[GIVEAWAY] Enhance Your Hair, Nails & Lips!

lead imageA whopping 63% of you say your hair is thinning, according to an exclusive FabOverFifty poll of over 250 women! Here’s what else we learned:

45% say your hair is dull, dry and no longer shiny
74% say your nails have become drier and more brittle
54% say your nails have become thinner

Today, our friends at Vitamin Research Products (VRP) are giving away three sets of effective products to help make your hair and nails healthier, and make you happier. A revitalizing lip balm also will be included in the VRP package. Each set is valued at $59.85. Here are the details!

Extension Hair & Nails ($19.95 for 60 capsules) is a supplement which will  help promote vibrant, shining hair and strong nails, both important signs of health and vitality. Using the power of biotin (vitamin H), inositol (a nutrient to help improve hair strength on a cellular level), PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), and other antioxidants, this formula will aid in hair and nail growth.

The supplement  also will  help protect against air pollutants that damage cells in your hair, which can lead to dullness and dryness. “A supplement of key nutrients will promote hair (and nail!) strength from within,” says FOFounder Geri Brin.

Healthy Hair Caps ($29.95 for 120 capsules) can be used in conjunction with Extension Hair & Nails and helps balance the levels of DHT, a testosterone hormone which can damage hair follicles. The formula includes saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol extracts, both derived from plants, to help support healthy hair growth.

Restoration Therapy Pure HA Lip Balm ($9.95) is made with 100% natural ingredients, including beeswax, olive oil and hyaluronic acid. This hydrating formula is paraben free and unscented, and will help your lips feel soft and supple, as well as reduce the appearance of lip lines.

objectsAll VRP products are made in the United States, formulated by a team of physicians, PhD’s and nutritionists, and tested for identity, potency, purity and contaminants. Learn more about these hair and nails “boosters” here.divider

To enter to win, fill out the form below. Then, write a comment on how YOUR hair and nails have changed in the past 10 years.

By entering this giveaway, which is sponsored by VRP, you agree to receive emails from FabOverFifty & VRP.


3 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 25, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.


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  • Pamela937

    hair and nail have become much thinner with age.

  • KatRob

    I think as we age we need a boost for our hair and nails, this sounds like a product would deliver that extra boost.

  • lilyk

    My hair has grown longer and my nails have become more brittle.

  • Buddy Garrett

    My hair is falling out but I don’t have any changes on my nails.

  • Virginia

    Hair has become very brittle, breaks off, seems very porous & my nails don’t grow like they use to. They peel now after getting to a certain length.

  • xangiepx

    Hair’s thinner, nails are brittle, everything’s drier. 😛

  • DV

    Mine have gotten a little drier

  • Pooch

    Losing hair and cracking nails.

  • Michele Baron

    My hair is thinning and my nails are very brittle

  • Linda Tepley-Kean

    My hair is thinner and my nails are thin and weak now.

  • kathy pease

    My hair is dry and my nails seem very brittle

  • susansmoaks

    my hair comes out a lot

  • Jaime Cummings

    I’m noticing a lot more hair in my brush when I use it. It’s thin on top too.

  • Carmen K.

    My nails are brittle and seem to peel when they get long.

  • LindaKish

    My nails are thin and break easily.

  • Erica Carnes

    My nails have grown slower.

  • margara cantu

    i dymy hair and everytime its harder to keep!

  • msrodeobrat

    My hair has become very dry and brittle. I really need something to help with that!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  • deanac

    My hair and nails have gotten brittle and dry over the years.

  • Susan Pertierra

    My eyebrows are getting thinner and the hair on my legs has drastically reduced. The hair on my head is still ok.

  • debbi frank

    I cannot wear any nail polish whatsoever…notice my part is wider…that’s more than enough effects of aging for me…will try these products to see if nails and hair improve..

  • Barb Brooks

    My nails are thin and brittle, and my hair has gotten vary thin.

  • Cathy B*****y

    Over the last 10 yrs I have seen a dramatic change in my hair and nails . My hair is thinning out a lot and my nails are dry, with both breakage and tearing continually. Also my lips are getting dry for the first time this year, even though I continue to use coconut oil or shea butter on them.

  • Susan Day Pfeifer

    My nails peal and break. 🙁

  • Lori S

    My nails are dry and break more easily. My skin is a lot drier and thinner, and it’s hard to find a good moisturizer or lotion that keeps the skin from being flaky and dry.

  • bonniesawinner

    My nails peel (even more than they used to) and now they also have ridges that come from aging. My hair is not thinning, but it is dull-looking.

