Do You Feel More Confident With Or Without Makeup?

Some of us won’t dare leave the house without it. Others are perfectly happy to go au naturel, at least when it comes to our faces. We asked, and you told us whether makeup makes you feel more confident. Here are some of our favorite comments.


“Without, because as I’ve gotten older, I really make a mess with makeup!!”
Sarah Bias

Without. I will apply the absolute bare minimum on a special night out. I am comfortable with the way I look.”
Diane Burtenshaw

Makeup is not a must! But hair, mani & pedi are!!!”
Annette Ramos


“I don’t use makeup. I have freckles, so I have enough color.”
Susan Pogarch

Since I retired, I don’t wear makeup very often. I’m confident either way.”
Violet Evenson

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Do You Trust The Ingredients In YOUR Cosmetics?

After beating breast cancer, Meryl Marshall’s skin was “ultra-sensitive” and reacting to all kinds of makeup and skincare products, so she began the journey of extensively researching the safety of the food she ate, the cleaning products she used for my home, and the products she used on her body.”

merylI was shocked to learn that many of the products I used were potentially harmful to myself and my family. Even some natural products will trigger a negative reaction, since my skin now is ultra sensitive,” Meryl said.

Following years of research, Meryl partnered with beauty chemists and launched Hynt Beauty, which offers luxurious color and skincare lines that are “free of all ingredients known to be, or are questioned to be, harmful and irritable for the skin and body,” she claims.

FOF talked to Meryl to learn about her research and what gives Hynt Beauty an edge in the market. (more…)

What Does “Aging Gracefully” Mean, Anyway?!

actual infographic_rev-Recovered

Blush 101: Buying & Applying

You’re a wonderful mother, wife, sister and friend, and you’re pretty darn good at your job. Why, then, are you abysmally inept when it comes to doing something as seemingly simply as buying and applying blush to your face? You either look like a clown or you look as if you haven’t applied a thing.

It’s about time you understood, once and for all, how to choose the right color blush, and exactly how to use it so you look like a blushing beauty! After you’ve applied foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, a little bit of blush on your cheeks will give your face a flattering and harmonious look.

sherrySherry Hafassa is a 53-year-old, French makeup artist and beauty expert who has trained at the prestigious Steiner beauty school of London, appointed by the Queen.

During her career, she has worked as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown cosmetics in London and Dubai, and now is a freelancer in the UK and France.

Sherry is frequently complimented about the glow of her skin, and wants to share her beauty expertise and makeup tips with other FabOverFifty women. Now, settle into your seats and pay attention!

Thinning Brows Don’t Do Your Face Any Favors (In The Age Department!)

Take a peek in the mirror. You’ll probably be
surprised to see that while you were concentrating on those irritating crow’s feet, your once-beautiful pair of eyebrows isn’t exactly making you look like a
bright, young thing, either.

Well, guess what! Your eyebrows, not your crow’s feet, are adding years to your face. Of course they are! After all, they’re your most defining features, and now that they’re sparser—maybe even coarser and grayer—they’re not doing your face any favors. “Our brows tell others when we’re surprised, happy, sad, or concerned. If they don’t look their best, the only thing they’ll show is our age,” says Eliza Petrescu, owner of Eliza’s Eyes in New York City, who knows how to turn brows into works of art.

Why Brows Count

You may be slathering costly, anti-aging creams, lotions and serums on your wrinkles and lines, but no one even notices them but you. Your eyebrows, however, literally frame your face; if the ‘frame’ doesn’t compliment the picture (YOU!), you’re just not going to look as great as you could. Voluptuous, well-shaped brows are more essential to youthful good looks than injections and skin creams. They’ll open your eyes, making you look alert and sparkling.

Lackluster, thinner eyebrows have a variety of causes, ranging from hormonal changes during menopause; taking certain medications to years of over plucking. Brows naturally thin at the outer edges (by your temples) first. “The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy,” Petrescu explains. “Without it, eyes seem droopy and tired.”

Simple Brow-Enhancing Solution

There’s delightful news, however. Unlike costly and time-consuming plastic surgery or injections to erase wrinkles and lines, a brow makeover is quick, inexpensive and truly an anti-aging phenomenon. We’re not talking about often unnatural-looking, permanent makeup (a.k.a. tattooed eyebrows) that was all the rage a couple of decades ago. And brow pencils may come in handy when you want to “fill in” your brows a bit, but don’t use them to play artist and draw on a new set of eyebrows.

