met in college,” she says, smiling. “We were together for more than 20 years, but he passed away twelve years ago of a heart attack.” That’s when MaryJane went back to school for her paralegal degree and started a whole new life–at 41.

Mary Jane arrived for her makeover at New York City’s Mizu salon, right on time, beaming from ear to ear. “I can’t wait,” she says, fingering a tiny heart-disease awareness pin on her lapel. “I recently went to my 35th High School reunion, and all my friends made me promise to send photos after the makeover and share all the tips!”


Step 1: Haircolor
Expert: Karen Freely, colorist at Mizu salon, and dead ringer for actress Heather Graham

Karen’s critique: “Mary Jane is covering her gray with a harsh, at-home dye containing red undertones that are bringing out too much pink in her skin.”

Karen’s Fix:

A demi-permanent Gloss from Redken that matches Mary Jane’s natural, deep brown color. “Demi-permanent will fade out slowly over 2-3 months so you won’t get a harsh line of difference,” says Karen.


Step 2: Haircut
Expert: Ray Symons, master stylist at Mizu salon. (Follow his Twitter!)

Ray’s Critique: “Mary Jane has lovely hair, but the layers and length are not showing off her high cheekbones and square face. She needs a shorter cut–but NOT a bob. That will make her face look too round.”


“I don’t know what you did, but it feels like baby hair!”

Ray’s Fix:

(1) “A shorter cut where the front layers are styled away from the face. (2) The key is to blowdry the hair forward and then blow it back to create volume at the roots. Also, use a round brush containing a mix of nylon and natural bristles. The nylon grabs the hair, but the natural bristles smooth the cuticle and add shine.”


Step 3: Makeup
Expert: FOF Carolyn Diamond, professional makeup artist to the stars and medical aesthetician. Carolyn was named “Best Makeup Artist of the Year” in the Philly Hotlist.

Carolyn’s critique: “Mary Jane has beautiful eyes, but her brows–the most important feature on every woman’s face!–are thin and undefined. Her eyeliner application is making her eyes appear smaller. I’m seeing uneven skin tone and age spots, which can easily be covered. She’s also using pink makeup tones when she should be using apricot and corals to complement her yellow undertones.”

Carolyn’s Fix:

1. “First, I’m prepping her face with a toner containing glycolic acid, which breaks down the bonds that hold dead skin cells. I tell all my clients to sit in a hot bath every once in awhile–that sloughs off the dead skin on your neck and chest. It’s the best exfoliant! Mary Jane has slightly oily skin, so I’m using just a little Ultra Benefits cream. I always pat it on my hands first and then on the face, so I don’t apply too much.”

2. “For FOFs, I always use GloMinerals, a mineral-based foundation and concealer in one. I like it much better than Bare Minerals, which tends to be very unforgiving on FOF skin because it has a lot of mica, a shiny mineral that shows every wrinkle. GloMinerals is finer and more matte. Sort of like the difference between painting a wall in matte or high gloss–high gloss shows everything.” MaryJane’s shade: GloMinerals Golden Dark Pressed Base, $42

3. “For an instant eye lift, first use a yellow-based primer all over the eyelid, then apply color from the crease to the brow bone. Eyeliner should get thicker and higher as you move from the inner to the outer eye. Use very little liner on the bottom lid!”


4. “Eyebrows–so key! I use Nutraluxe Lash MD to make my own lashes and brows thicker and fuller. Then, fill in your brows by tapping on brow powder with a brush. Don’t use pencil and don’t drag the brush across your brow to create a defined line. Just tap, tap, tap!”



5. “Finally, GloMinerals Blush in Papaya and GloMinerals Gloss in Peony are the perfect shades for MaryJane–they add warmth and flatter her skintone.”

All products listed here can be purchased directly through Carolyn Diamond’s studio. Call 267-664-7712 to order. 

“I am transformed!” says Mary Jane when she sees her complete look for the first time. “I feel youthful and more confident. And this color, cut and makeup are effortless–I can do these myself. The whole experience has inspired me to want to take better care of myself.”


Enter to win a gift bag of luxe Carolyn Diamond skincare samples when you answer this questions in the comments: What do you think of Mary Jane’s new look? (10 women will win!)

10 FOFs will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 3, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

Photographer: Katherine Miles Jones

Who Should Date Stan?!

Eligible bachelor Stan Frantz, FOF’s 59-year-old email programmer, is looking for love. So this February, we posted Stan’s bio and invited you to tell us why you’d like to date him. Over 40 fab FOF women wrote us to say they’d love to date Stan. After much (fun) debate, we’ve narrowed it down to the three lovely FOfinalists, below. Now, it’s up to you: Vote for who you think is the best match for Stan! (Click here to see his dating profile, if you need a reminder.) We’ll send the winner and our bachelor out on a romantic date. Help us make a love connection!


