The Best Haircare Advice For Women Over 50

Ask 10 women for their hair care advice, and you’ll likely get 10 different recommendations. What works for Sally’s thick curls is vastly different than the product Megan uses on her fine straight hair. Here is a selection of hair tips from FOFans that sound mighty promising.

“Use Living Proof Amp for fine hair. Great!!!”

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lead imageA whopping 63% of you say your hair is thinning, according to an exclusive FabOverFifty poll of over 250 women! Here’s what else we learned:

45% say your hair is dull, dry and no longer shiny
74% say your nails have become drier and more brittle
54% say your nails have become thinner

Today, our friends at Vitamin Research Products (VRP) are giving away three sets of effective products to help make your hair and nails healthier, and make you happier. A revitalizing lip balm also will be included in the VRP package. Each set is valued at $59.85. Here are the details! (more…)

[POLL] Are YOUR Nails & Hair Healthy?

As we age, our hair and nails often change appearance, and become drier, weaker and thinner. Today, we’d like to know about YOUR hair and nails, and what you do to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. The poll, below is brought to you by Vitamin Research Products (VRP).


What Does “Aging Gracefully” Mean, Anyway?!

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Cover Gray Roots Quickly With Gray Away Magnetic Powder

While 84% of women, 45+, color their hair, according to a recent FabOverFifty poll of 1,100 women, 64% of them do it to cover their gray.

If you’re one of them, chances are, you visit the salon more often than you’d like because your pesky gray roots seem to pop up two days after you have your hair colored.

Fortunately, one of our favorite beauty brands, Gray Away, has recently introduced root touch-up magnetic powder. It’s a snap to apply and beautifully covers your gray roots, so you can extend the time between your salon visits or at-home colorings.

The powder comes in three shades: Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde. A sponge applicator is included to apply the powder to clean and dry hair. The powder self-adjusts to your particular hair color, and blends in beautifully. The container, with the sponge in its bottom section, is compact and perfect to take when you’re on-the-go. The powder isn’t dusty and will wash out easily when you shampoo. For only $10, it will be your new BFF, and your gray roots’ worst enemy! (more…)

What’s So “Graceful” About Aging This Way?

One of the beauties of aging is learning to figure yourself out. Maybe you wore mini skirts, shoulder pads and big hair in the 80s because everyone else did. But today, your style is your own, and you love it!

Perhaps you’ve let your hair go gray, you don’t wear a stitch of makeup, and your go-to pieces are jeans and white shirts. Or, you adore the auburn hair color you use, the creamy blush and lipstick you discovered last year, and your closet full of sweaters and skirts.

Bah humbug to “growing old gracefully,” whatever that means, anyway. Grow old however YOU want. And let your sisters grow old just the way THEY WANT, too.


Spray Away Your Gray Roots With Gray Away

If you want to make sure that Santa is the only one with gray roots this season, but your next appointment with the colorist is after the holidays, we have an exciting beauty product for you!

Everpro® Gray Away is giving away free samples of its revolutionary temporary root concealer to the first 200 FabOverFifty fans who sign up below. Samples are available in either Light Brown or Black/Dark Brown.


The 4 Hexes Of Aging Hair

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you still have a full head of thick, shiny, healthy-looking hair. But, if you’re starting to notice more and more gray strands popping up, and your hair is going from bouncy to brittle, you can take steps to get it back into shape.

Understanding why the four hair hexes have come to visit will help you know how to banish them!


Dry brittle hair is dull, frizzy and lifeless-looking hair. No luster. No sheen. Here’s why: Hair consists of three layers. When hair is healthy, the outer layer thoroughly protects the inner layers. Natural oils in the outer layer also reflect light, making your hair shiny. When hair is dry, the outer layer breaks down, which causes the hair to appear dull and unhealthy. (more…)

Gray, Gray, Go Away!

If you’re like 64% of all FabOverFifty women, you color your hair mainly to cover your gray roots.

And, chances are you’ve got lots of questions about gray hair, like why it starts to grow back two days after you leave the beauty salon. Learn the answer to this, and your other hair concerns, when partners with Gray Away, makers of a fab temporary root concealer, for a special TWITTER TAKEOVER.  

The hair-raising session is scheduled for Thursday, October 22, from 1 to 3 pm, on the TWITTER PAGE OF GRAY AWAY (@GrayAwayEverpro). FOFounder Geri Brin will host.

5 Winning Ways To Turn Your Hair From Catastrophic To Cool

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous we look from the neck down. If we’re not happy with our hair, we’re not happy. Period!  But bad hair days are inevitable, whether the humidity is to blame, or those pesky grays have popped up overnight. When you wake up to one of these days, here are 5 ways to take control of your locks, before they take control of

Wear a striking headband and no one will notice that you’re having a bad hair day. Headbands come in an endless variety of sizes, colors, prints and materials. We love those that have tidy front knots built right in, and don’t rely on our ability to create one ourselves.
Clip-in hair extensions are ingenious “accessories” that can add volume to lifeless locks, on the top, sides or back of your head. Best to consult with a talented hair stylist when you’re choosing which color, style and length are best for you. And make sure it’s made of real hair. Synthetic extensions often look fake.