  • Gina

    My hair has thinned and the texture has changed from straight to wavy.

  • Tammy Little

    My hair has thinned out alot in 10 yrs and my nails are brittle and bend towards my fingers

  • Robin Berrie

    I like long hair but mine is thinning so keep it shoulder length; nails also thin and break or chip more so keep them short with clear strength coating.

  • Katherine Riley

    My hair has gotten thinner and drier in the last 10 years.

  • Lee JAVI

    My hair has more fallout and nails…. What nails??? can’t grow an even set and refuse those artificial talons worn nowadays…..ughh…

  • Shauntea Crutcher

    My hair is not dry and brittle now, and my nails break a lot easier than they did before.

  • Lauren Olivia Wood

    After I lost a drastic amount of weight, I lost most of my hair. I gained it back through vitamins and healthy shampoo.

  • cindiizzy

    My hair has thinned out and my nails ae more brittle ove rthe last 10 years

  • doug g.

    Hair? Oh ya, that’s the stuff I used to have on my head! Nails have always been very thin and still are

  • NY Gray-Jay

    My hair has been getting gray streaks, I guess that’s normal for a 54 year old.

  • Lisa

    My hair was shedding like crazy about a year ago, luckily it has decreased a bit but I would still like to get it where it needs to be.

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    It is crazy how fast my hair is thinning and getting grey. No matter what I do or try. And my nails are brittle so I really need a product like this. If it works as said I will be constant customer and promoter on my social media accounts and to my friends and family.

  • califmt

    My hair is much thinner now at age 62, especially at the temples (which is also where I have the most gray hair).

  • Kathy Watson

    I have seen my hair thinning as I have been getting older. I’m 60, eat right, exercise diligently but seems like my nails are brittle and have these lines as well as hair thinning with age no matter what I try.

  • anne lancaster

    I used a shampoo that took a lot of my hair out and I really need something to help get it back growing

  • Lynn Doescher

    Weaker, thinner & brittle nails, spotty hair loss, thinned considerably, trying to keep what I have, if these products work like you mention I will be very eager to try them as well as mention them on my social media accounts and obviously to all the lovely ladies I know who are also suffering from similar issues with their hair & nails.

  • arlene satz

    Old age us not for the faint of heart. But we need to do all we can to work with what we have. Positivity is critical.

  • barbara wicklund

    I’m not sure who’s hair this is, but this is not the hair I used to have!

  • Angelia

    My hair has gotten thinner & my nails break easily.

  • kristybrice

    My nails are brittle and my hair is thinning welcome to middle age lol

  • nycgirl

    I have eczema on my hands and my nails are a mess because of it. I would love to improve them. They are an embarrassment to me.

  • janetlindsey

    My nails grow a certain length and then they break off and my hair actually has gotten thicker since I’ve shaved it off

  • Virginia

    My hair has thinned, breaks off, lot more gray as of late, nails seem weaker!

  • Rita Sheppard

    My hair has thinned drastically over the years and my nails have gotten thin and brittle.

  • After two years short of 40 years of dyeing my hair (started greying at 16) I’d had enough and am now dye free. I almost want to dye it again to give it some thickness and body, it’s gotten so thin, wiry, frizzy, and super dry. I always had a beautiful set of strong, long nails, now they’re weak, split, and break easily (I’m so used to long nails I’ve been using fakes, old habits die hard! I’m sure that’s not helping either.)

  • Janice Cash

    My hair is thin and dull, & my nails tend to break easily now.

  • Madeline Lonergan

    I noticed my hair thinning a little especially at the top. I color my hair to get rid of the grey, but it never lasts more than a few weeks. I need some help!

  • Basya Skalozub

    My hair is getting dramatically tinnier and duller, not to mention grey . My nails keep getting cracked and broken. I need those products.

  • omahablack

    I have been very blessed for most of my life, but once I hit 50, the hair starting thinning on top. I could use some help please.

  • Denise

    I’m still happy with my nails. But not my hair. It’s grey so I color it, so that’s damaging it on top of just natural aging that’s making it lifeless and flat.

  • Lynda Christian

    I’ve definitely noticed a change in my hair–dull and more fine and my nails tend to split and peel more than before.

  • gmcl

    Nails are dry and brittle, hair has thinned some and skin is very dry and fragile.