Bachelorette #1: Laura Wilson
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Age: Over 50
Profession: Nursing Coordinator

From her note to Stan:
“I am a true Southern girl. Now that my children are grown, I want to find my soulmate if possible. I love nature and all creatures, great and small, furry and feathered. I have an almost childlike natural curiosity and love to marvel at the beauty in the world. My own dream, if I had a man (wouldn’t be much fun to do alone), is to have a very small farm with a few pet farm animals and a nice sustainable garden with both veggies and flowers. I also love to paint, so would be painting along with canning on my little farm. The place you have created for yourself is not too far off from mine.”

What’s your favorite thing about Stan?
“I like that he has a good sense of humor, laughing is fun! He also has a nice open face, too, and I appreciate a man who can fix things!”


Bachelorette #2: Elisa
Location: Portland, Oregon
Age: 59
Profession: Retired Teacher (“everything from Pre-K to High School!”)
Married once and divorced.

From her note to Stan:
“I am also looking for a life partner, and hopefully a soul mate. In the interim, I am living my dreams. Currently I am on a 5-week vacation in the Cook Islands, meeting people both local and international, making friends, learning and experiencing. I am a friendly person and make friends wherever I go. I am also financially secure but not materialistic. Experiences and laughter mean a great deal to me. I also have a passion for travel, and it sounds like we have much in common.”

What is it about Stan that attracted you most?
“I really like Stan’s smile!  It tells me that he is genuine, caring, vivacious and interested in life.  I am the same way. Additionally, I was surprised by how many mutual interests we have!”

What’s your idea of a great first date?
“Laughter!  And conversation.  A first date is about getting to know each other, yet it is not an interview. I would love to go somewhere quiet and romantic to talk–or walk and talk!


Bachelorette #3: Carolyn Diamond
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 55
Profession: Makeup artist, medical aesthetician, public speaker and writer
Married once and divorced.

From her note to Stan:
“How refreshing. A man who is down-to-earth and appreciates the important things in life. Brains, handsome, and if he works for FOF he must know a woman’s heart. I’d love to throw my hat in the ring.

Tell us more about what you do.
I’m a makeup artist in the beauty, entertainment and media industries.  I also volunteer my time to help women facing breast cancer so they can look their best when it’s needed most. From experience I know, to look good is to feel good. And, as Coco Chanel said ‘All it takes is a new tube of lipstick to lift your spirits.’ This really does hold true.”

What’s your idea of a great first date?
“One that has laughter and a sense of comfort.  I’m down to earth and not one for flash. Not to say I don’t appreciate the finer things in life. I just have a greater appreciation for integrity, honesty, intelligence, kindness, and a great sense of humor.”


Who is the best match for Stan?

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21 FOFs Reveal Their Partners’ Most Memorable Gifts

Candace was hoping for a diamond for her 30th anniversary, but got something else instead. Read on to see her most memorable gift from her partner, and gifts 20 other FOFs will never forget.

“My husband gave me a journal when he came home from Iraq. He’s not a touchy/feely kind of man, but he expressed his feelings for our family in the journal. It gave me a little insight into his experience over there. He always kept things positive when we would communicate during his tour, because he didn’t want to upset me.”
Brenda Billings Frazier

He was the first man to buy me flowers. One dozen beautiful long stem roses”
Kathy Andolina

Besides him ❤, A little folded up sticky note that said ‘one week tropical destination of your choice’.”
Sandra Beally (more…)

{Street-Spotted} Marjorie Hirschhorn

“Putting together an outfit is like putting together a room,” says FOF Marjorie Hirschhorn, a retired interior designer. “You’re basically accessorizing yourself from a palette. Today my palette is bone and I’ve accessorized with jewelry—instead of pillows and lamps!” FOF caught her mid-lunch at Le Pain Quotidian on NYC’s Upper East Side where she was spending time with her husband, Robert, and daughter, Carolyn.

Name: Marjorie Hirschhorn

Age: Over 50

Where do you live now: The Upper East Side of Manhattan

Any passion projects? My husband and I collect American Folk Art. Particularly, we collect marquetry.

How do you describe your style? Very eclectic. I never wear one designer. I mix it up.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe? My favorite accessories are earrings and belts. My favorite belt is black, by Alberta Ferretti. It’s elastic, about three-and-a-half-inches wide and covered with round mother-of-pearl beads. It holds you in and makes an outfit. I lent it to a friend who got married on an island. She wore it with a white shirt and black pants, and it was magnificent.

What’s your favorite designer? Andrew Gn is my favorite!

What is your favorite store? I love Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. I also like walking up and down Madison Avenue, hopping in and out of boutiques buying a lot of accessories.

On Marjorie:
Bag: Balenciaga
Pants: Ralph Lauren.
Shirt: From Neiman Marcus.
Crystal with semi-precious stones including aquamarine and topaz.
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik.  “It’s really difficult to buy someone shoes, but my daughter got me these for my birthday. I liked them so much, that I got them in a couple of colors.”
Earrings: “I designed them myself at Alex’s Jewelery on Madison Avenue, they’re gold and diamond,” says Marjorie. “The inside is silver and the outside is gold. I noticed that everyone was wearing hoop earrings and I wanted some. I didn’t want them to be round because I have a thin face, but this oval gives you more length.

Photos by Katherine McPherson for