We are talking about an eyebrow enhancer like Cute Couple, from eSalon, a conditioning serum that goes right to the root of brittle sparse brows to revitalize and protect them. This daily brush-up, enriched with peptides and natural plant extract, is a beautiful way to bring back beguiling brows that look thicker, fuller, healthier and younger, by up to 25 percent.

to try Two of A Kind temporary brow color for just $15

Gray, Gray Go Away!

If your brows aren’t only sparser, but are noticeably grayer and lack the depth of color they once had, you’ve got a couple of really good options. Have them dyed in the salon or at a spa, which usually covers the gray anywhere from two to six weeks. Or you might want to try a temporary color, like eSalon’s Two of a Kind, a perfect complement to the Cute Couple brow enhancer. This gentle, brush-on gel/cream—in five shades—tints, tames and creates shapely, fuller and more vibrant brows without flaking, and can be used every day.

“From afar, your gray or white brows disappear completely, which makes your features look unbalanced,” says Petrescu, who advises using a tinted gel that’s slightly lighter than your non-gray hairs. Even if the hair on your head is silver or gray, she recommends coloring brows light brown. “It creates a frame for your eyes that plays up your features for a more youthful look.”

to try Cute Couple brow enhancing serum for just $19

{Test This} Mirenesse Mascara & Dynamic Defense Powder

Test this dazzling makeup duo!

Mirenesse Cosmetics is giving away 25 fabulous sets of concealing powder and 24-hour mascara.

DD Velvet Skin Line Minimizing Powder SPF25 ($62) is a concealing powder with a creamy, whipped consistency. The powder, in a universal shade, reportedly corrects redness and discolorations plus moisturizes and brightens to help provide a “flawless, velvet textured skin,” the manufacturer says. The formula provides SPF25 sun protection!

The Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara ($45) “instantly creates super long full lashes,” according to the manufacturer. The water-based formula includes organic waxes for a glossy and light look. The brush is tapered on one end to reach the smallest lashes, and rounded on the wider end to easily create full lashes. This 24-hour mascara is “water resistant, smear proof, sweat proof, sleep proof and flake-free. It stretches your eyelashes to give you maximum length!”


{Giveaway} A Clever Compact to Color Your Lips ‘Luscious’

How many times have you left home with the wrong tube of lipstick, or thought the color you applied was just all wrong?

Mary Sloat, a-model-turned-entrepreneur, loves creating custom lipstick shades, so she designed the Petal Palette ($18), a compact with mixing/application brush that holds six of your favorite colors.


“And Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson”

Insider blows the whistle on youth-obsessed industry

If you’re at least 50 years old and own any how-to beauty books, throw them out immediately, all of them, and we mean immediately. While you’re at the trash can, toss in every single powder blush on your vanity. And, next time you’re tempted to follow the advice of any magazine or website beauty editor, don’t! That includes the big-name magazines, including Allure, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

These tips may sound extreme, but considering their source, we’d be wise to follow them. They come from honest-to-goodness beauty expert, FOF Andrea Q. Robinson, whose decades of high-level experience in the industry give her the authority to dispense sound advice.

Read this and enter to win a copy of the only beauty book you’ll ever need!


The Truth About Red Lipstick

Carolyn Diamond, professional makeup artist and medical aesthetician, wants you to SEE RED!

Red lipstick is a universal classic, never goes out of style and can be one of the most powerful weapons in any woman’s beauty arsenal. Yet, many of us assume we can’t wear it.

I, too, protested against wearing red lipstick for years. Whenever I’d gather enough courage to wear a new shade of red I’d think everyone was looking at my lips. Truth be known, they probably were. I finally learned that beautiful, red lips are striking, sexy and, an accessory! Now, I’m proud to say my lips are sporting red and, I’m loving it. (I’ve been wearing Poppy Red lip gloss from Glo Minerals).


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{Tested} IceSerum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum

A few months ago, we asked you why you wanted to try Freeze 24-7’s new IceSerum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum ($95 for 30ml). The reviews are in—see what our FOF testers had to say!