  • luci

    I am not only post menopausal, I no longer have my thyroid so… when my nails grow they split, and no amount of buffing shines them up. I don’t dare polish. My hair is disgusting. It has thinned quite a bit, especially where I used to have a sort of part. I always had really thick blond hair, never could see my scalp but now I can. I also stopped coloring it and am going through that awful grow out thing and my hair is dull, rough and brittle. I used demi permanent which is gentler but it was just destroying what hair I have left.

  • Sheree Fournerat

    My hair just looks so dull and dreary. If it wasn’t for the ‘silver’, there wouldn’t be any shine at all.

  • Jackie

    My hair has thinned to almost nothing and my nails will not grow beyond stubs. I am very sad…

  • Christine Norman

    My hair is doing okay despite the regular hair coloring applied each month. My nails on the other (both) hand have ceased to grow much and tear easily.

  • Kim Lencsak

    my hair has thinned a little and lost its luster since going through menopause

  • Candace P

    Hair has thinned and gotten wiry. Nails worse than ever!

  • Beth Lowe

    My hair seems duller, lost the shine it had when I was younger. My nails are more brittle and ridgy.

  • chichijunk

    My hair has definitely gotten thinner, less shiny, more unruly and flyaway. My nails have not changed at all – they’ve ALWAYS been VERY Crappy. They break, layer, chip, rip off and my cuticles are a mess

  • Connie Hamblen Williamson

    My hair is getting coarser (not thicker) and my nails are getting those vertical ridges.

  • ilenep

    My hair is getting slightly thinner, nails are starting to get ridges, and break easily. These vitamins should help tremendously!!

  • Kimberley Thomas

    I have extremely thin hair and my nails break too:(

  • anna sattali

    My hair is getting thinner, brittle nails. HELP.

  • Cindy Aiton

    My hair has definitely gotten thinner.

  • roberta mcclain

    I do my nails weekly, they break easy. I could open a nail salon with all of the polishes and treatments i have bought.

  • lrg48

    My hair does not hold a curl as long, I see more shedding during winter, it is much thinner in the middle of my head; and my nails break more easily

  • Yvonne H.

    My hair looks dull, not healthier and shiny like it use to. My nails break easily.

  • Lynne T.

    My nails are getting more brittle, break very easily.

  • Susan Weinberg

    My hair keeps getting thinner and I am self conscious and try to cover the thin spots.

  • Glenda

    My nails are things and break constantly sometimes down to the cuticle

  • Michelle

    I’ve always had fine hair but since I turned 50 last year I actually have a receding hairline! I take biotin supplements along with a multivitamin but my nails are thin and brittle, and my hair is dull and dry. I’ll try anything!

  • Laurie Strebe

    My hair is dry and dull. Wag!!!

  • stellaferraiuolo@yahoo.com

    While I’ve never had a thick head of beautiful hair or long, strong fingernails – my hair & nails have gotten worse with age. At 57, I’m cursed with thin, brittle hair & nails no matter what products I use. These specific vitamins might just do the trick. Crossing my fingers! ????

  • jules mcnubbin

    my nails are ok but my hair is white and coarse ( i have it colored)

  • Nancy Jachcik

    My nails are terrific except I am noticing ridges I never had before. As for my hair it is now grey and frizzy and thin with a lot of broken strands

  • Kim McDonough

    I am 53 years young, and I had spine surgery about 14 years ago and ever since than my hair has gotten so thin and my nails are really soft. And I take supplements but they don’t seem to be making a difference. So I’d really love a chance to try something new.

  • Diane Popper

    My story sounds quite similar to Jammer26 (see below). My hair has always been my pride and joy. Even at 66, my hair is very long. Now, however, gone is the shine, the natural curl, the waves and the thickness at the top of my head and along the hairline. But it certainly does get frizzy. The hair has no life to it and lays flat on my head. Thank God for hair products! My hair recedes totally at my temples so now I have to be careful where I place my part. I’m afraid to cut my hair short for fear that my scalp will show through. Funny that people still comment on how much hair I have and they are right…at least in the back. I’m hesitant to back comb it a bit to get some height because I don’t want to do anything that could cause harm to my hair. I’ve tried all the suggested vitamins and special shampoos with out any significant sucess.
    My fingernails, which at one time were kept at a longer, now break off right when they reach about 1/8 past my finger. My toenails are always chipping(not talking about the polish!) and have awful grooves and ridges. I’ve tried all the suggested vitamins and special shampoos

  • Sheila Totten

    Having problems with nails with ridges.Although I use mosturizer my skin on hands and arms still seems dry and I use Argon Oil infusion shampoo and conditioner on my hair but it doesn’t seem to shine.Also a lot thinner than used to be.Would love to try these products to see if they would make these conditions get better especially my hair.

  • Carole

    My nails are dry with ridges and my hair is thinning.

  • Cynderma

    My nails are dry with ridges. My skin is dry. I have to use 2 moisturizing products because my hair is dry. Would really like to try the products to see if they improve the condition of nails, skin and hair

  • Chris

    I’m not coloring my hair anymore.. texture is different, but so is everything else as I age, like my skin and nails. Even when we do all the right things, some of the effects of aging are not pretty. I intend to fight the good fight!

  • Cindy L

    Unfortunately, I have had to add a cancer diagnosis last year to tell you how terrible my “new” hair is and how my fingernails have been totally destroyed. I am using biotin to help with my hair, skin & nails but I’m hoping that your products will help restore what used to be….

  • Sherry Ittel

    My hair has always been fine and thin, but it is getting worse. Considering a wig.

  • elisse

    My hair was always fine to begin with, but it does seem to be both finer and thinner now. My fingernails, however, are somewhat thicker and better than they were when I was younger; for most of my life they were paper-thin and always tore at the quick; now they actually get long enough sometimes that I can put polish on them!

  • christine p

    I am 57. 56 was a bad year. I lost probably 1/3 of my hair. But I am still happy to have what’s left of it. I wear clip in extensions, a spiky blonde scrunchie, even tap in extensions to mask the loss of hair. I have tried the topical solutions and vitamins. Nothing seems to work. I would love to give VRP a chance. My nails would never grow, even with biotin and zinc. So, I’m used to that! The things we women go through~

  • brooklyn

    Stress and thinning, dull, dry hair! Misery really does love company…

  • Meredith Peters

    I’m 57 and noticed my hair thinning from the time I turned 40. At this time in my life I am just finishing up radiation and will be finishing chemo soon for uterine cancer. I have been looking around for products that will nourish my scalp, hair follicles and hair once its ready to grow back in a few weeks. This line of products from VRP look like just the ticket!

  • Celeste Crago

    A couple of months ago, my hands suddenly looked fragile and boney, I was in shock! My hair is baby fine, and now it’s so dry and dull, very unattractive. Bummed.


    My hair is not as thick as it was. it is still curly but frizzy and fly away now.

  • carol catto

    Hair is thinner than it was and nails are brittle

  • gingerpye

    Dull hair and dry brittle nails.

  • Mommyofone Shanna

    Very thin and fine =(
    Its so depressing

  • jammer26

    My hair woes have been leaving me increasingly more depressed. My hair used to be so thick it was difficult to put up in anything but the thickest of barrettes or hair bands, and now it has become so thin I am always paranoid that someone is looking at my increasingly more visible scalp through my thinning hair. My hair used to have a lot of natural wave and curl to it and I have noticed that not only has my hair become thinner, but it has lost much of it’s natural bounce, body, volume, shape, and texture. I have always had a little bit of a widow’s peak at the hairline on my forehead and temples, but now it has begun to full on recede. My nails are thin, weak, growing more slowly, and getting ridges in them. It is all incredibly depressing and has me not wanting to go out in public, or to see people that knew me before.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    My hair was always thick and glossy. Now it has become thinner, especially in the front and has less sheen. My nails are also thinner and more brittle.

  • Becky Beer

    My hair was the thick; the kind that needed to be thinned… Not any more! In the last 5 years My hair no longer grows where it should… only where it shouldn’t… like my lip, face, and those other places.
    Now my scalp shows, and what if I get a sunburn now? I Have to wear a hat!
    SO please tell me hair restoration is Real!… better yet : Prove it to me!

  • barbc824

    Hair is thinner…yuck

  • Gail Fehrmann

    My hair has aways been baby fine,but is even thinner now.My nails are thin,too

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    My hair and my nails have become thinner and more brittle in the last ten years.

  • myard77

    My hair is much more dry and my nails are ridged, splitting and a hot mess!

  • sweeper40

    I have a receding hairline & my nails split more! Help!

  • inkchick

    My hair isn’t as full as I’d like it to be.

  • Suzanne Carter

    About 16 years ago, I had numerous hospitalizations and that’s when my hair began falling out in clumps and nails broke off. Although I was able to grow back some, my hair just doesn’t have the thickness and sheen it once had and my nails are still fragile. I am 62 years old and would love to boost the health of my hair and nails with these products.

  • Fran Hoagland

    My hair is drier and lacks shine after I stopped coloring it. I have had some hair loss due to a thyroid condition, so I could really use some help.

  • eddyrobey

    My hair has thinned, but nails have thickened